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Assignment Motivation

In short, to be effective in today’s dynamic business environment, managers must have the ability to influence and motivate their workforce. Motivation is arguably the topic that organizational researchers and practicing managers look to in order to understand behavior inside organizations. Motivation has received considerable and sustain attention because most . . . Read more

Literature Review

Extensive research has been carried out on the role and obstacles that women face as entrepreneurs (Han, 2004; Attain et al, 2011) and the imprison between males and females in terms of the opportunities they get (Gargle, 201 2), no single study exists which adequately covers the reasons behind either . . . Read more

Television and Children

Subject : Topic: Sociology A Term Paper on “Effects of Media on Children” Presented to: Ms. Wajiha Kazim Presented By:Maria Ehsan …. 05 Maryam Arshad …. 22 Hina Qamar …. 26 Nada Zain ul Abidin… 36 Zohra Niazi …. 48 2nd Semester BBA 2007-11 Evening Presented on: 13th June 2008 . . . Read more

Rural Non Farm Activities

LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction This section deals with literatures under the following themes: Definition of rural non-farm activities, determinants of rural non-farm activities, challenges of rural non-farm activities and the contribution of rural non-farm activities to poverty reduction. Rural non-farm activities Junior R. Davis (2005), defines rural non-farm activities as comprising . . . Read more

Gender in Leadership

Researching in Business HR 3010 Title: Gender in leadership Introduction To what extent does gender affect leadership style? This literature review aims to critically identify and analyze whether female and male leadership style differ in business. It has been claimed that men make better leaders than women because of the . . . Read more


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