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Scarlet Letter And Pearl

One of the most complex and elaborate characters in The Scarlet Letter is Pearl,the misbegotten offspring of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale. Throughout thestory Pearl, becomes quite the dynamic little individual, as well as anextremely important symbol- one who is constantly changing. Pearl’sinvolvement in the complex history of her parents . . . Read more

Scarlet Letter Analysis

The book The Scarlet Letter is all about symbolism. People and objects aresymbolic of events and thoughts. Throughout the course of the book, NathanielHawthorne uses Hester, Pearl, and Arthur Dimmesdale to signify Puritanic andRomantic philosophies. Hester Prynne, through the eyes of the Puritans, is anextreme sinner; she has gone against . . . Read more

Scarlet Letter Influences

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s background influenced him to write the bold novel TheScarlet Letter. One important influence on the story is money. Hawthorne hadnever made much money as an author and the birth of his first daughter added tothe financial burden (“Biographical Note” VII). He received a job atthe Salem Custom House . . . Read more

Pearl Extension Of Scarlet Letter

No other Pearl can be worth more to a story than this Pearl, but no pearl had ever beenearned at as high a cost to a person as in Hester Prynne, the powerful Main Character in NathanielHawthorne’s novel “The Scarlet Letter”. Her daughter Pearl, born into a Puritan prison in . . . Read more

Admission Letter

Para El Comite de La Admision de Northwestern UniversityYo quiero que Uds imaginen esto. Una licenciada de Northwestern gana un Oscar, una licenciada de Northwestern gana un premio Noble para su trabajo en psicologia. Buscan Uds para una persona que puede hacer esas cosas? Paren. Yo parezco que Uds. encuentran . . . Read more

The Scarlet Letter – Analysis Of Arthur Dimmesdale

Character Analysis of Arthur DimmesdaleThe Scarlet Letter is a story of characters that have to live and deal with theeffects of sin in different ways. Of these characters, the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale isthe character portrayed as the most weak and unnoble. Despite this portrayalDimmesdale was a stronger character than given . . . Read more

Scarlet Letter By Hawthorne (1058 words)

Scarlet Letter By HawthorneShe’s Worth More Than a Diamond Pearls have always held a great price tomankind, but no pearl had ever been earned at as high a cost to a person as inHester Prynne, a powerful Heroine in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The ScarletLetter. Her daughter Pearl, born into a . . . Read more

Scarlet Letter By Hawthorne (630 words)

Scarlet Letter By HawthorneIn Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, the letter “A” changesits meaning many different times. This change is significant. It shows growth inthe characters, and the community in which they live. The letter “A”begins as a symbol of sin. It then becomes a symbol of her ability to . . . Read more

Scarlet Letter By Hawthorne (289 words)

Scarlet Letter By HawthorneNathaniel Hawthorne’s book, The Scarlet Letter, uses physical appearance tomirror a characters physiological or spiritual state. Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale,whom the reader may remember as having taken a brief part in the scene of HesterPrynne’s disgrace, is a complex character. “The young minister, whose healthhad severely suffered, of . . . Read more


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