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And Justice For All

Throughout modern American culture certain laws passed by the majority have been considered unjust by a wise minority. However, with the logical and emotional appeal of hard fought battles, voices have been heard, and the minds of the majority can sometimes be converted to see the truth. Thoreau, after spending . . . Read more

Dr. Brenda J. Little (508 words)

Dr. Brenda J. LittleDr. Brenda J. Little of the Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center is the recipient of the 1995 women in Science and Engineering Award. This award recognizes specific or special scientific or technical contributions by a woman scientist in the Federal service and specific contributions made by . . . Read more

Emmitt Till

Emmit Till was like any other ordinary boy. He lived in Chicago in 1955 with his mother. But this summer he was going to visit his Uncle Mose who lived down south. Down south and Chicago were totally different. First of all, you couldn’t go to a school with someone . . . Read more


NAME KANYAI RUTENDO S REG. NUMBER R121166A PROGRAMMEHAD COURSEAD222 LECTURERMR TADERERA T/A MR TINARWO QUESTIONDiscuss the utility of the International Labour Organization’sOccupational Health and Management System. TUTORIAL GROUP TUESDAY(9-10am) Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is a discipline dealing with the prevention of work related injuries and diseases, and the protection . . . Read more

Text analysis

THE LIGHT THAT FAILEDThe text under analyses is an extract from R. Kiplings novel The Light That Failed. R. Kipling is a short-story writer, poet and novelist of the late 19thearly 20th c. His best works are known all over the world. Among them are: The Jungle Book, Kim, various . . . Read more

Kindred Spirits

The BoglesCollin Bogle grew up in Northwestern Washington. As a kid he liked to spend his time outdoors, fishing, roller-blading, or riding his mountain bike. His father, Lee Bogle, was an art teacher in high school and even when Collin showed extraordinary artistic abilities it was still thought that he . . . Read more


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