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Archetypes or stock characters in Literature

1. The Hero; savior; Christ; the tragic hero 2. The Great Mother; mother earth 3. The Wise old man or Sage 4. The Trickster or Fox 5. The Devil or Lucifer 6. The Mentor 7. The mad scientist 8. Prince CharmingCommon Conflicts in Literature|The Individual versus Nature|Individual versus fate||The Individual . . . Read more

Gender Bias In Literature

Gender Bias in Literature?Men Fix Things?Girls Have Dolls?-Shirley B. ErnstI have thought about many different ways to organize this paper and have come to the conclusion that the best way to approach the topic is on a book-by-book basis. My perceptions of the gender biases in these books vary greatly . . . Read more

What Is Literature?

The definition of literature, in the broadest sense, is everything that has ever been written. Anything from the earliest poems of Homer, to today’s web pages, can be considered literature. But for a specific sense, there are various kinds of literature. Literature can be written in a specific language, like . . . Read more


In life as in literature people have certain struggles. In the novels and short stories we read this year there are severalexample of inner struggles, within the characters. The basic type of struggles known to people is Man Vs Man, ManVs Nature and Man Vs Himself, otherwise known as inner . . . Read more

Social Criticism In Literature

Many authors receive their inspiration for writing their literature from outside sources. The idea for a story could come fromfamily, personal experiences, history, or even their own creativity. For authors that choose to write a book based on historical events, the inspiration might come from their particular viewpoint on the . . . Read more

English Literature In 16th

Although the literature of England during the Middle Ages may hardly seemcomparable to the more elegant literature present during the Renaissance,England=s early literature actually paved the way for the poems and plays of the16th century. In this respect, English literature of the Renaissance may be seenas a refinement of its . . . Read more

Prejudice In Literature (753 words)

Prejudice In LiteraturePrejudice stems from many things. It can come from any personat any time. Sometimes it is a part of a person when they are born. A wholetown, state, or country could show prejudice towards others. Prejudice in manycases ends in violence. Hitler showed an extreme example when he . . . Read more

Conan Doyle And Detective Literature

There are many different books, in many different genres. There are horrornovels, love stories, suspenseful books, and detective stories. The detectivestory’s evolution has been a long and eventful process. The man responsible forthe biggest leap in the detective story was Arthur Conan Doyle. He gave theworld Sherlock Holmes, who could . . . Read more


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