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Story About A Family Friend English Literature Essay

German shepherd Canis familiariss are protective over their households, but they are a one adult male Canis familiaris. In the summer of 1997, my parents took my siblings and me to a breeder to pick out our first household Canis familiaris. My ma picked out our puppy, which we named Chief, the 1 with the biggest paws and ears, and the most loveable of them all. There were good times and bad, happy times and sad. When we brought home a new Canis familiaris, a Golden Retriever named Buster, Chief attacked him. Fellow ended up being okay with no major hurts, and they got along great after their battle over laterality. Chief ran off one time in his life-time, and we found him after a few stressful, disquieted hebdomads at the lb. My step-dad built a fencing around our backyard after he ran off, and he ne’er got off since. We brought place another puppy a few old ages after my ma and step-dad divorced, in my senior twelvemonth of high school. We named him glorification, and he is a black lab, shepherd mix. Chief besides attacked him over laterality, and once more he was O.K. . Three hebdomads before my senior prom, Chief became ill. The veterinarian told my household and me he had a virus, but it turned out he had a tumour on his lien. On May 13, 2008, four yearss before my prom, we had to set Chief to kip.

My best friend in the whole universe was a German Shepherd named Chief. My household and I got him when I was about seven old ages old, and when he was a puppy, so we grew up together. He was the household ‘s first Canis familiaris, so he was really particular to everyone, particularly to me. We were stuck together like gum whenever I was place from school. He had a happy, long life with good times and bad, which unluckily ended dreadfully.

On June 12, 1997 my household and I took a long thrust to a Canis familiaris breeder someplace in Ohio. My sister and I did non cognize we were acquiring or even looking at puppies, so when we got out of the auto, and saw all the small German Shepherd puppies, we got truly excited. The breeder Lashkar-e-Taiba about 10 puppies out of the outdoor pens. They all had their ain personalities, and different characteristics, but one stood out to my ma. He was a bantam puppy about all black, with immense ears and paws. We decided to take him place, and to call him Chief. We shortly decided that he was a great pick for our household.

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At the clip we got him, we lived in Bay Village on a nice quiet side street. We started Chief ‘s house preparation and he did really good. We would play together all the clip in the backyard, he would trail me around and I would mount up a tree so he could non make me. Chief and I grew closer and closer together every twenty-four hours, and it shortly came to the point where we were inseparable. The German Shepherd strain is a really protective, smart, loyal Canis familiaris that is one individual Canis familiaris, but is a great household and guard Canis familiaris, and he suit this description good (, 2010, parity. 1 ) . When we moved to Bay Village, my youngest sister, Taylor, was around one twelvemonth old, and she was merely larning how to walk and speak. One twenty-four hours, she chased Chief around, pulled on his tail and ears, and he snapped at her, seize with teething her ear and manus. He bit her so difficult, that he about spot through her manus. He was locked up in the wash room for the following few yearss. Taylor ended up being all right, and she did non even have cicatrixs from the bite lesions. For the remainder of Chiefs ‘ life though, we had to be careful with the two of them in the same room, because Chief ne’er forgot how Taylor treated him, and when she got excessively near, he growled at her.

Around the clip when Chief was one twelvemonth old, birds got into our house through the warmer blowholes, and the chimney, and flew around the house. Chief did non like the birds in the house, so he decided to run and bark. It was so amusing to see him running about trailing the bird. The bird kept peeping and winging from the life room to the kitchen and back, like it was teasing him. We tried for a piece to catch the bird, but we were unsuccessful. Finally our cat sat on the dorsum of the sofa, waited for the bird to wing in forepart of her, and she caught the bird on the wall behind the sofa.

In the summer of 1998, my household and I moved to North Olmsted, on a busy street where the back paces were at least half an acre, so there was plentifulness of room for Chief to run and play. He loved the unfastened infinite, and he loved the trees, which shaded the first half of the back pace. The lone thing incorrect with the pace was that it was non fenced in, so we got a concatenation for Chief. Naturally, he hated the concatenation, and he would acquire loose sometimes, but we ne’er had a job acquiring him back. One clip that he had gotten lost we could non happen him, and he ne’er came back. A few yearss passed with no word about him, and my ma took me with her to the metropolis hall where they maintain the metropolis doghouse, to see if Chief was at that place. She asked the adult male in charge and he said they did happen a German Shepherd rolling around the twenty-four hours before. He took us behind the edifice and certain plenty, Chief was there barking at me from inside the coop to allow him out. I was happy the carnal warden found him, but I was truly happy to hold Chief back. After this, my stepdad decided to construct a fencing around the pace so he could non acquire loose, and it worked really good.

A twosome of old ages or so subsequently, when I came place from school, I walked through the front door, and was trampled down by a little Golden Retriever puppy. My stepdad surprised us all with this puppy. My ma was really aroused, and she named him Buster. Chief was separated from the puppy for a small piece, and when we thought it was okay for them to run into, Chief attacked him. Fortunately, Buster was okay, and did non necessitate any medical attending. Finally, Chief and Buster became great friends, every bit long as fellow did non seek and overrule Chief in his district.

During the summer clip, my parents took my two younger sisters, Chief, Buster, and me to the Rocky River Metroparks for a field day. When we were finished with our tiffin, we took the Canis familiariss into the river to research and play. I was keeping head on his tether, and my sister, Kelly, was keeping Buster. Buster hated the H2O, and refused to travel in. He looked at his contemplation in the H2O, and was jumped back because he was scared. Head on the other manus, loved the H2O. I was holding a difficult clip commanding him at one point, because two ducks landed in the H2O in forepart of us, and he wanted to trail them. He barked and whined, and pulled me further into the H2O, and I was stealing on the algae, so I let travel of his tether and allow him trail them. When they flew off, Chief ran right back to me with a large smiling on his face. I ne’er had to worry about him running off from me, because we were so close, all I had to make was whistle, or name his name, and he would return to me immediately.

Chief was really protective over me, and I learned fast how protective he was. I was merely bitten by Chief one time his whole life. When I was 16 old ages old, one of my friends was over one twenty-four hours, and he pretended to hit me and Chief hated it. He got up and started barking and whining towards my friend. He did non listen to his warning, and Chief nipped him on the manus because he thought my friend was traveling to ache me. I had to shout at him to halt badgering my Canis familiaris, and my friend picked me up, which set Chief off once more, and main grabbed onto my calf and would non allow travel. I was shouting so aloud, that my friend dropped me because I hurt his ears, and Chief eventually let travel of my leg. I sat in the bathroom and looked at my leg, and fortunately Chief did non interrupt my tegument. I do non fault Chief for seize with teething me, though. I feel the lone ground why he grabbed onto my leg was because he thought I might be hurt by being picked up, and Chief was merely seeking to draw me down. It still hurt severely, my leg throbbed all dark, and I had a contusion for a twosome of hebdomads, but he was seeking to protect me.

When it was warm and cheery exterior, we had plentifulness of shadiness in the backyard. We had one large tree that shaded the first half of the pace, which I liked to name the umbrella tree, and it was a really old, monolithic maple tree. If we wanted to acquire out of the Sun, or even the rain, all we had to make was travel under the umbrella tree, and we would remain cool and dry. Chief ‘s favourite topographic point in the pace was under the umbrella tree, and he would rest and chill off under at that place. We besides had a fire cavity under the umbrella tree, and Chief would take logs out of the fire cavity and chaw on them, while under the umbrella tree. Sometimes after a storm, there would be elephantine subdivisions scattered around the backyard, and Chief would pick them up on one terminal, and drag them across the pace, towards the umbrella tree merely so he could masticate them. Chief loved to masticate on subdivisions and fire logs.

In 2008, the terminal of my senior twelvemonth in high school, Chief started to decelerate down dramatically, and lose weight. He was holding a difficult clip traveling up and down stepss, and he would sometimes whine while seeking to walk up the stepss or even seeking to stand up in general. Head was besides holding a difficult clip maintaining his nutrient down. I would feed him and he would eat like he was hungering, and he would eat so fast that he would merely inhale his nutrient, he would non masticate it. I walked Chief up to the veterinarian clinic on the corner, and the veterinary was really nice, and really enlightening. The veterinary did a check-up on Chief, took his temperature, which was excessively high, weighed him, and took a blood sample. When the trial consequences came back, the veterinarian told me he merely had a virus, it would travel away with some medicine. Equally shortly as we got home, I took some jambon and wrapped one of his pills in it, and he took it without a job.

I was accepted into a plan in my school called the Student Involvement through Educational Services, besides known as S.I.T.E.S. We would hold three normal category yearss out of the school hebdomad, and the other two were used for us to travel out into the community to make voluntary work. At the terminal of the twelvemonth, the whole S.I.T.E.S. category went to Marietta, Ohio for a undertaking to assist their community. My ma went with me on the trip as a chaperone, and we had so much merriment. When we arrived in Marietta, I truly wanted to travel the animate being shelter to assist out. My ma ended up being assigned to take another group to the shelter, and I was the group that helped out with the repasts on wheels. I was really bummed that I did non acquire to travel to the carnal shelter. The first twenty-four hours of the trip, my ma came back and she was really aroused. She helped out with the puppies at that place, and she had a few favourites and took images of them. She asked me which I liked the best, and I told her the black and white one was traveling to be the biggest, and he was the cutest. My ma told me they are Lab/ German Shepherd mix puppies. I told her if we decide to acquire a new Canis familiaris, we should salvage one from the shelter alternatively of acquiring one from a breeder, because they if they do non acquire a place, sometimes at shelters, they put the Canis familiariss to kip. She did non state anything to me, but everyone was moving really leery.

On the last twenty-four hours of our trip, all my friends were moving really unusual, and I was prising them for information as to whether or non my ma was acquiring a puppy or non. When we arrived back at North Olmsted, it turned out she did acquire a puppy, and we were run intoing my English instructor to pick him up. When we arrived, my instructor pulled a travel coop out of her auto, and handed our new household member to me. I was so aroused to hold a new Canis familiaris, but I did non bury about Chief. I wanted to acquire place to look into on my old friend, who was about 11 old ages old. We arrived place, and my sisters were every bit surprised as I was.

A few yearss after we brought our new puppy place, named Glory, Chief felt his district was being tested, and despite being ill, he attacked Glory. He bit Glory harder than he did with Buster, and we had to take him to the exigency vet clinic to acquire checked out, because he was shed blooding severely. Despite all the blood, Glory did non hold any serious hurts, except a hole in his lip, which turned into a cicatrix. We had to truly watch Chief and Glory around each other because they would contend invariably over district as Glory got older and bigger, and as Chief became sicker.

Chief was non acquiring any better with the medicine the veterinarian gave me, and he was still losing weight and going weaker every twenty-four hours. Every twenty-four hours I would come place from school to see that Chief had non been able to maintain breakfast down, so I ever had to clean the floors. He stopped taking his medical specialty, and merely seemed to give up on eating anything in general. I was get downing to worry about my best friend that he would ne’er acquire better. He looked so dog-tired when I looked into his eyes, he was enduring, and I could non understand why a virus would be doing him this sick. At the terminal of April, he was so scraggy that I could experience his spinal column when I ran my manus down his dorsum, and I could see his ribs and his hip castanetss when he slept. My ma was worried as good, and she called the veterinary to state him how Chief was making, and they scheduled an assignment to take some x- beams of Chief to acquire a better thought of what was traveling on inside of him. My ma told the hebdomad before his assignment, I have to fix myself for the worst. If there is anything earnestly incorrect with Chief, she would state the veterinary to set him to kip, because he is 10 old ages old and she can non afford surgery on him. I yelled at her and told her to halt stating atrocious things. Chief would be okay, and nil was incorrect with him it is merely a virus. I was in denial that Chief was truly ill, but I could non assist shouting every dark that hebdomad before his assignment.

The twenty-four hours of Chief ‘s assignment I had to work, so I could non attach to my ma to the veterinary clinic. On May 13, 2008 I woke up to a soundless place, even though my household was awake. I asked my sister how the assignment went, and she started to shout. My bosom sank to underside of my tummy, my organic structure went cold and stiff, and I asked her what happened. She told me that Chief had a cancerous tumour attached to his lien, and they had scheduled an assignment for today to set him down at two o’clock. I could non travel, speak, or experience anything. I looked at the clock, and it read 11 o’clock. I had three hours left to pass with my best friend in the whole universe. I started to shout, and I walk out into our Sun room and brought Chief with me. He sat down in forepart of me and set his ears down and gave me the loving expression he ever gave me. I cried and held Chief the last three hours I had with him.

The clip came for Chief ‘s assignment, and I called my fellow, to run into me at the clinic because I did non cognize how I could be at that place entirely. My ma and I were the lone 1s that went to the clinic, and my neighbour met us up at that place, because he was traveling to assist us bury him. My sisters stayed place with my small brother, because they did non desire to travel. We had a difficult clip acquiring Chief out of the house and into the auto. He knew that something was incorrect, and he did non desire to go forth. We were finally able to acquire him to the veterinary clinic, and into the room. My boyfriend went into the room with me, and held my manus, while the vet technician put Chief on the tabular array and put a muzzle on him. I yelled at her to take it off, because I did non him to decease with a muzzle on. She took it off after she injected him with the immorality, pink, slayer toxicant. Before he lost consciousness, I kept stating him I loved him, and that I was regretful I could non make anything else for him. I held him and kissed him, and with a low whimper he was gone. I started shouting immediately, and walked out of the room. I looked at my ma who was already shouting even though she was non in the room with him. My neighbour took Chief place in his truck, and started delving a hole for him in the backyard under a tree where I wanted him, because he loved the shadiness. My neighbour said some respectful words about Chief, and started to bury him. I did non cognize what to make, because my best friend was gone in the wink of an oculus.

At first, Buster was confused when Chief did non come place, and he even tried delving where Chief is buried, and whenever I mention his name Buster perks up his ears and lean his caput to the side, like he ‘s inquiring, where is he? Chief was a great Canis familiaris, my best friend in the whole universe, and I know someday, when I pass off we will be reunited.


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