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Saving Habit

DETERMINANTS OF SAVINGS INTENSION A. Income Both the Keynesian savings function [21] and the permanent income hypothesis [11] Indicate a positive effect of income on savings. Using time series data for forty-nine countries, Rossi, for example, indicated the positive impact of current income levels on savings rate without differentiating types . . . Read more


CHAPTER ONE Introduction 1. 1 Background One of the primary benefits of creating a corporate entity is to limit the liability of the shareholders. However, under certain circumstances the corporate entity may be disregarded. This is also known as piercing the corporate veil and is the most frequent method for . . . Read more

Integrating Theory and Research for Evidence-Based

Reviewing the Literature NURS6125, section 23, Integrating Theory and Research for Evidence-Based Practice February 12, 2011 Reviewing the Literature Patient handoffs are an integral part of taking care of people in all patient care settings. Patient handoffs occur at many different times throughout a facility including shift changes, provider break . . . Read more

Fdi Strategies in European Emerging Markets

FDI strategies in European emerging markets The impact of host-country developments on post-formation FDI strategies Maastricht University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration International Business, Strategy & Innovation Document: Thesis report Date: Author: Supervisor: Amsterdam, March 14th, 2009 H. W. A. Canisius (i464635) Mr. W. Swaan FDI strategies in European . . . Read more


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