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Consumers today are increasingly “thinking Rene” and are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. The increasing numbers Of consumers who prefer and are willing to buy these products are subjected to the buying process. Consumers have different buying behaviors and these behaviors are constantly changing as a result of the availability of best alternatives to choose from. As a part of company’s corporate social responsibilities they try to products and provide services which are echo friendly.

Products are chosen for numerous reasons after seeing all the advantages and disadvantages by the customer. Overall, the eying process is extremely fast-paced today. This paper aims to find out the consumer buying behavior towards echo friendly products. INTRODUCTION Environment concern had become the most important issue for mankind in the present world. The businesses are no exception for this issue and they are responding through environment-friendly products. Throughout this paper the terms echo-friendly products, environment-friendly products, green products mean the same and are used interchangeably.

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The depletion of oil resources, raw materials and pollution are making organizations to rethink about their products and services. The echo-friendly products are being introduced by modern organizations to protect the environment. Echo-friendly paper is one of the solutions to save the environment and reduce the pollution in dependent world. In recent years, terms like “going green” and “echo-friendly” have become buzz words. The term “echo-friendly” has been used for so many different products and practices; its meaning is in danger of being lost.

Due to the increased importance of green marketing to market success, firms continue to launch various forms of green packaging programs through the introduction of recyclable and reusable packages. Green marketing is due to the increased importance of green marketing to market through the introduction of recyclable and reusable package. Along with climate change, population growth and diminishing the natural resources in current era, new techniques and methods are used for producing goods, which are less energy consumption, more compatible with environment and harmless for nature and humankind.

Express that purchasing behavior has a direct impact on producing ecologically compatible products. Increasing number of people who are willing to pay more for these kinds of products is he evidence, which supports the growth of environmentally friendly products. With regard to increasing demand for buying environmentally friendly products many companies also are producing and replacing green products with non-environmental friendly products. Shifting from normal products to environmentally friendly needs vast market research by producers.

Environmentally preferable products are sometimes more expensive to purchase than other alternative products. Green consumers have been shown to be willing to pay a higher price for environmentally friendly products, which is a huge opportunity for companies as well as overspent looking to make echo-friendly policy changes. Thus, the increasing number Of consumers who prefer and are willing to buy echo friendly products are creating opportunity for businesses that are using “echo- friendly” or “environmentally friendly” as a component of their value proposition.

Businesses that offer products which are manufactured and designed with an environmental marketing mix have a long term competitive advantage. A better understanding of consumers’ buying behavior will allow businesses to acquire more market-applicable approach to sustain in the competitive market. Behavior has a strong influence in terms of consumer purchases. Shift towards more sustainable consumption patterns is required and it is also important to increase the environment awareness & consciousness among the people.

Consumers can reduce their impact on environment by their purchasing decisions. The rising number of consumers who prefer and are willing to buy echo-friendly products are creating opportunity for businesses that are using “echo-friendly” or “environmentally friendly” as a component of their value proposition. Businesses that offer products which are manufactured & designed with an environmental racketing mix have a long term competitive advantage. Environmental issue are of importance to consumers who are environmentally conscious when making a purchase.

Hence, a better understanding of consumer preferences in this case will allow businesses to acquire more market-applicable approach to sustain in the competitive market. Overall consumers seemed to be most impacted by drivers that impact their lives and the lives of their loved ones today. Health was a strong motivator in driving “green” behavior especially with respect to cleaning and other household products. Some admitted that the sole reason for going green is hat it makes economical sense – this is respect to light bulbs and other such energy efficient products, with green being a nice by-product.

While many fee good about doing their share, they feel that understanding the impact of many people making simple changes to help the environment would be a powerful motivator. The research paper aims to study that what all factors influence consumer behavior towards echo friendly products. LITERATURE REVIEW Dry . D. Goethe, D. Annie Jenifer (2014) This research study on the “a study on consumer behavior towards purchase of echo friendly products in Combaters” throws light on the nonuser’s attitude.

The factors influencing their purchase are benefit for health, quality and reliability, Variety and quantity, environment and ambiance, customer services and friendship advice etc Collins Marco Agnomen (2014) Consumers are willing to buy echo-friendly products, but not to pay higher prices. This indicates green product awareness among consumers. As consumers are aware and concerned about the green products, it creates an opportunity for developing green marketing focusing on more consumers. P. Shore Kumar & Dry. Abram And (2013) The purchase intention of consumers is influenced by choreographic variables.

The consumers who have positive ecological behavior also possess knowledge about various green products like echo friendly paper. The consumers are influenced by personal norms than social norms while adopting environment-friendly products. Dry. Surest S. Swastika (2013) Most of the people are influenced by echo friendly product. Echo friendly products are not easily available in the market Echo friendly products are not effectively promoted As compare to other product echo friendly products are consumed less Echo friendly products are costly hence consumer move away from it. Kamala Kinkajou, Mad Josh, Mary Shari (2012)

There is a potential for generalizing the idea of buying green products for saving the environment, energy and resources by this population in the future. It is recommended that the authorities study the motivators that could persuade the customers who are not willing to buy green products. Facial Ala & Sari Mad (2012) Consumers have expressed strong concerns regarding the environment, besides with eagerness to buy products and services that they consider will add to a better planet. With the passage of time, green consumerism is already a significant movement, and it assures to become even more significant.

Hence, what is better for the environment is better for the organization also. Therefore, environmental marketing, and green marketing can be done by businesses or enterprises to increase green purchasing intention of consumers. Clockworks, Green Resource Network, Info USA and Execute (2009) Price remains the primary barrier to purchasing green products. The current economic environment combined with a healthy dose of skepticism about green claims makes it easier for consumers to delay acting upon whatever green purchase impulses they may have.

Meanness Patella, Amanita Rain, Raja Patella(201 2) The main objectives of the study are to investigate the consumer attractiveness towards echo- friendly products in FMC sector and their impact of purchasing decision OBJECTIVES 1 . To check the awareness about the importance of echo-friendly product. 2. To study the factors affecting the buying behavior of customers towards echo friendly. 3. To analyze the retailers whether they are promoting echo friendly products or not. 4. To check the preferences of customers between general good and echo friendly good.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Two methods of data collection methods are used for research purpose. ] Primary data collection method 2] Secondary data collection method The primary data for the purpose is collected through structured questionnaire. With the intension of representing the population properly, the sample is distributed among consumer. Secondary data is collected through internet, magazines, text books. The sample size of 50 is taken for study. RESEARCH DESIGN Research design used is exploratory as well as descriptive research design for this study.

CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Ecology and Environment Ecology is the science that deals with the interconnection of living organism and their environment. Human ecology specifically looks at the interaction between human and their environment. It is ultimately human being who chooses how to use technology, and they initiate the action that result into ecological disturbances. Echo-friendly Products A study of biotic and biotic factor is environment. Ecology is a relationship between organisms and their environment.

So by this definition we can readily say that the products, which are friendly to the environment or ecology, are echo-friendly products. The products in which a healthy person is exposed without any adverse affect are Echo-friendly Products. Different types of echo friendly Stationery Organic Food Electronic Appliances etc. Consumer Behavior Consumer behavior is the study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. It blends elements from psychology, sociology, and economics. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process both individually or in groups.

It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics, chirography’s, and behavioral variables in an attempt to understand peoples want. It also tries to assess influences from consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups, and society in general. Purchase Decision: Once the alternative has been evaluated, the consumer is ready to make a purchase decision. Sometimes purchase intension does not result in an actual purchase. The marketing organization must facilitate the consumer to act on their purchase intension.

The provision of credit or payment terms may encourage purchase, or sales promotion such as the opportunity to receive a premium or entering a competition may provide an incentive to buy. Obstacles to the Greenness There are several problems associated with organizations attempt to undertake green marketing practices. Some of them are- ] Very often it is said that the products which are more environmentally safe, cost more. 2] Consumer does not like performance and quality of green products. 3] Packaging is a key element in marketing. Packaging of echo friendly product does not perform the promotional function.

DATA INTERPRETATION Q. L Have you ever bought or considered buying products which are Echo- Friendly? Don’t care Yes 24 Q. 2 Income per annum Not Applicable 2-5 alas 30 12 NO 20 Below 2 alas 2 Above 5 alas 6 Q. 3 Does price influence your purchase behavior for Echo-Friendly products? 35 No 15 Q. 5 What kind of Echo-Friendly products have you bought? Electronic Appliances Items 16 13 Decorative Q. 6 Based on your past “green” shopping experiences, do you think large retailers are providing a large selection of green products to choose from? 28 22 Q. Does store environment, customer service and additional-value services info ounce your shopping preference? Q What kinds of gifts do you prefer to present? Echo friendly FINDINGS According to person’s choice 10 On the basis of information collected from the respondents, some important facts which come as a result of this research are as follows: Out of the total respondents only 50% have bought or considered buying echo roundly products. The most important factor that influences the buying of consumer is the price Of the product. After price, income of the people plays vital role in buying echo friendly products. 7% of the people think that retailers are providing enough space for echo friendly products. The environment of the store plays an important role in buying of the product is the opinion of most of the respondents. Majority of the respondents prefer to buy organic food and electronic appliances. Respondents still prefer to present normal consumer goods rather than presenting echo friendly product. 5% of the respondents present the gift according to the person’s choice. ANALYSIS Consumers are still not aware of the benefits of echo friendly products they take it as wastage of money.

The chunk of the respondents who were aware of the benefits were ready to pay high prices because they aren’t ready to compromise with their health and environment. Retailers and the marketers are still not emphasizing on the importance of echo friendly goods and they are including less inventory of such products. CONCLUSIONS This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the rabbles that affect consumers buying behaviors for green products, to examine the factors that affect consumer’s buying behaviors for green products.

Environmental concern could emerge as one of the powerful drivers that influence echo-friendly purchases; it has actually not resulted in the ability to command a sustainable premium consumers are willing to buy echo-friendly products, but not to pay the higher price. It may be important to examine in future studies the effect of disposable income on willingness to pay premium. Increased consumer demand will help reduce costs in production of echo-friendly products. Awareness among consumers that their buying choices can make a difference to the environment should be promoted.

There is a scope for echo-friendly marketers to capture this market as it has long term scope & growth. Different other studies reveal that consumers are ready to pay more prices for the products which are causing less environmental pollution. They also prefer promotional campaign which protects the environment, and distribution channels which are not causing environmental pollution. But they are not ready to compromise the quality of the product for the sake of the environment.


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