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Federalism And The Civil War

John C. Calhoun was a man of very high stature and intelligence. His ideas and thoughts were expressed very sternly and backed up with concrete evidence. Of course not everyone agreed with Calhoun’s thoughts and procedures. The man knew himself and his ideas would somehow make a difference in the . . . Read more

Russo-Japnese War Of 1905

After the Russo-Japnese war of 1905, in which Russia had lost, a revolution occurred. This being the second after an unsuccessful one in 1825. It appeared that discontent with the public would cause Czar Nicholas II to form a constitutional monarchy. A change such as this one would not have . . . Read more

World War I (1128 words)

World War IThe name commonly given to the war of 1914-1918, which began in Europe and wasfought principally on that continent but eventually involved all the continentsof the world. While the wars between Great Britain and France from 1689 to 1815had been extended to North America, Africa, and Asia, they . . . Read more

World War I (1197 words)

World War IWorld War IThe onset of WWI marked a turning point in the history of mankind, dramatically redefining the nature of warfare. The brutal restructuring of national policies to involve the entire nation, from industrial production to unwarranted assaults upon civilians, represents a tragic shift. The severity of this . . . Read more

World War I (2889 words)

World War IWorld War IWorld War I was a military conflict from 1914 to 1918. It began as a localEuropean war between Austria – Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914. It wastransformed into a general European struggle by declaration of war against Russia onAugust 1, 1914 and eventually became . . . Read more

War Of The Roses

The War of the RosesThe War of the Roses was the struggle from 1455 – 1485 for the throne of England between the houses of Lancaster (whose badge was a red rose) and York (whose badge was a white rose). In the mid 15th century, the weak Lancastrian king Henry . . . Read more

World War I And Canada

World War I, a terrifying ordeal that robbed 25 million humans of their lives,began on August 3, 1914. On this date Germany invaded Belgium, and when Britainmoved to defend Belgium World War I had begun. Canada, a member of the BritishEmpire, was now legally at war with Britain. The Canadian . . . Read more

Why The North Won The Civil War (2763 words)

Why the North won the Civil War”You Are Bound to Fail.”Union officer William Tecumseh Sherman to a Southern friend:In all history, no nation of mere agriculturists evermade successful war against a nation of mechanics. . .. You are bound to fail. (Catton, Glory Road 241)The American antebellum South, though steeped . . . Read more

The War On Drugs

War On DrugsIn today’s society, the war on drugs has become a major issue in our cities and the business community. Many cities have started programs to make the situation better, but some have failed and the situation has become worse. The root of all the problems discussed in this . . . Read more


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