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Discourse Analysis of Journal Article

DISCOURSE AND GENRE: THE ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURE AND PATTERN OF JOURNAL ARTICLE IN CONAPLIN 6 I. INTRODUCTION The demand for scholars to publish journal-article is increased due to the need to develop education quality in Indonesia. In the era knowledge and globalization, the ability to write scientifically becomes very important. . . . Read more

literature review

Cross-Cultural TrainingIntroductionAn accelerated rate of globalisation in the last few decades has meant many businesses are expanding on an international scale and are therefore sending more and more expatriates on assignments abroad. Due to this increase, human resources has had a more integral role to play in operations. This literature . . . Read more

Literature Review – Supply Chain Drivers

Literature review on drivers of supply chain managementIn this section, previous studies related to key drivers of supply chain management are presented. These findings provide a better understanding on the main drivers such as facilities, inventory, transportation, information, sourcing and pricing. The planning, coordination and management of these drivers are . . . Read more

Lit Review

PSYC 3310Literature Review February 28, 2010Prejudice, Racism, Sexism and DiscriminationIntroductionIn this world we have to come to realize that as we progress as humans we become more offended about prejudice and discrimination. There are many things in the government protecting the rights of women, men, racial backgrounds and even age. . . . Read more

Literature Review technology in business

Literature Review: Technology in BusinessMatthew S. RacineLiberty UniversityContact: Abstract This review has been completed to analyze technology in business. The aspects explored were the various technologies that have existed in business in the past, as well as projections on future business applications to include wireless, manufacturing, and marketing technologies. The . . . Read more

A Research Paper on Improving the Performance

The authors’ argue that agrarian reform is required for increasing productivity in agricultural, strengthening agribusiness, efficient utilization of natural resources, and improved code of induct for the organizations involved in the business processes. Agricultural products need financing as well as proper marketing strategies and better value chain needs to be . . . Read more

Research paper

Search Engine Optimization is a concept where the company IIS make their presence on the search engines available on the Internet to gain maximum seers towards their websites and buy their products. The main aim of this project is to research on the same and find out what actually the . . . Read more

Research Paper

Consumers today are increasingly “thinking Rene” and are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. The increasing numbers Of consumers who prefer and are willing to buy these products are subjected to the buying process. Consumers have different buying behaviors and these behaviors are constantly changing as a result . . . Read more

Research Paper

This research paper is based on two research areas which are factors that influencing teenagers to visit historical places and teenagers’ perception of the sites in relation to preserve their own heritage. The propose we do this research is to identify factors to investigate factors influencing youngsters to visit historical . . . Read more


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