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Dead Poets Society takes place at Welton Academy. Mr. Keating, a former student at Welton, becomes the new teacher of a poetry class. Mr. Keating’s way of teaching was a little different than the traditional way of teaching. His teaching involved having fun and physical activity. It does not go . . . Read more

eth 125 final

Final Exam-ETH/125 Multiple Choice (65 questions – 100 points total possible) Choose the most correct answer. Where there is a conflict, the text is the final source. Please write letter next to number. Part A: (Weeks 1 -3 ) ___D__1 .A subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or . . . Read more


RealismRealism is a literary movement that attempts to describe life without idealization or romantic subjectivity. Although realism cannot be precisely timed or limited to any period, it is most often associated with a movement in 19th-century France (approximately 1840-1890). The term “realism,” which was originally used by the thirteenth-century scholastics . . . Read more


Marrese BradleyProfessor ErsinghausSurvey of Literary Genres15 April 2014Analysis of “Bartleby the Scrivener” This story, is about a successful lawyer, in need of assistance, who hires a new scrivener to join his small firm. Enter Bartleby, a quiet, initially efficient, anti-social little man. Bartleby proceeds to work well as a copyist, . . . Read more

Letter of Complaint

CAPSam Ex a c t i cePrBe  10 rad Gk o o  Grade  10           LIFE  SCIENCES     PRACTICE  TEST  ONE     Marks:  75  QUESTION  1     Various  possible  answers  are  provided  for  each  question.  W rite  only  the  letter  of  the  correct . . . Read more


Essay 7-1 In Plato’s Crito, Crito attempts to persuade Socrates to flee from his death sentence. However, Crito fails because Socrates presents a counter argument, which invalidates much of Crito’s original pleas. Despite this, a fallacy of justice may have been created. Even so, the Republic’s conception of justice seems . . . Read more


white piece paper with a huge, red F hangs on the fridge door like it’s mocking me as I open the fridge door every day. Ironically, maybe if I drew straight line to make the F look like an A I could convince myself I was the winner; I got . . . Read more


TITLES OF JESUS * The “Son of Man” (Mark 14:61-62) – is a title often applied by Jesus to Himself. It is an allusion to Daniel 7:13-14. * “The Christ” (Matthew 16:16) – is a translation of the Hebrew “Masia?”, the Messiah, and is used as a title for Jesus . . . Read more

ISM Prinicples

PRINCIPLESIntegrity in Your Decisions and Actions, Value for Your Employer, Loyalty to Your Profession.From these principles are derived the ISM standards of supply management conduct:STANDARDS1. Impropriety. Prevent the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising conduct in relationships, actions and communications.2. Conflict of Interest. Ensure that any personal, business and . . . Read more

Letter of Application

July 23, 2013Acme Investments, Inc.Attn: Thomas Burgin4634 W. Industrial Dr., Ste. 24Houston, TX 45987Harold Waybird586 Main St.Brighton, TX 45965Phone: (555) 555-1212Email: [email protected] Mr. Burgin,I am writing to you to express my interest in the Office Manager position currently available at Acme Investments, Inc. I believe that I am an excellent . . . Read more