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Search Engine Optimization is a concept where the company IIS make their presence on the search engines available on the Internet to gain maximum seers towards their websites and buy their products. The main aim of this project is to research on the same and find out what actually the target audience is interested in. This research and report will be helpful for the companies that want data from the users all around the Internet. 2 Acknowledgement The successful completion of this report would not have possible without co- operation and support of my internal guide and external guide. M heartily thankful to the management for providing the opportunity to do practical training in their organization. Ant to express sincere thanks to my external guide Mr.. Hooeys Lockheed , Senior Marketing Head – Cygnet Infinite who were always there to guide me throughout the internship and IT staff of the company who have given me all the information and guided me. Am also thankful to my Internal Guide Dry. Jasmine Payday with whose help, full guidance, co-operation and valuable suggestion about the report helped me to complete my project successfully. 3 4 Contents sir.

NO Index Preface Page Number Declaration Executive Summary 6 5 Introduction 7 Presence of Cygnet Infinite on the Internet Research Methodology 15 8 Quantitative Research 16 imitations Of the Study 19 10 Related Literature Review 20 11 Data Analysis & Interpretation 22 12 Findings and Conclusions 62 13 Bibliography & References 65 14 Glossary The topic of our research is Link Wheel technology which is been used by companies to promote their websites on the Internet using optimized keywords and posting links into the internet so that the Company’s website traffic increases and more customers visit their website, Internet marketing Of the company’s website is done via Link Wheel technology. This research will also cover the mobile technology & mobility that has immense into the Internet Marketing Globe. The research will include a number of target audiences that will help us understand the needs of the people and their surfing habits towards the websites.

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This will also help us guide how much the concept of Internet Marketing is into the people around on the Internet. (Infinite, 2012) During the last decade Internet has boomed into the users life and has become a part of the social lifestyle, Hence companies are readily building up ibises to increase their presence on the Internet, with mobile websites. The presence on the Internet and the Mobility of these websites are the TTY. To main focus objectives of this research. Cygnet Infinite delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help companies to improve efficiencies in business processes. Cygnet Infinite offers a range of IT services in select technologies by leveraging its domain & business expertise.

Our offerings span business and technology consulting, application services, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, maintenance, re-engineering, independent testing and validation services and business process outsourcing. We are quite choosy and committed to the technologies we work in. These choices are determined by the business and economic sense the solutions will make; additionally factors like our experience, your business needs, changing industry trends also act as a catalyst in effective decision making. Our strong domain connect helps our clients to maximize the value of their IT spend. Microsoft Technologies are most preferred at Cygnet. The most compelling reason for this is the ease & military it offers to the application users.

Company’s preference is reflected in a relationship with Microsoft. We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Dynamics partner and Microsoft Learning Solutions Partner. Company’s commitment to quality is implemented in action and spirit on projects through well-established methodologies, tools and technique use backed by its stringent quality processes. Cygnet is ISO 9001 :2000 certified and is assessed at COMIC Level 3. Cygnet is also certified for ISO 27001 (Security Management standard) certification. Cygnet Infinite gives service to clients in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia from our software development center in India with offices in UK & US.

The Company, Cygnet Infinite, takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships and a major share of company’s revenue comes from servicing our existing customers. (Infinite C. , 201 2) Presence Of Cygnet Infinite On The Internet Services that Cygnet Infinite Provides Microsoft Development Java Development Java has always been a preferred choice for developers for building applications on Java platform. The technologies offers an open source, robust & secure, high performance, architectural neutral and portable platform, yet object oriented and convenient to build upon making it a platform of choice for developers and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Java development team at Cygnet has experience in building secure, reliable and portable high performance Enterprise applications and services for servers, desktop applications and mobiles that can work on wide range of computing platforms including Macintosh, Linux and Windows. Hire our Services for Designing & Developing a new enterprise application or for enhancement & maintenance of an existing one on the industries most popular Java platform and we will help you make a difference. Mobile Applications Business e-mails, contacts, calendars and messengers have moved to mobile phones along with Social networking, blobbing, news and IRS feeds such as stocks and weather.


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