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Cable Modems: Cable Tv Meets The Internet

Cable Modems: Cable TV Meets the InternetJohn G. ShawIS 3348October 2, 1999AbstractThe Telecommunications Act of 1996 opened the way for cable TV (CATV) companies to become full-fledged telecommunications companies, offering two-way voice and data communications services, in addition to television programming. After passage of the Act, the cable companies were . . . Read more

John Updike And Individualism

John Updike wrote many books and short stories. Many of his characters resembledpeople he knew or they reflected his views on what was going on in America(Interview 75-79). They expressed his views on the value system that peoplelived by. One of these ideas was individualism. Individualism has not alwaysbeen present . . . Read more

College Athletics

Do college athletics receive better treatment than non athletic college students? College athletics has changed drastically over the past 10-15 years. Some of these changes were good and some were not beneficial. The NCAA has tightened down on regulations like recruiting and athlete services to ensure student athletes are not . . . Read more

Titians Altarpieces In The Church Of The Frari, Venice

Titian’s Altarpieces In The Church Of The Frari, VeniceTitian’s Pesaro and Assunta. Altarpieces in the church of the Frari, Venice. What was the importance of these two altarpieces for the development of painting in Venice, both from a stylistic and iconographic point of view?It has been said that Titian’s Assunta, . . . Read more

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Part IGeneral InformationDiabetes mellitus type 1, normally known as Type 1 Diabetes, is a typeof diabetes that is caused by the lack of insulin resulting from thedestruction of insulin-producing cells. Since insulin regulates the amountof glucose in the body, the destruction of the insulin-producing cellssubsequently leads to high level of . . . Read more

Samuel Houston

Sam Houston was as legend reports a big man about six foot and six inches tall. He was an exciting historical figure and war hero who was involved with much of the early development of our country and Texas. He was a soldier, lawyer, politician, businessman, and family man, whose . . . Read more

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was a great English playwright, dramatistand poet who lived during the late sixteenth and early seventeenthcenturies. Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest playwright ofall time. No other writer’s plays have been produced so many times orread so widely in so many countries as his. Shakespeare was born . . . Read more

Monetary Policy

U.S. monetary policy affects all kinds of economic and financial decisions peoplemake in this country?whether to get a loan to buy a new house or car or tostart up a company, whether to expand a business by investing in a new plant orequipment, and whether to put savings in a . . . Read more

Force Systems

By possessing an understanding of Newton’s Laws, following these three laws ofgraphical solutions, and understanding vector algebra you can solve mostengineering static problems. Systems of Force Systems of force acting on objectsin equilibrium can be classified as either concurrent or nonconcurrent and aseither coplanar or noncoplanar. This gives us four . . . Read more