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Hold Your Tongue

Hold Your Tongue
Sarah Leonard
Ivy Tech Community College
Hold Your Tongue
When I was a child, I was always taught many different life lessons in which I would notice myself using as an adult. As an adult, I catch myself saying things like, “Sarah, why would you say something like that to someone?” I had to tell myself, “You would not want someone to say that to you.” My family taught me the right from wrong and I used it as an outline to my life. As I get older I realize that I need to make some of my own teachings.
I was blessed to have a wonderful grandmother that I happily called, “Granny Poop.”
She was about five foot tall, she was Indian, and very ornery. This woman taught me most important this to use on an outlook of life. The old saying, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” She taught me that people are all the same, sure we may not all like the same thing, but we still need to respect each other. Sometimes, I wonder if her son, my dad, listened to what she was trying to say. Anyways this is an example of how this should work.
My parents had three children: me, my older brother, and my younger brother. Sadly, my younger brother died very young, but my parents still have me and my older brother, David. David and I fought constantly growing up, but once we hit high school we got along great. Even though we are grown now and went down different paths we still come together and goof off. For instance, I love to eat just about everything, including meat, where as my brother and family choose to be vegan. When my children and I got over to his house for the weekend I make them try vegan food. The crazy thing is, if you do not question what you are eating and just try it, it is really good!
As David and I grew we began to see changes in my parents. I know that people change; it happens every day, but I did not expect to see such discourteous from my parents. For example, Thanksgiving, we decided to have the…


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