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War Of 1812 Worst Fought War (657 words)

War Of 1812 Worst Fought WarA.P. History
Essay on the War of 1812
The War of 1812 also know as The Second American War for Independance (Bailey pg. 233) was fought between the meeger forces of the American government and the supreme power of Great Britain. The war ended in 1815 with the treaty of Gehnt, this treaty wasnt really a treaty but an armastice or surrender of arms. The American military suffered from defeat after defeat during the begining of the war, these loses could be contributed to by the lack of citizen support in the time of war, also the lack in size and power of the American military. These factor validate the statement that the War of 1812 was the Worst fought American war.

At the begining of the war America was fighting with Great Britain for regress of greivances such as forcefull impressment of sailors, and seizure of American cargos. Plus the extraction of British troups from the Ohio valley which was previously promised in two former treaties, Jays treaty and the Treaty of Paris. The regress of grievances was just a stepping stone for American ambition, after the start of the war Americans thought wouldnt it be great if we could add Canada and Spanish Florida to our ever expanding bounderies. But the backing of the war wasnt there politicaly the northern merchants were affraid of the deletion of trade options with Britain because of the war. The southern farmers were also against the war because Britain was there main purchaser of cotton and indigo. On the other hand you have to Backcountry farmers who need more room to expand there farms or find better soil for crops who wanted to the war to expand there expansion areas. Support also came from the deep southern farmers who wanted Florida for there own. The ideas between both of these groups created political disunity between the states, making them quarel among themselves weakening the national government.

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As we travel back a little in time we come to Jefferson’s administration, he beleived in a week national government which also meant a week army. It is common sense that a week army cant defend a nation of mass proportions against a large army. Since the American army had been reduced by the Anti Federalist presidents, the army being the size it was just couldnt withstand such massive odds against it. The one strong part of the military wasnt the Army it was the Navy. It was well known that Britain had the best Navy in the world, for the simple knowledge that if you live on an island an invasion force isnt very good if you cant get to the country to attack it. America didnt need a strong navy for the simple reason its a large massive rock if your going to attack its usually by land so we need a large army. Well that turned out to be the simple opposite, but it wasnt the size of our navy it was the leadership under leaders such as Commador Perry.

The lack of politcal unity was a large factor contributing to the treaty of the war, which was more like and armistice(implied lowering of arms of both parties). Without this treaty we would have inveribably been taken over by the British unless the army was increased. None of the states wanted to work with the other states so we stayed divided and nothing got accomplished. Since the country stayed ununified the army wasnt able to be raised and we kept losing.

The combined factors of military and political disunity helped the nation to be unsucessful at its military conquests and self defense. With out a military of good size how are we to protect our country? Also without political togetherness we have no way of defending ourselves.All thes factors helped shape the war of 1812 as The worst fought American War.
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