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The Airbag Lab Report

Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to design a model airbag that is stable and uninflated until the reactants react. Procedure: In able to calculate and find out how much sodium bicarbonate is needed; we need to find the volume of the Ziploc bag. To do this, we filled . . . Read more

Lab Report

Morphological Unknown Lab ReportIntroduction:There are many types of microorganisms in the world that may seem alike but are very different in function and purpose. That is why when one has to find what an unknown organism is he or she sees that its difficult to classify it based on its . . . Read more

SCI 207 NEW Course Tutorial / UOPhelp

SCI 207 Entire Course (New)For more course tutorials visitwww.uophelp.comSCI 207 Week 1 Lab 1 Introduction to ScienceSCI 207 Week 1 Assignment Environmental FootprintSCI 207 Week 2 Lab 2 Water Quality and ContaminationSCI 207 Week 3 Lab 3 BiodiversitySCI 207 Week 3 Assignment Outline of the Final Lab ReportSCI 207 Week . . . Read more

science lab report

Finding the Missing MassWednesday, February 26th /2014 Tuesday, March 18/2014In this activity, it will be determined whether the Law of Conservation of Mass can be applied to a chemical reaction in which a gas is produced. The Law of Conservation of Mass is that in any chemical reaction, the total . . . Read more

Lab Report on Smoking

Abstract An attitude is a representation of an individual’s degree of like or dislike for an act, object or evaluation. This report aims to conclude whether there is a difference between female and male attitudes towards smoking. It is hypothesised that females will have a more positive attitude towards smoking. . . . Read more

Molecular Modeling Lab

Introduction to Microscale Laboratory – Prelab Instructions Read pages 1-12 in your lab manual and follow the prelab report format for the procedures in lab exercises 1 & 2 (pp. 9-11) . This written work must be done in your lab notebook and must be completed before coming to the . . . Read more

Flame Test Lab Report

LABORATORY ACTIVITY FLAME TEST Summary The purpose of this lab was to see how different compounds can change color while in a flame and with this color, I can identify the compound. The test involve putting sample element and see what color appears. Also Thermal excited electron goes from low . . . Read more

Chem Lab Report 1

Experiment 1: Density| Purpose: To determine the density of the following liquids and solids. Data/Observation: Part A Sample| Distilled Water (g)| Methanol (g)| Glycerol (g)| Mass of empty cylinder| 41. 1 g| 40. 4 g| 41. 1 g| Mass of cylinder + liquid| 51. 2 g| 48. 2 g| 53. . . . Read more

Chemistry Lab Report Conductimetric

The aim of this experiment it to analyze the solution of Ba(OH)2 of an unknown concentration. In order to obtain the quantitative analysis, the exact amount of a particular compound or element present in sample, two procedures were performed. The first procedure was by conductimetric titration and by gravimetric determination. . . . Read more


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