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Us Constitution

Declaring Independence
The Declaration of Independence is a notification to Great Britain of the offenses and tyrannical actions that have not been rectified. One such issue encompasses the basis for the Constitution’s establishment of judiciary organization. In the Declaration of Independence the first inequity attributed to the crown of Great Britain, states “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good” (U.S. Declaration of Independence, para. 4, 1776). This gives the motivation to declare power to make laws that were pertinent to the land they were on, not those imposed on the people of England. The Declaration of Independence claims to the world through a plethora of items cited as reasons and furthermore the right to establish themselves as a sovereign nation, thereby driving the creation of the Constitution. A Balance of Power Protects Fundamental Rights The U.S. Constitution contains the law of the land and was divided into an original seven articles. The first articles established a governmental body that would balance power in the executive, judiciary, and legislative branches. These branches would work together to ensure that each individual under the jurisdiction of the United States, would be fairly, judged, represented, and led when exercising individual rights guaranteed and protected by the Bill of Rights. The later amended Bill of Rights is ten amendments that outline the individual rights of the people. Inherently people will be self serving, and to ultimately protect these rights, the balance of power is crucial. The idea that the representation of the states shall be based on population and the representation is relative (US Constitution, Article 1, Section 2), in addition to the outline of voting rights, impeachment, and representative term lengths and qualifications lends itself to the ability of the individual to have a hand in what furthers their path of ascent. The balance of power is…


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