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Ogden’s Basic English Word List (850 Words) A across after all and ant arch as attraction back band be before berry bite blow boiling box brass bright bucket business cake carriage chain cheese church cloth collar committee complete control cork cow crush curtain dark death delicate detail dirty distance able act again almost angle any argument at authority bad base beautiful behavior between bitter blue bone boy bread broken building but camera cart chalk chemical circle cloud color common complex cook cotton crack cry curve daughter debt dependent development discovery distribution about addition against among angry apparatus arm attack automatic bag basin because belief bird black board book brain breath brother bulb butter canvas cat chance chest clean coal comb company condition copper cough credit cup cushion day decision design different discussion division account adjustment agreement amount animal apple army attempt awake balance basket bed bell birth blade boat boot brake brick brown burn button card cause change chief clear coat come comparison connection copy country crime cup damage dead deep desire digestion disease do acid advertisement air amusement answer approval art attention baby ball bath bee bent bit blood body bottle branch bridge brush burst by care certain cheap chin clock cold comfort competition conscious cord cover cruel current danger dear degree destruction direction disgust dog Page 1 Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK door dress dust edge electric error example expert false father female finger flag flower foot forward friend future give gold great growth hand harmony head heat hollow hospital I important ink invention join kettle knee language lead leg lift linen living loss make mark doubt drink ear education end even exchange eye family fear fertile fire flame fly for fowl from garden glass good green guide hanging hat healthy help hook hour ice impulse insect iron journey key knife last leaf let light lip lock loud male market own drain driving drop early earth effect egg engine enough event ever existence expansion face fact far farm feather feeble fiction field first fish flat flight fold food force fork frame free front fruit general get glove go government grain grey grip gun hair happy harbor hate have hear hearing high history hope horn house how idea if in increase instrument insurance island jelly judge jump kick kind knot knowledge late laugh learning leather letter level like limit liquid list long look love low man manager married mass drawer dry east elastic equal every experience fall fat feeling fight fixed floor foolish form frequent full girl goat grass group hammer hard he heart hole horse humor ill industry interest jewel keep kiss land law left library line little loose machine map match Page 2 Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK material medical military mist moon mouth nail near nerve no not observation oil operation order oven paint past pencil pipe play point porter powder prison profit pull push quiet rat ready regret request rhythm road root run same science second seem separate shake ship ay meeting milk mixed morning move name necessary net noise note of old opinion organization over paper paste person place please poison position power private property pump put quite rate reason regular respect rice rod rough sad sand scissors secret selection serious shame shirt meal measure memory metal mind mine money monkey mother motion much muscle narrow nation neck need new news normal north now number off offer on only opposite or ornament other owner page parallel parcel payment peace physical picture plane plant pleasure plough polish political possible pot present price probable process prose protest punishment quality question rail rain ray reaction receipt record relation religion responsible rest right ring roll roof round rub safe sail say scale screw sea secretary see self send servant sex sharp sheep shock shoe eat middle minute month mountain music natural needle night nose nut office open orange out pain part pen pin plate pocket poor potato print produce public purpose quick range reading red representative reward river room rule salt school seat seed sense shade shelf short Page 3 Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK shut simple sky small smooth soap some soup sponge stamp steam sticky stomach straight structure suggestion sweet take teaching the thin throat tight to tooth train trouble umbrella value violent war water week wheel whistle will winter wood wound yes side sister sleep smash snake society son south spoon star steel stiff stone strange substance summer swim talk tendency then thing through till toe top transport trousers under verse voice warm wave weight when white wind wire wool writing yesterday ign size slip smell sneeze sock song space spring start stem still stop street such sun system tall test theory this thumb time together touch tray true unit very waiting wash wax well where who window wise word wrong you silk skin slope smile snow soft sort spade square statement step stitch store stretch sudden support table taste than there thought thunder tin tomorrow town tree turn up vessel walk waste way west while why wine with work year young silver skirt slow smoke so solid sound special stage station stick stocking story strong sugar surprise tail tax that thick thread ticket tired tongue trade trick twist use view wall watch weather wet whip wide wing woman worm yellow Parts of the Body (52 Words) ankle blood

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Made by: Jahrukh Tariq arm body back bone beard brain Page 4 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK cheek ears face flesh hands knee lip nail shoulders throat toes Hair Types (18 Words) beard curly hair red hair Head (24 Words) bald head ear freckles lower jaw pimple wrinkles chest elbow feet foot head knees moustache neck skin thumb tongue chin eye finger hair heart leg mouth nose stomach thumbs tooth ear eyes fingers hand hip legs muscle shoulder teeth toe wrist black hair gray hair straight hair blond hair moustache wavy hair brown hair ponytail cheek eye gums mole tongue chin eyebrow head mouth tooth dimple forehead lip nose upper jaw

Human Body (28 Words) armpit ears foot head mouth private parts throat back eyes forehead hip navel shoulder toes buttock feet hair knees neck stomach waist chest fingers hands legs nose thigh Parts of the Hand (10 Words) fist middle finger thumb Shaving (9 Words) fore finger nail wrist knuckle palm little finger third finger Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 5 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK disposable razor razor blade straight razor double-edge blade double-edge razor electric razor shaving brush shaving cream shaving mug Parts of a Book (12 Words) acknowledgments copyright index appendix dedication preface bibliography contents explanatory notes footnote text title

Types of Books (17 Words) best seller comic book magazine pamphlet Newspaper (26 Words) advertisement circulation editor front page morning edition photographer advice column columnist editorial headline newspaper office reporter back page comics evening edition interviewer newsprint TV guide cartoon correspondent extra feature lead story newsstand book dictionary novel picture book booklet encyclopedia paperback reference book brochure hardcover periodical textbook Buildings in the City (31 Words) airport barber shop cafe department store hotel motel post office shrine apartment book store church fire department house movie theater restaurant supermarket bakery bowling alley cinema gas station library museum school building temple bank bus terminal convenience store hospital mosque office shopping mall train station

Business English Nouns (97 Words) advantage apology budget competitor customer decision Made by: Jahrukh Tariq advertisement authorization commission confirmation deadline decrease advice bill comparison costs debt deficit agenda brand competition creditor debtor delivery Page 6 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK department distribution environment explanation goal improvement interest limit message opinion payment product purchase repairs retailer sales stock support wholesaler description employee equipment facilities goods increase inventory loss mistake option penalty production reduction report rise schedule success target ifference employer estimate factory growth industry invoice margin objective order permission profit refund responsibility risk share suggestion transport disadvantage enquiry experience feedback guarantee instructions knowledge market offer output possibility promotion reminder result salary signature supply turnover Business English Verbs (94 Words) accept advise avoid calculate check confirm decide discount divide estimate fund install lend manage order pack present promise raise reduce remind respond Made by: Jahrukh Tariq add afford borrow cancel choose consider decrease dismiss employ exchange improve invest lengthen measure organize participate prevent promote reach refuse remove return dmit approve build change complain convince deliver dispatch encourage extend increase invoice lower mention owe pay process provide receive reuse reply rise advertise authorize buy charge complete count develop distribute establish fix inform join maintain obtain own plan produce purchase recruit reject resign sell Page 7 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK send structure separate succeed shorten suggest split Computer (41 Words) CDROM cut digital format input help mouse open processing search close command file graphic interactive memory multimedia output replace select click database find icon Internet menu network paste save software copy delete font hardware keyboard modem numeric printer scanner text

Jobs and Occupations (53 Words) accountant author beautician carpenter coach doctor fire fighter magician pharmacist politician salesman teacher watchmaker actor baker broker chauffeur craftsman editor fisherman mechanic pilot painter shoemaker veterinarian actress banker burglar chef criminal engineer judge musician poet professor soldier waiter athlete barber butcher clerk dentist farmer lawyer nurse policeman sailor tailor waitress Job Application (66 Words) address age birthday certification city college date date of birth divorced education elementary school experience family name fired first name Made by: Jahrukh Tariq apply area code children citizenship country criminal record dependents diploma educational background employee employer felony record female gender graduate school Page 8 Spoken English Course

Pakistan Professional Services RYK handicap husband’s name last name middle name occupation position reason for leaving separated state weight Months (12 Words) January May September hearing junior college male name phone number present address single street wife’s name height high school junior high school marital status married next of kin notify physical examination previous experience quit relatives salary skills social security number telephone number vision zip code February June October March July November April August December Zodiac Signs (12 Words) Aquarius Gemini Sagittarius Aries Leo Scorpio Cancer Libra Taurus Capricorn Pisces Virgo

Car Parts (American English Version) (15 Words) accelerator clutch horn wheel Car – Verbs (20 Words) accelerate de-accelerate park push the clutch shift into reverse back up fasten seat-belt pass race slow down change gears fill up with gas pass push run out of gas speed up crash idle the engine the accelerator shift into drive stop blinker dashboard rearview mirror wheels brake gear seat windshield bumper headlight trunk Inside of a Car (27 Words) accelerator alternator gauge ashtray bucket seat CD player clock dashboard door handle emergency brake front seat gasoline level gauge glove compartment headlight switch rear seat rearview mirror temperature gauge turn signal Made by: Jahrukh Tariq brake clutch emergency flare gearshift oil gauge steering wheel Page 9 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK

Party Names (18 Words) barbecue party cocktail party wedding party office party birthday party graduation party Downtown (19 Words) billboard department store news stand shop window subway station Post Office (26 Words) letter PO box return address junk mail sea mail cancelled stamp Bank (24 Words) ATM bankbook burglar alarm check customer deposit foreign exchange joint account money passbook teller time deposit account City (13 Words) street park fountain Clothes (39 Words) belt coat jacket overalls Made by: Jahrukh Tariq anniversary party dinner party Kitty party goodbye party going away party Eid Milan party birthday party fancy dress party Christmas party welcome party dinner party bus garbage can parking meter street light taxi stand us stop car litter basket neon sign pedestrian crossing street sign traffic light traffic island train station post card stamp zip code personal mail mailman postbox mail post office box deliver mail address insurance printed matter postal money order air mail postal clerk postage mailbox stamp machine bills bounced check checking account coins foreign currency rate loan manager savings account security guard vault withdrawal avenue square sidewalk roadway subway entrance train building mailbox station blouse dress jeans overcoat boots gloves jumper pajamas cap hat mini-skirt pants Page 10 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK raincoat shorts stockings t-shirt underpants scarf skirt suit tie undershirt hirt slippers sweater trousers vest shoes socks sweatshirt underclothes Men’s Clothes (23 Words) belt bow tie button-down collar double-breasted jacket pants raincoat sport coat suit coat undershirt V-necked sweater Shoes and Footwear (24 Words) basketball shoes cowboy boots loafers sandals spike shoes tennis shoes Headgear (9 Words) baseball cap hat beret helmet cap scarf ear muffs hardhat boots dress shoes moccasins shoes spikes thongs casual shoes golf shoes pumps slippers steel toed shoes training shoes clogs high heel shoes rubber boots sneakers T-strap shoes work boots boxer shorts briefs crew-neck sweater necktie overcoat shirt socks turtleneck sweater vest

Natural Materials Used in Clothes (10 Words) cotton rubber Underwear (10 Words) bra socks tights briefs knickers underpants panties undershirt denim silk leather woolen linen The Basic Colors (11 Words) black green red Colors (21 Words) Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 11 blue orange white brown pink yellow gray purple Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK amber brown green orange violet beige crimson indigo pink violet red black cyan khaki purple white blue gray light/dark blue red yellow green Largest Countries in Population (25 Words) China Brazil Nigeria Vietnam Turkey France South Korea India United States Pakistan Bangladesh Japan Mexico Germany Egypt Iran Thailand United Kingdom Burma Indonesia Russia Philippines Ethiopia Congo Italy

Countries with the Largest Armed Forces (2004) (30 Words) China North Korea Iran Egypt Ukraine France United Kingdom Mexico United States of America Russia South Korea Turkey Vietnam Taiwan Syria Indonesia Germany Ethiopia Japan Saudi Arabia Spain Greece India Pakistan Myanmar Thailand Brazil Italy Morocco Israel Nationalities (26 Words) American British German Italian Norwegian Swedish Venezuelan Armenian Australian Canadian Chinese Greek Guatemalan Japanese Korean Pakistani Romanian Swiss Turkish Yugoslavian Belgian Cuban Indian Mexican Russian Ukrainian Family Members (17 Words) aunt father mother son brother granddaughter nephew stepdaughter cousin grandmother niece stepmother daughter grandson sister stepson uncle Relatives (35 Words) Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 12 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK ather mother son daughter grandson granddaughter cousin nephew mother-in-law great-grandfather step-father step-mother step-son step-uncle step-grandmother ex-husband ex-wife Catering (56 Words) breakfast chocolate cup dish food grill lunch menu plate roast sausages spoon vegetables water Dinnerware (18 Words) bread and butter plate fish platter rim soup bowl saucer tea cup Fruit (30 Words) apple blueberry grape lemon orange plum watermelon Made by: Jahrukh Tariq brother sister grandmother grandfather uncle aunt niece father-in-law brother-in-law sister-in-law great-grandmother step-daughter step-brother step-sister step-aunt step-grandfather half-brother half-sister uffet cheese cook cooking dessert dining room environment fork freezer hygienic kitchen main course napkin pastry prepared restaurant salad salt secure slices starter tip vegetarian waiter weighed chicken course dinner equipment glass knife meal pepper rice sauce soup utensils waitress butter dish coffee mug cup gravy boat and stand pepper shaker platter salad bowl salad plate salt shaker serving bowl soup bowl sugar bowl water pitcher apricot cherry grapefruit lime peach pomegranate banana cranberry grapes mango pear raspberry blackberry fig kiwi melon pineapple strawberry Page 13 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK Grains (12 Words) barley rice long grain rice corn rye soy beans millet brown rice wheat oats short grain rice

Breads (23 Words) biscuits cheese bread corn bread English muffins muffins rye bread white bread Desserts (19 Words) apple pie chocolate bar doughnuts pie birthday cake candy chocolate cake chocolate chip cookie cookies donut fruit ice cream muffin pudding sweet rolls whip cream brown bread chocolate bread crackers garlic bread pancakes sweet rolls cake coffee cake croissant hard rolls pie waffles cheese sticks cookies doughnuts milk bread rolls wheat bread Drinks and Beverages (23 Words) cocoa green tea lemonade punch tomato juice Food (19 Words) bread egg noodles rice toast Meat (21 Words) bacon chicken leg heart mutton Made by: Jahrukh Tariq cocktail ice coffee milk soda water coffee ice tea milkshake soft drink coke juice orange juice tea cereal fish pancakes roll cheese ketchup pasta salad roissant mayonnaise peanuts sandwich beef chicken wing hot dog pork chicken ham kidney roast chicken breast hamburger lamb chop sausage Page 14 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK steak venison tongue turkey veal Vegetables (27 Words) asparagus cabbage cucumber onion radish turnips beans carrot eggplant peas spinach beet cauliflower green pepper potato sweet potato broccoli corn lettuce pumpkins tomatoes Dairy Products (5 Words) cheese butter Flowers (28 Words) carnation daisy iris narcissus rose crocus foxglove jasmine orchid sunflower daffodil geranium lilac pansy tulip dahlia gladiolus lily poppy cream ghee ice cream yogurt milk

Continents (7 Words) Africa Europe Antarctica North America Asia South America Australia Geographic Features (23 Words) bay creek hill ocean river swamp beach desert island peak riverbed valley cave earth lake plain sea waterfall coast forest mountain pond stream woods Adverbs of Cause (6 Words) as a result of on account of because so that even though in order to Adverbs of Place (14 Words) near on Made by: Jahrukh Tariq nearby on top of next to out off outside Page 15 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK outside of under over up to towards Adverbs of Quantity (12 Words) all every none any few numerous both lots of several each many some

Adverbs of Time (33 Words) after before for a long time in a few minutes later than never once in a while sometimes usually afterwards by and by frequently in the mornings long ago now and then once upon a time soon yesterday always at the same time as during earlier than from time to time last week lately many times many years ago occasionally often rarely recently today tomorrow Adverbs Which Usually Come Before the Verb (18 Words) almost hardly never recently simply almost never hardly ever normally regularly sometimes frequently merely partly scarcely generally nearly rarely seldom Compound Words (190 Words) airport anywhere backpack battleship blackboard bookworm campfire carpet courtyard daredevil doorbell doorway earrings eyeball Made by: Jahrukh Tariq anymore armchair basketball bedroom bookcase briefcase campground chopstick cowboy daydream doormat dragonfly evergreen fingerprint nyplace backache bathrobe beeline booklet buttercup candlestick classmate cupboard dishwasher doorstep droplet everybody firearm anything background bathtub birthday bookshelf butterfly cardboard clockwise cutlet dishwater doorstop earache everyday firefighter Page 16 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK fireplace football forget gentleman grandmother greenhouse handcuff headmistress homework houseboat landlady lengthwise matchstick necktie online outfit outnumber overdose penknife popcorn raindrops sandcastle seaweed skateboard something starlight sunshine surfboard thunderstorm toolbox wardrobe weekend woodland woodworm ireproof footprint forgive goldfish grandstand groundnut headache heartbeat honeycomb inside landlord lighthouse meatball newspaper otherwise outgrow outpatient overdue photocopy postman rattlesnake sandpaper shipwreck skyscraper soundproof stomachache superhuman tailgate tightrope toothbrush warship wheelbarrow woodpile yourself fireworks forecast fourfold goldfish grasshopper hailstorm headlight heartbroken hookworm jawbone leadership loudspeaker moonlight nobody outdoor outlaw outside pancake playground railway ringworm seafood shoestring snowboard spaceship strawberry superimpose teacup timetable understand watermelon wheelchair woodshed ishtail foresee friendship grandfather graveyard hallway headmaster highway horsefly ladybug leaflet masterpiece myself offhand outfield outlet overboard partnership playroom rainbow sandbags seashore shortbread snowstorm staircase sunlight supernatural teapot tombstone wallpaper waterproof woodcutter woodwork Frequency Words and Phrases (56 Words) a few times almost never continuously every month every third day every-time generally monthly Made by: Jahrukh Tariq all day always daily every night every two months four times hardly ever most times all the time almost always at times constantly every hour every Monday every now and then every week every year four times an hour frequently hourly many times nearly always never Page 17 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK normally not often off and on often once once a year once in a while quite often seldom several times three times a week usually very often ow and then occasionally on the first of every month once in a blue moon rarely regularly sometimes three times twice twice a month weekly yearly Prepositions (13 Words) above away from down More Prepositions Aboard after anti before beside but despite excepting from like off outside plus since to underneath upon within about against around behind besides by down excluding in minus on over regarding than toward unlike versus without above along as below between concerning during following inside near onto past round then towards until via across among at beneath beyond considering except for into of opposite per save through under up with alongside of behind far around beneath in at by inside

Punctuation Marks (14 Words) asterisk * dash parentheses () quotation marks brackets [], {} ellipses < > period . “” colon : comma , exclamation point ! question mark ? semicolon ; Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 18 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK single quotation marks „ ? forward slash / Dental Care (25 Words) breath dental surgeon filling gums tooth fairy whitening cavities dentist floss mouthwash toothbrush backward slash chew enamel fluoride smile toothpaste cup erosion gum-line teeth toothpick Injuries (15 Words) black eye burn lump swelling blister cut scratch broken bone dislocation sprain bruise fracture sun burn

Aches and Pains (10 Words) backache fever sore throat chills headache stomach ache cough infection earache runny nose People in Hospitals (14 Words) doctor physician surgeon Holidays (21 Words) April Fools’ Day Columbus Day Halloween Presidents’ Day Valentine’s Day House (68 Words) air conditioner bathroom blanket ceiling closet Made by: Jahrukh Tariq medical technician nurse psychiatrist security guard visitor patient specialist Boxing Day Canada Day Easter Father’s Day Labor Day Memorial Day Saint Patrick’s Day Veterans Day Carnival Fourth of July Mother’s Day Thanksgiving apartment bath tub bookcase cement concrete ashtray bed brick chair couch basement bedroom carpet chimney curtain Page 19 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK ushion doorstep floor glass living room paint plywood rug sofa wall desk dresser foundation hall lock picture porch screw stairs window dining room fan furnace key mirror plaster roof shelf table wire door fireplace furniture lamp nail plumbing room sink toilet wood Rooms and Places in a House (26 Words) basement dining room hallway master bedroom porch TV room bathroom front yard kitchen office staircase workshop bedroom garage laundry pantry study closet hall living room playroom sun room Furniture in a House (18 Words) armchair cabinet cupboard lamp stool baby bed chair desk seat table bed chest dresser shelf bookcase closet hall stand sideboard

Crime Verbs (18 Words) arrest break the law escape investigate steal Crime (16 Words) alarm burglar alarm jail legal private detective Made by: Jahrukh Tariq ban burgle get away kill break in charge get away with murder break out commit a crime hold up rob armed car alarm judge police weapon bail gun knife police car burglar illegal lawyer prison Page 20 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK Crimes (19 Words) assault child abuse hijacking rape smuggling blackmail conspiracy kidnapping riot treason bribery espionage manslaughter robbery trespassing burglary fraud murder shoplifting Criminals (11 Words) blackmailer murderer spy burglar pickpocket terrorist hijacker robber thief kidnapper smuggler

Justice System (28 Words) appeal capital punishment caution community service corporal punishment court case death penalty defense jail guilty imprisonment judge jury justice offence prison probation punishment sentence trial witness Shapes (20 Words) circle hexagon parallelogram semicircle triangle cone irregular shape pentagon sphere wedge cylinder octagon pyramid square ellipse oval rectangle star cell court fine innocent lawyer prosecution verdict Measuring Time (36 Words) alarm computer decade hour minute quartz second watch Numbers (33 Words) Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 21 atomic cycle digital hourglass month revolve stopwatch week cell phone date era millennium moon rotate sundial year century day fortnight millisecond pendulum season timer zone Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK ne six eleven fifteen nineteen fifty ninety billion two seven eight twelve sixteen twenty sixty hundred trillion three nine thirteen seventeen thirty seventy thousand zillion four ten fourteen eighteen forty eighty million five Measurements (16 Words) inch pint pound meter Smoking (18 Words) addiction ash filter heavy smoker lung cancer nicotine non-smoking section smoke smoker Paying Bills (7 Words) account number credit card amount due overdue cash write a check check book ash tray legal age non-smoker package smoking section chain smoker light smoker passive smoke tar foot quart ton kilometer yard gallon millimeter grams mile ounces centimeter kilograms

Money Used in the USA (16 Words) 1 cent coin 100 dollar bill 5 dollar bill half dollar Music (48 Words) banjo chord flat horn musician organ sing bass composer flute instrument notes piano singer beat composition guitar lyrics octave rhythm song cello drum harp melody opera saxophone soprano 1 dollar bill 20 dollar bill 50 cent coin nickel 10 cent coin 25 cent coin 50 dollar bill penny 10 dollar bill 5 cent coin dime quarter Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 22 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK tempo xylophone trumpet tune violin Stationery (40 Words) appointment book clip dater expanding files fountain pen letter opener paper clips pencil sharpener ruler staple remover tape dispenser ball-point pen book ends clipboard correction fluid desk pad desk tray fastener binder filing box glue stick hanging folder letter scales magic marker paper punch pen ring binder rotary file self-adhesive labels stapler staples clamp binder correction tape eraser folder label maker paper pencil rubber stamp stamp rack tape

Telephone (27 Words) area code busy tone cell phone collect call conference call credit card call desk phone dial phone dial tone house phone international call listed number local call long-distance call mobile phone person-to-person call recorded message station-to-station call telephone telephone book telephone booth telephone card telephone operator touch tone phone unlisted number white pages yellow pages Bicycle Parts (20 Words) air valve chain gearshift kick-stand rim baggage carrier chain guard grip pedal saddle brake front brake handlebar rear brake tire brake lever front tire headlight rear tire tire pump Gasoline Engine Parts (16 Words) air filter distributor flywheel oil-level stick camshaft engine block gasoline pump piston carburetor cooling fan exhaust manifold fan belt oil drain hole oil pan spark plug cable starter Motorcycle Parts (23 Words) back tire clutch lever Made by: Jahrukh Tariq brake lever disk brake brake pedal drum brake chain engine Page 23 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK ront tire gas tank headlight inner tube seat shock absorber turn signal (indicator) Adjectives for People (58 Words) amusing beautiful careless crafty cute energetic friendly helpful inconsiderate middle class poor rich skinny thin wealthy angry boring charming crazy dangerous exciting good-looking horrible interesting old popular romantic stingy touchy young gear shift muffler speedometer handlebar rearview mirror tail light athletic brave clever creative dependable famous graceful humble likable outgoing practical sad successful ugly attractive careful confident cruel easygoing forgetful happy humorous lucky overweight responsible selfish talkative unlucky

People in Education (16 Words) graduate assistant instructor principal student graduate student lab assistant pupil teacher head teacher lecturer schoolboy undergraduate headmaster president schoolgirl vice-president Words Not Pronounced the Same Way (27 Words) advertisement diverse employee glass laugh past volatile bath due exquisite herb neither roof when data economics finance juvenile orange route why direct either forest kilometer pajamas tomatoes Degrees in Education (12 Words) certificate degree Faculty (Intermediate) Masters (Post-Graduate) diploma Matriculation Bachelors (Graduate) M. Phil Ph. D. (Doctorate) Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 24 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) Education – General (8 Words) educate qualify education school educator student qualification teacher School Rooms and Places (14 Words) bathroom gym office swimming pool cafeteria laboratory playground teacher’s room classroom library principal’s room cricket ground locker room soccer field School Subjects (28 Words) algebra calculus English health literature physics social studies art chemistry geography history mathematics psychology Urdu biology botany computer science economics geometry gym home economics language arts music physical education reading science world geography writing People in a School (12 Words) classmate janitor professor coach librarian secretary cook president student headmaster principal teacher

Types of Schools (10 Words) college high school kindergarten elementary school graduate school junior college junior high school nursery technical school university University Subjects (32 Words) algebra architecture botany engineering geometry literature Made by: Jahrukh Tariq anatomy art calculus English health mathematics anthropology astronomy chemistry geography history medicine archeology biology economics geology law music Page 25 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK philosophy sociology Tests (18 Words) cheat fail retake proctor eraser Gases (13 Words) air Freon neon physics statistics psychology trigonometry science zoology examine get through ID card answer sheet grade examiner pass study for test paper xamination take an exam test pencil butane helium nitrogen carbon dioxide hydrogen oxygen carbon monoxide methane Liquids (13 Words) alcohol gasoline oil Metals (15 Words) gold copper zinc titanium silver steel lead mercury iron brass nickel bronze aluminium tin platinum blood grease syrup coffee juice soup cream milk tea water Materials (38 Words) acrylic brick cast iron cotton fiberglass iron paper silica stone wood Winter (20 Words) alloy bronze cement diamond glass leather polyester silver titanium wool aluminum carbon ceramics epoxy glue linen rubber skin vinyl brass cardboard copper fiber gold nylon sand steel viscose Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 26

Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK boots cold frost season snowflake Weapons (18 Words) atomic bomb cannon knife revolver sword Sports (30 Words) athletics car racing gymnastics horse racing polo skin diving squash volleyball candle December hat shovel snowman chill fireplace ice skates snowstorm coat freeze scarf sled winter blowgun club land mine rifle tank bomb gun missile spear bow and arrow hand grenade nuclear bomb stone baseball cycling handball jogging rugby snow-boarding swimming basketball football hang gliding motorcycle racing scuba diving soccer table tennis bowling golf hockey paragliding skiing softball tennis

Olympic Sports (27 Words) aquatics archery baseball basketball cycling equestrian gymnastics handball modern pentathlon shooting softball tennis triathlon Sports Played with a Ball (13 Words) baseball golf soccer volleyball basketball handball squash field hockey lawn tennis table tennis football rugby tennis athletics boxing fencing hockey rowing table tennis volleyball badminton canoeing football judo sailing taekwondo weightlifting Sportswear (6 Words) hat (helmet) swimming suit Made by: Jahrukh Tariq uniform tracksuit golf clothes ski wear Page 27 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK Swimming (19 Words) backstroke deep end lake shallow end turn breaststroke diving life guard sidestroke water butterfly diving board ocean swimming lane crawl dog paddle river swimming pool

Days of the Week (7 Words) Sunday Thursday Monday Friday Tuesday Saturday Wednesday Aircraft (10 Words) airbus fighter jumbo airship glider tanker biplane helicopter bomber jet Land Transportation (12 Words) bicycle horse subway bus motorcycle taxi car scooter train dogsled streetcar truck Airport Departure and Arrival (17 Words) baggage claim check boarding pass body check check in customs customs officer departure lounge immigration counter passport security check time difference Hotel (28 Words) bellboy double room hotel morning call restaurant service charge tax Luggage (9 Words) Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 28 boarding time customs declaration departure time personal effects time zones visa heck in check-out coffee shop extra bed floor gift shop information desk inn money exchange motel newsstand reservation room maid room number room service single room single with bath suite tip twin room youth hostel Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK carry-on bag luggage carrier Weather (58 Words) air cirrus degree Fahrenheit freeze hot lightning pressure rainbow storm thermometer tsunami wind duffle bag makeup case garment bag suitcase knapsack trunk barometer cloud dew flood frost humidity meteorology radar sky sun thunder typhoon windy Celsius cold dry fog hail hurricane moon rain snow sunny thunderstorm warm chill cyclone dry season forecast heat ice precipitation rainstorm snowstorm temperature tornado weather

Word Ending in – ful (26 Words) teaspoonful careful dreadful lawful shameful tearful spoonful mouthful helpful mournful playful useful bountiful thoughtful painful boastful beautiful powerful doubtful awful cupful handful harmful colorful graceful rightful Words Ending in – less (16 Words) careless fearless lifeless sightless colorless helpless nevertheless tasteless doubtless homeless restless useless endless hopeless senseless Imaginary People and Animals (16 Words) capricorn Martian robot vampire Made by: Jahrukh Tariq snowman mermaid sphinx werewolf android ogre spirit dragon phoenix unicorn Page 29 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK

Pets (13 Words) bird goldfish pigeon Birds (31 Words) albatross cormorant duckling gosling heron ptarmigan seagull turkey buzzard crow eagle grouse partridge puffin sparrow vulture chick drake gander hawk pelican quail swallow condor duck goose hen pheasant raven swan cat hamster rabbit chicken horse snake dog monkey fish Animals in a Zoo (38 Words) aardvark elephant lion rhinoceros zebra badger gazelle panther puma hyena Animals (75 Words) alligator bird chicken deer eagle fox goldfish kangaroo lizard ostrich panda pigeon rat scorpion Made by: Jahrukh Tariq bear giraffe llama snake anteater beaver gorilla porcupine lynx camel kangaroo monkey tiger armadillo cheetah ocelot wallaby bobcat crocodile leopard ostrich wolf baboon cougar panda zebra jaguar ant camel chimpanzee dog elephant frog hamster kitten lobster otter parrot porcupine reindeer seal bear cat cow dolphin fish giraffe hippopotamus leopard monkey owl pelican puppy rhinoceros shark ee cheetah crocodile duck fly goat horse lion octopus oyster pig rabbit rooster sheep Page 30 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK shrimp spider swan turtle whale snail squid tiger vulture wolf snake squirrel toad walrus zebra sparrow swallow tortoise weasel Farm Animals (16 Words) bull cow goose pig calf donkey hen rooster cat duck horse sheep chicken goat lamb turkey Dog Breeds (39 Words) Afghan Hound Boxer Dalmatian Golden Retriever Labrador Schnauzer Basset Hound Bulldog Doberman Great Dane Pit Bull Terrier Scottish Terrier Beagle Chihuahua Fox Terrier Greyhound Pointer Sheepdog Bloodhound Dachshund German Shepherd Irish Setter Poodle Siberian Husky

Opposite Words big – little deep – shallow fast – slow good – bad heavy – light hot – cold light – dark new – old right – wrong smooth – rough tall – short warm – cool young – old Currencies America – U. S. Dollar Pakistan – Rupee Made by: Jahrukh Tariq cheap – expensive easy – difficult fat – thin happy – sad here – there in – out long – short rich – poor safe – dangerous soft – hard thick – thin wet – dry clean – dirty far – near full – empty hard – easy high – low inside – outside many – few right – left single – married strong – weak tight – loose wide – narrow Britain – Pound India – Indian Rupee Page 31 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK

China – Yuan (Renmibi) Saudi Arabia – Riyal Russia – Ruble Top 3000 US English Words about along any away before by day don’t every found good he his if its left look may most never now on our people said she some take them thing three too use we when why world after also are back below came did down few from great help home in just like made me Mr. new number one out place same should something tell then think through two very well where will would Japan – Yen U. A. E. – Dirham Europe – Euro again an around be between can different each find get had her house into know line make men must next of only over put saw show sound than there this time under want went which with write air and as because both come do end first give has here how is large little man might my no off or own read say small still that these those to up water were while word year ll another at been but could does even for go have him I it last long many more name not old other part right see so such the they thought together us way what who work you Page 32 Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK your add animal behind body cannot city cut draw enough family fire four green hand however inside land life mean move once parts ready run sentence six States though toward until whole young anything Bill box can’t center complete dry everything field foot girl was against answer being book car close didn’t during ever far fish front ground hard I’ll keep later light means Mrs. open perhaps red school several slide story today tree upon wind already area birds bring care check dark easy fact finally friend glass ble ago became better boy certain cold dog early example father five gave group heard I’m kind learn live money Near order picture remember sea short sometime sun told try using without although ball blue build carefully class deep either fall fine full goes above almost become black brought change country done earth eye feel food given grow high idea knew let living morning night page play rest second shown soon sure took turn usually yes am beautiful boat building carried coming distance else fast floor game gold across among began best call children course door eat face feet form got half himself important known letter making mother nothing paper point room seen since space table top United white yet America beginning bottom built carry common doing everyone felt follow getting gone Page 33

Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK happened having hold horse ice Indian kept language let’s list map matter mountain moving outside past plant poor problem question ran real round sat simple size someone special stay stood suddenly summer talk tall third tiny walk warm wide wild written age beside bright catch caught clear color difference direction egg eight Europe exactly farm fell forest free government grass he’s heat inch information late leg lot lower measure meet modern moment nearly necessary oil pay present product record running shape sides smaller soft speed spring store straight Made by: Jahrukh Tariq eart hot instead lay longer mind music pattern possible quickly river scientist sky stand stop surface ten town watch winter ask business child copy dried energy except figure French grew history iron length machine middle month north per rather seems single soil square strange heavy hour itself least low Miss needed person power quite road shall slowly start stopped system that’s tried weather within baby buy choose correct easily England explain flat fun hair human King listen mark milk mouth object plan reach sent skin south star street held hundred job leave main moon notice piece probably rain rock ship snow state strong taken themselves voice whether writing base case circle couldn’t edge especially famous fly George happy I’ve larger lost maybe minute natural ocean plane reason seven sleep speak step subject Page 34

Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK suppose trip war wish yellow afraid anyone bit break busy century control cross difficult farmer force general happen hope jack level method note period pretty radio ride section sharp sit stick temperature thin New York wife act ate blow chief column cotton dinner ear equal Made by: Jahrukh Tariq teacher trouble wasn’t women you’re afternoon arm blood British capital chance cool dead doesn’t faster forward glad Henry huge lady love missing opposite please produce region ring seed sight son stone test train wave wouldn’t actually attention bone Christmas compare count doctor east exercise housand unit week won’t yourself ahead bad board broken cat clean corn deal drive fight France greater higher interest largest material needs pair position pull result rule send sign song tail there’s various we’ll wrong Africa bank bread church contain dance dollar electric experiment thus village whose wood action amount bear Bob brother cattle clothes corner death engine fill fresh greatest hit island lead meant nor party pound quiet return sand sense silver spent team therefore wait weight you’ll alike basic careful cloth continued describe drop element familiar travel wall window wrote addition ancient beyond born brown cause coast cover decide evening finger garden guess hole isn’t led meat nose pass practice race rich science sets similar spread teeth thick Washington west according apart beat chair cloud cost desert dropped enjoy farther Page 35 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK ear grown I’d key major nature onto path public row separate sing solve student throughout truck useful what’s wonder army breakfast camp changing company correctly dear discover drink electricity expect final future hungry liquid mine nice phrase proud raise replied seat smile stage strength Made by: Jahrukh Tariq forth hardly imagine kitchen met nine original pick quick safe sheep sister speech studied tired twice value wheel worker average breath captain closer completely crop degree divide drove empty experience finish Greek instrument loud motion noise plain provide range represent share solid statement supply gas hat include knowledge metal none paragraph president report salt shoe sitting spend sugar total type verb wing yard bag broke cell coal compound crowd develop double dust entire express flew guide join market myself noun poem purpose rate rise shot solution station surprise iving hill indeed law movement office parent pressure rope scale shore sold steel television touch uncle visit wire alive band bus cent coat condition current die Dr. easier everybody fair fruit gun jump member neck oxygen population putting regular scientific shoulder sort steam symbol gray hurt joined lie nation older particular process rose sell simply soldier string term trade unless wear won angry branch cabin certainly community consider danger directly dress effect exciting feed further herself laid Mexico news paid proper quietly related season slow southern stream till Page 36 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK omorrow valley wooden art baseball beneath chapter clock cry detail everywhere flight friendly handle industry leaving mile nearby observe popular root score shop source support throw understanding whatever wonderful Asia battle bridge clay crew direct eaten escape factory freedom he’d increase laugh lose manner Made by: Jahrukh Tariq tube twelve variety vowel worth airplane Atlantic atmosphere beauty believed bigger bottle chart Chinese closely clothing Dad dangerous development drew fat favorite flow flower generally giant height hung instance knife likely lunch mix model nearest nest Pacific peace powerful push rubber sad seeing serious silent smell spell storm sweet swim tone tool upper view wheat whenever wore ability asleep attack block bow cave charge climb composition cup daughter discuss division education enemy European excited feathers fellow funny fur health highest indicate individual library lift lovely lying May mostly wenty we’re angle bar bell bowl clearly coffee deer driver fence forget golden hurry lake mass mud newspaper plate railroad sail service smoke structure telephone track wagon whom agree balance brain chemical congress design drawn enter expression fighting growth hunt Japanese lion magic national usual wet apple barn belong broad climate cow desk event fifty fourth grain immediately leader master muscle nobody plenty rapidly save sheet smooth supper threw trail western win ants bat brave China copper determine earlier equipment extra fought hall including kill local Mama neighbor Page 37 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK rdinary perfect police printed riding scene settlers skill struck swimming tip vegetable appearance avoid chicken cream disappear effort flag frequently gradually identity jar log outer personal pond recognize safety situation stepped terrible whale anywhere bare bill cap chest college cowboy discovery environment forgotten gentle Made by: Jahrukh Tariq parallel planet political program roll search shinning smallest studying taste title wash aren’t basket chosen cutting doubt establish flies frighten hadn’t importance journey London paint physical progress replace sang slightly strike tie wise attached bark blank carbon choice consist creature disease exclaimed frozen globe ark particularly planned pleasant post potatoes property prove Roman roof secret series shut signal social softly success suit taught thank tongue valuable weak you’ve article Aunt cage central club cook daily darkness dozen dream exact excitement football foreign function gate harder hide impossible invented joy lesson loose massage Papa Paris pie pipe quarter rays rhythm rod setting shells Spain spirit successful sudden traffic unusual yesterday account audience available begun bent blew breathing card chain circus citizen continent conversation date depend duck due factor fog fuel furniture grandfather greatly pencil pocket price remain rough serve Sir St. sunlight they’re vast activity automobile character court diagram driving fifteen frame gently hurried Italian lips minerals particles pole recent ruler sick steady sum volume allow balloon biggest butter cheese classroom courage differ entirely forgot gather haven’t Page 38 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK elpful hidden honor husband involved jet layers leaf leather load lonely meal medicine merely mice molecular musical native Negro noon occur orange ought pack partly pet pine pink pitch pool prepare press prevent pure queen rabbit ranch realize receive recently rice rising rocket saved shade shadow shirt shoot shorter silence slipped snake somewhere spoken standard straw strip substance suggest teach tears thirty thread throat tight tin triangle truth union warn whispered wool you’d aid aloud anyway arrow aside atomic author basis bean becoming bicycle blanket brush buffalo burn burst bush collect colony combination combine comfortable complex composed concerned connected construction couple create curious dig dirt distant dot elephant etc. vidence examine excellent failed fallen fastened feature fed gain graph hearing highway improve influence lack lamp locate luck mail married mighty mirror motor mouse needle nodded numeral offer oldest operation orbit organized outline pain pan pen piano pictured pile planning pony principal production refer religious repeat research respect review route silk slept spite stretch stronger stuck swing task tax tea tent thee theory thrown tonight topic tower transportation trick underline unknown upward waste we’ve wherever willing worry worse youth accept accident active additional adjective affect alphabet announced anybody arrange aware badly bee belt bite blind bound castle characteristic compass consonant curve definition dish driven dug earn eventually explore fairly fewer fifth Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 39 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK asoline gift grade halfway hang he’ll headed herd hollow income industrial introduced judge loss lucky machinery mad magnet military mistake mood nails naturally negative obtain origin owner passage percent perfectly pilot pleasure plural plus poet porch pot powder previous primitive principle prize purple raw reader remove salmon screen seldom select society somebody specific spider sport stairs stared steep stomach stove stranger struggle surrounded swam syllable tank tape thou tightly trace tribe trunk TV universe visitor vote weigh younger zero aboard accurate actual adventure apartment applied appropriate arrive atom behavior bend bet birth brass breathe brief buried camera captured chamber command crack dawn declared diameter difficulty dirty dull duty eager eleven engineer equally equator fierce firm fix flame former forty fox frog fully goose gravity guard gulf handsome harbor hay hello horn hospital ill interior jungle labor limited location mainly managed mental mixture movie nearer nervous noted officer opinion opportunity organization package pale plastic Pole port pour private properly protection pupil rear refused roar Rome saddle settle shelf shelter shine sink slabs slave somehow split stems stock swept thy tide torn troops tropical typical unhappy vertical victory voyage welcome weren’t whistle widely worried wrapped writer acres adult advice arrangement attempt Autumn border breeze brick calm canal cast chose claws coach constantly contrast cookies customs damage deeply depth discussion doll donkey essential Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 40 Spoken English Course

Pakistan Professional Services RYK exchange exist explanation facing finest fireplace floating folks garage grabbed grandmother habit heading hunter image independent kids label lungs manufacturing mathematics memory mill mission mysterious neighborhood nuts occasionally ourselves palace plates poetry positive possibly practical pride recall relationship remarkable require rocky rubbed rush sale satisfied scared selection shake shallow shout silly simplest slip slope soap solar spin stiff swung tales tobacco toy trap treated vapor vessels wealth wolf More Than 280 Common American Slang Expressions Sorted Alphabetically Ace – very good He’s an ace reporter.

Action – excitement Do you know where the action is in this town? Airhead – stupid person My sister’s boyfriend is a real airhead. all wet – completely wrong Your ideas about politics are all wet. all-nighter – after studying all night I almost fell asleep during the test after an all-nighter. Ammo – ammunition The gun was useless after the killer ran out of ammo. Antifreeze – liquor I really need some antifreeze in me on cold days like this. Armpit – undesirable place This town is really an armpit. Awesome – great What an awesome sunset. Bad – intense Wow, that was really a bad movie. Barf – vomited He barfed all over the seat of the airplane. Bashed – crushed Made by: Jahrukh Tariq ilm fort happily instant melted monkey official policeman promised rhyme satellites shaking slight species thumb tune zoo Page 41 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK The boat was bashed beyond recognition. Beat – exhausted After working all day I am really beat. Beemer – B. M. W. Car He just bought a new beemer to drive to work in. Bench – taken out of the game He was benched during the basketball playoffs. Bent – angry It’s OK. Don’t get so bent. bent out of shape – become upset Don’t get so bent out of shape. big gun – powerful people The president brought two big guns to the meeting. big mouth – talk too much Shut up! You really have a big mouth. ig stink – big issue The citizens made a big stink about the new nuclear power station. Blade – knife He carried a ten inch blade with him. Blimp – very fat person I always seem to have a blimp sitting next to me when I travel. Blow – leave I’m going to blow out of here now. Blow – lost He blew all his money gambling. blow a fuse – lose your temper Hey, don’t blow a fuse. blow one’s cool – become angry Calm down. Don’t blow your cool. blown away – greatly impressed I was blown away by his donation of a million dollars. Bomb – bad The movie was a bomb. bombed – intoxicated The driver of the car was bombed. Bonkers – crazy I think I am going bonkers. boo-boo – mistake If you make another boo-boo like that, you won’t have a job.

Booze – alcohol I promised to bring two bottles of booze to the party. Bread- money I need some bread to pay for my car. Break – opportunity Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 42 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK A lucky break helped him get the job. break it up – stop Break it up, or I will call the police. bring-down – depressing The news of the airplane crash was a bring-down. Buck – dollar Do you have a buck I can borrow? Bummed – depressed I was really bummed after I heard the news. Bummer – bad experience My trip to New York was a bummer. Bust – failure The whole idea was a bust. buy it – die If you don’t slow down, you’re going to buy it in a car accident.

Call – prediction The weatherman made a good call about when the storm would come. Can – bathroom Do you know where the can is? Carb – Carburetor My motorcycle’s carb is out of adjustment. catch some rays – get some sunshine I’m going to lie on the beach and catch some rays. catch some Z’s – get some sleep I need to catch some Z’s before I go on my trip. Cheesy – cheap That is really a cheesy looking outfit. Chicken – coward Don’t be a chicken. Chintzy – cheap That really was a chintzy present you got him. chow down – eat a lot I need to find a place to chow down. Clip – cheat Watch out or they will clip you at that bar. Clunker – old car I can’t go on a date in that clunker. old fish – dull My date for the dance was a cold fish. Collar – arrest I knew they would collar the robber sooner or later. come up for air – take a break He has to come up for air or he will die from exhaustion. Con – deceive Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 43 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK Don’t try to con me. Cool – good This is a really cool place to work. cool down – calm down Things should cool down in a day or two. Cop – stole How did you get the road sign? I copped it. Cop – policemen The cop showed me his badge. couch potato – lazy person He is a couch potato. crack open a bottle – open/celebrate Let’s crack open a bottle for his birthday.

Cram – study hard I need more time to cram for the test. Cream – beat Our team creamed them badly. Croak – die I feel like I am going to croak. Cruise – going very fast The skier was cruising down the hill Cuffs – handcuffs He put the cuffs on the killer. Cushy – easy/piece of cake He has a really cushy job. Cut – dilute/stop Could you cut my whiskey with a little water? cut out – leave It is late. I have to cut out. Damage – cost Let? s get the bill and find out the damage. Dead – quiet This disco is really dead tonight. Deck – knocked down He was decked in the fight. deep pockets – has a good source of money/income Her boyfriend has deep pockets.

Dicey – chancy Since the weather is a little dicey, I won’t go today. Dirty – an obscene I hear that it’s a dirty movie. Ditch – leave I’ll ditch my younger brother with my grandmother. do a snow job on – decieve Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 44 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK Don’t try to do a snow job on me. Dope – stupid person He is such a dope. Dope – drug There are a lot of dope dealers around here. Dork – strange person He is such a dork. Dough – money I need some dough before I can go Christmas shopping. Down – drink quickly Let’s go to a bar and down a few beers. Drag – boring Doing homework on the weekend is a drag. Dynamite – powerful or great This drink is really dynamite.

Earful – a lot of gossip My grandmother gave me an earful about the neighborhood. easy mark – likely victims The Japanese are an easy mark because they usually carry cash. Eat – bothering The problem is really eating away at me. Excellent – fine That’s excellent man. face-off – confrontation The two sides were headed for a nasty face-off. far-out – great This music is really far-out. Fix – dose of drugs The addict needs another fix. Flaky – unreliable He is too flaky to do the work. Flashback – remembered At the wedding he had a flashback of his old girlfriend. Flick – movie I haven’t seen a flick in a long time. flip out – lost control He flipped out when he heard that his mother had been killed. lip side – other side What kind of music do you have on the flip side of the tape? Fox – cunning/clever/very attractive His older sister is a fox. Foxy – sexy She is a foxy lady. Freebie – a free thing Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 45 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK The pillow was a freebie get into something – become seriously interested in I got into gardening in high school. get it – understand I listened to the joke twice, but I still don’t get it. get with it – hurry up If you don’t get with it, we will never finish this work. Gig – job/something I have a gig on Saturday night from 7:00 to 10:00. Glitch – defect/error This computer program has a glitch.

Glitzy – fashionable This is a pretty glitzy hotel to be staying in. Go – try Let me have a go at solving the problem. go bananas – go crazy I am going to go bananas if I don’t have a vacation soon. go down – happening What is going down? Goof – fool I am really a goof at times. goof up – made a serious mistake I really goofed up when I painted my room green. Goofy – silly/foolish You are always acting goofy these days. Gourd – heard/hearing sense Use your gourd to figure out what is happening. Grand – a thousand dollars His salary is twenty grand. Grass – Marijuana Lots of students smoke grass in the dormitory. Gravy – Easy money This job is pure gravy.

Groovy – pleasant This music is groovy. Gross – disgusting Picking your nose is really a gross habit. gross-out – disgusting time The party was a gross-out. Grub – food Where is the best place to get some grub around here? Grubby – unclean and untidy Those clothes are too grubby to wear to the party. Grungy – dirty Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 46 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK That is a really grungy jacket. Gut – stomach He got shot in the gut. Gut – basic The gut issue is about what we are going to do now. Guts – courage It takes a lot of guts to give the boss your true opinion. Hairy – dangerous That was a hairy plane trip. I am glad the storm is over.

Hammer – accelerator Put the hammer to the floor or we will be late for the wedding. hang it up – quit I have decided to hang up my teaching job. hang loose – relax Just hang loose for another few days. hang tough – stick with We need to hang tough on our decision. Hardware – weapons The police were surprised by all the hardware the gang members had. have a buzz on – was slightly intoxicated I had a buzz on after the third martini. have good vibes – feel good about I have good vibes about our new secretary. have it all together – feel mentally all there Recently I don’t have it all together. Heave – vomited I heaved up on the floor. High – intoxicated on drugs or alcohol The teenagers look high to me. ip-shooter – always talking without thinking He is such a hip-shooter. History – something in the past I don’t have any idea where my old boyfriend is. He’s history. Hit – successful Your proposal was a hit with the boss. hole up – hide I had to hole up for three days because the police were looking for me. Hooker – call girl/slut/prostitute Her clothes make her look like a hooker. Hot – stolen The police stopped them because they thought the car was hot. Huffy – angry I will do it soon so please don’t get huffy. Hungry – eager for something Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 47 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK If you are not hungry, you won’t get ahead in the business.

Hustle – hurry up If you don’t hustle, we will be late again. Hyped – excited The fans were all hyped up for the football game. Hyper – over-excited Don’t get hyper about what she told you. You know it isn’t true. I. D. – indentification Can you show me some I. D. please? In – fashionable The tie you are wearing is really in. in deep – deeply involved They are really in deep with each other. in the bag – settled Everything is in the bag. There is nothing to worry about. Intense – serious This is a very intense situation we are discussing. Jam – trouble I am glad you got yourself out of that jam. jerk someone around – wasting time and causing trouble Recently it seems like everyone is jerking me around.

Jock – an athlete My roommate is a jock for the basketball team. Joint – cheap bar Where is the closest joint to here. Joint – hash or marijuana cigarettes He is good at rolling joints. Junkie – drug addict Sam is a junkie. just off the boat – naive He acts like he is just off the boat. keep one’s cool – remain calm He kept his cool when his house burned down. Kegger – beer party I hear there is a kegger at John’s house tonight. Kick – enjoy I get a kick out of watching him paint. Knock – criticize Don’t knock it if you can’t do it any better. knocked up – pregnant My dog gets knocked up once a year. Knockout – stunning person Who was that knockout I saw you with last Friday? nuckle sandwich – punch in the face Made by: Jahrukh Tariq Page 48 Spoken English Course Pakistan Professional Services RYK Shut up or I’ll give you a knuckle sandwich. laid-back – calm and relaxed You need to be more laid-back. Lame – inadequate That is really a lame excuse. Line – story I have heard that line a mill


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