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FROM FIRST CONTACT TO THE CIVIL WAR Name: Course: Tutor: Date: IntroductionThe survival of African Americans, whether enslaved or not, during the time between the 1619 and 1860 has been demonstrated to have relied very heavily on their culture and rites as practiced back at home in Africa. These cultural . . . Read more

Slavery and the Civil War

Davidson, DeLay, Heyrman, Lytle, and Michael Stoff. 2014 Experience History Interpreting America’s Past: Vol 2. 8 ed. New York City: McGraw-Hill.By the nineteenth century the differences between the North and the South became so obvious it was almost like they were two different countries. These differences were due to their . . . Read more

Effect Of Civil War On American Economy

The Economic Effects of the Civil War The Economies of the North and South, 1861-1865In 1861, a great war in American history began. It was a civil war between the north and south that was by no means civil. This war would have great repercussions upon the economy of this . . . Read more

War conflicts in Latin America

War Conflicts in Latin AmericaWar ConflictDateCountries InvolvedImportant Facts of the conflictEl Salvador Civil WarNever officially declared, estimated March 1980 – January 1992.El Salvador (central and oriental zones)The constant political crisis, the inequality and the violence of the capitalist government against the liberalist and socialist opposition deliberated in a terrible civil . . . Read more

War And Peace (490 words)

War and PeaceThe book ?War and Peace? by Leo Tolstoy is a story about the lives of the Russian royal family from 1805 to 1815. This book describes things and events that happened during the war. The story begins at a cocktail party being held at the home of Anna . . . Read more

War And Peace (1262 words)

War And PeaceWar and PeaceThe famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace in 1865. It is a story about the lives of the Russian royal family from 1805 to 1815. This book depicts things and events that happened during the war. The novel describes the war with Napoleon . . . Read more

The Effect Of The North American P-51 Mustang On The Air War In WWII

AbstractThis paper deals with the contributions of the P-51 Mustang to theeventualvictory of the Allies in Europe during World War II. It describes thewarscene in Europe before the P-51 was introduced, traces the developmentofthe fighter, its advantages, and the abilities it was able to contributetothe Allies’ arsenal. It concludes with . . . Read more

Korean War (1744 words)

Korean WarIt is the intent of this paper to prove that the American Dream canbest be explained as a ciity upon a hill. Ciity upon a hill meaningbeing above and superior over those below. The Civil War, the imperialisticrace of the 19th century, the Korean War, the KKK, and the . . . Read more