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Literature Review technology in business

Literature Review: Technology in Business
Matthew S. Racine
Liberty UniversityContact:
This review has been completed to analyze technology in business. The aspects explored were the various technologies that have existed in business in the past, as well as projections on future business applications to include wireless, manufacturing, and marketing technologies. The technology used in the Department of Defense, specifically within the Army, Air Force, and the Navy, were exclusively looked at and how it compares to business on both the national and international environments. Numerous different examples of American and international company’s successes by utilizing technology were reviewed and studied to focus on successes and future possibilities. The similarities and differences in applications of technology in the Department of Defense, and on the national and international scale of business, have been examined and studied for their uses and technological innovation.Introduction
This literature review has been completed in conjuncture with the BUSI 610 class at Liberty University. The thematic approach in this review will look at technology in business. This is quite a broad topic and requires some further narrowing down. In order to begin in a logical place, the technology that has been used in business from across the world of industry have been reviewed and studied. While that seems like a broad statement, the inception and benefit of technology across every realm of business is important to understand in order to present the findings. Three major areas of business were reviewed over the course of this paper and class. Technology in the Department of Defense, technology in national business, and finally technology in international business were studied and reviewed.
The Department of Defense is one of the largest researchers, developers, and users of numerous types of…


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