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The Ongoing Struggle For A Family

The Ongoing Struggle for a Family?The most important thing in a family is that all the people in it love each other.? This excerpt is from a children’s book, written by Leslea Newman, Called ?Heather HasTwo Mommies.? This story is intended to show kids that not everyone’s family is thesame. . . . Read more

Study Of Family Interaction Lead To New Undrestanding Of Abusive Paren

ts Researchers at the University of Toronto have taken important stepstoward producing a profile of an abusive parent. Prof. Gary Walters anddoctoral student Lynn Oldershaw of the Department of Psychology havedeveloped a system to characterize parents who physically abuse theirchildren. This could ultimately allow social service professionals toidentify parents in . . . Read more

The Importance Of Family

The Importance of FamilyIt has been said that It takes a village to raise a child. I guess the trick would be to find a village of people you would want to help you to raise your children. It would require a group of people with values and standards similar . . . Read more


Scholarship EssaySince the day I was born, I have enjoyed story-telling. My first memories are of my father spinning me tales, as I nodded off. Every night I traveled back in time through his stories. I learned of Nero’s sadistic burning of Rome, Adolph Hitler’s maniacal reign, and Sojourner Truth’s . . . Read more

History and Family of L aw

History and Family of Law Canada is a country on the northern most part of the continent of North America. It borders the United States to the south and the Arctic Circle to the north. It is considered the 4thlargest country in the world bylandarea. The people of Canada are . . . Read more

Family – Meet The Simpsons

Meet the SimpsonsOver time, the definition of what exactly family means has changed with time. Usually, what constitutes making up a family is relative to a specific culture, but as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Ever since the golden age of television had sprung upon American culture, television . . . Read more

Family Support

As an individual, each family member must strive for a balance of social, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It has been said that one does not pick his or her family but optimally, a family can be a resource for comfort with the loss of a loved one, stress from . . . Read more

A Death In The Family Book Review

A Death In The Family Book ReviewIn A Death in the Family, James Agee tells the story of a family who experiences a tragic death and must learn to cope with the empty void that loss has left in their hearts. Based on the true event of the car accident . . . Read more

Observation #1:On Family Life

It was just like Vancouver, everything is so unstable! For five days straight therewere golden mornings and glowing afternoons. Then when Saturday crept up on thecelestial planner, the sky’s face lifted to gray and drizzling. If this weather change couldbe viewed with thought maybe it would seem almost shocking. It . . . Read more


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