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The most dynamic global biome is the tropical rainforest. The abundant tree, plant and animal life found in this biome exists because of six key geographical processes. The processes are climate, biotic, abiotic, geomorphic, edaphic (soil forming) and hydrology (action of water). One of the last undisturbed rainforest biome is found In Western Africa in Gabon (see map figures1&2). Over 75% of the country is covered with rainforests. This Gabon rainforest is very unique as it stretches from the coastal mangroves through a lowland rainforest to the Montane rainforest of the Adamawa range. This report will outline how the key geographical processes are shaping and transforming the Gabon rainforest.
AAbout GabonFigure 1 – map of Gabon figure 2 – map of central and north Africa CLIMATE
Biomes exists because the climate shapes the growing patterns of the plants,provides moisture for animals and supports the weathering of rocks in soil forming process. The climate of this rainforest according to the Koppen classification is Am – Monsoon. This, means rainfall in excess of 2500mm and average maximum temperature above 28? C. The dry winter months does not cause a drop in humidity because the persistent fog from the Benguela Current providing moisture during the dry season.
The illustrated climate graph supports the Monsoon classification of Cocobeach Gabon with an average total rainfall of 2900mm and average temperature of 29.1?C. The climatic data clearly indicates high enough rainfall and high temperatures to support a rainforest. There are other geographical factors needed to support a rainforest.
Cocobeach – Gabon
1?N latitude 9?36”E longitude
figure 3 Climate graph for Cocobeach-Gabon
Being an African biome this is one of oldest environments and the first sites of a rainforest. The key geomorphic landforms are low level mountains Adamawa highlands,…


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