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Us Constitution

Declaring Independence The Declaration of Independence is a notification to Great Britain of the offenses and tyrannical actions that have not been rectified. One such issue encompasses the basis for the Constitution’s establishment of judiciary organization. In the Declaration of Independence the first inequity attributed to the crown of Great . . . Read more


The otter opened his eyes and looked around: the room was dark, lit only by the ghostly glow of the TV on the other side of the room. Confused, he sat up and stretched, to feel an arm drop from his shoulder’ to his right sat a black-furred fox, softly . . . Read more


 Outline for Research PaperI. Introduction Background- Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) stems early in childhood from abuse and trauma, but symptoms generally do not appear until teen years. The disorder is becoming more prevalent in society. Thesis Statement Dissociative Identity Disorder has a long history that helps current society understand causes . . . Read more


TROPICAL RAINFOREST – GABON –AFRICAINTRODUCTIONThe most dynamic global biome is the tropical rainforest. The abundant tree, plant and animal life found in this biome exists because of six key geographical processes. The processes are climate, biotic, abiotic, geomorphic, edaphic (soil forming) and hydrology (action of water). One of the last . . . Read more

How to Tie a Tie

————————————————-What completes a school uniform or a suit? Well today, gentleman, I will show you how to tie a tie. At first sight it may seem more complicated and time-consuming than nuclear physics, but as soon as you understand the basics it becomes a matter of practice. Believe me, it . . . Read more

Bacteria Outline

Bacteria– Oldest, structurally simplest, most abundant forms of life– Only organism with prokaryotic cellular organization– The only members of the kingdom Monera (4800 different kinds)– Characteristics change depending on growth conditions– Maintenance of life depends on them – play vital role of productivity and as decomposers– Capable of fixing atmospheric . . . Read more

Coun Theory

Personal TheoryWorking OutlineJacinth SutphinLiberty UniversityCOUN 507November 23, 2013I. Introduction: A comprehensive theoretical approach for any Christian counselor should always keep in mind the integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality. Knowing and understanding each individual’s issues of life requires us to take into account the mind, the body and the soul/spirit. Also taking into . . . Read more

Hold Your Tongue

Hold Your Tongue Sarah Leonard Ivy Tech Community College Hold Your TongueWhen I was a child, I was always taught many different life lessons in which I would notice myself using as an adult. As an adult, I catch myself saying things like, “Sarah, why would you say something like . . . Read more

1984 By George Orwell – With Outline

1984 by George OrwellOutlineThesis Statement- This paper will examine how George Orwell wrote 1984 as a political statement against totalitarianism. I IntroductionII Summary of 1984III Roles of major ChartersA. Big BrotherB. WinstonC. O’BrienD. JuliaE. Shop ownerIV PropagandaA. Ministry of TruthB. Ministry of LoveV Orwell’s thoughts on TotalitarianismA. From life experiencesB. . . . Read more

strategic management

Task This assignment is in report format in two parts each worth approx. 50%: a) Investigation and analysis (50%) Individually, choose a branded mobile phone network provider (concentrating on the network service provision). Investigate and evaluate the marketing strategy of the producer/owner using contemporary marketing tools and techniques. You may . . . Read more


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