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Myprimary styles is Conventional. My LSI backup style is Affiliative. In this assignment I will go over how these styles apply to my life and how they also apply to my work. I will also go over my limiting styles, how personal styles impact my management style, origins of my . . . Read more

Clean Air Act

1990, the federal Clean Air Act was passed to improve air quality in the United States. President Bush’s proposed amendments to the Clean Air Act initially would have led to the introduction of alternative, non-petroleum fuels. The petroleum and oxygenate industries responded by offering a reformulated gasoline program as a . . . Read more


1939, Theresienstadt, A gift from Hitler. A place of hope and happiness for Jews and Jewesses alike. Theresienstadt was somewhere they could wait the war out without fear until the shadow of Nazism passed. It was a place filled with the most prosperous artists and musicians, daily shows and operas, . . . Read more

Two American Dreams

In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, many themes are enclosed; the most salient of these themes is related to the American Dream. The American Dream is based on the idea that any person, no matter what they are, can become successful in life by his or her hard . . . Read more

Candid By Voltaire

Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire, in his satirical masterwork Candide,critiques both society and humanity wit little mercy. The author obviously seeksto expose all of the human race’s self-deceptions and weaknesses, but he does sowith great humor. Voltaire gives delight with his humor while planting thedeeper message about the fallibility and corruption . . . Read more

Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas, as a philosopher, wrote several works that justified Christianity in a philosophical context, taking cue on Aristotle’s old writings. Naturally, Aquinas took up on the Church’s ultra-conservative views on sexuality and worked to rationalize them through his own theory of natural law. Aquinas argues against any form . . . Read more

Who Built The Egyptian Pyramids? (1404 words)

Who built the Egyptian pyramids?For centuries, the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx have stood a silent testimony to a great and powerful civilization long since ground to dust. But behind the great walls of the Pyramids and this long lasting silence, mysteries are still unrevealed and the explanation of these . . . Read more

Book Classification

When I was a very small child, I fell in love with books of all types. I couldlose myself for hours in Alice and Wonderland, Black Beauty, and Tom Sawyer. AsI grew older, I started reading books that portrayed actual people. I becameinterested in books on the Holocaust and read . . . Read more

The War On Drugs

War On DrugsIn today’s society, the war on drugs has become a major issue in our cities and the business community. Many cities have started programs to make the situation better, but some have failed and the situation has become worse. The root of all the problems discussed in this . . . Read more