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Creation Science As Pseudoscience

In every civilization throughout history, man has searched for the explanationto his existence. In ancient society’s people created origin myths. Everycivilization had a unique myth. Some myths involved gods and others involvednature. Sometime around one thousand B.C. the longest standing creation myth waspopularized. This creation myth is still in practice . . . Read more

TOK Essay – Natural Science

Science is an accumulation of facts that have been proven right. The natural science is an area of knowledge that studies the physical world such as biology, chemistry, & physics. Natural sciences are stationed by observation than reason. To what extent should scientists be held ethical responsible? What are you . . . Read more

Modern Science And Materialism

What is real? This question has puzzled many what is really real or what isreality. Reality as I shall explain is one that is according to materialism andproven by science. Materialism is defined, as the metaphysical view holding thatmatter alone is real. This is what Hugh Elliot proves in his . . . Read more

AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment

Visit the Class Website atwww.vhsapes.weebly.comand do the following: HOME PAGE 1) Click on theState of the Planet Earth linkand observe 2) Click onEnvironmental Photos that Boggle the Mind!(Click at the center of the photo) TEXTBOOK RESOURCES 1) Click onUNIT ONE – INTRODUCTION TO APESandviewthese links A)HYPERLINK “” o “”Chapter 1 . . . Read more

Enhancing Humans through Science Is Beneficial

Are designer babies the scientific answer to eliminating crucial diseasesthat are transmitted through genes or is it the Eugenics of the future? Since mankind now has the option to alter genes, sex, physical appearance and intellect, are we playing God? And what families and social class would be able to . . . Read more


Period 1Radishes Respond to musicPhillip Chiu, Period 1IntroductionThe question I will be addressing is “Does music affect radish growth?” This seemed like a good idea to research and experiment on because I wanted to know if a plant could really “hear” or if vibrations through the air, which is sound, . . . Read more

Using The Science Of Life As A Weapon

I Introduction1) Definition of Biological Warfare2) Talking PointsII Biological Weapons1) Different Types Used2) ApplicationsIII History of Biological Warfare1) How It Has Been Used in Past Wars2) How We Can Expect It to Be Used in the FutureIV Are We At Risk of Being Attacked With Biological Weapons?1) Defending Ourselves Against . . . Read more

Creation Science

Creation ScienceCreationism is a religious metaphysical theory about the origin of the universe. It is not a scientific theory. Technically, creationism is not necessarily connected to any particular religion. It simply requires a belief in a Creator. Millions of Christians and non-Christians believe there is a Creator of the universe . . . Read more

Gods Plan And Science

God’s Plan And ScienceRead from the book of Mark 13:6-8, 12-13, 21-23, 29-31. Now in my sermon todaywe will analyze the differences between scientific and biblical studies, beforeChrist, and after…. First, scientist believe in what is know as the humanevolution. Now according to the Encarta encyclopedia the Human Evolution, is . . . Read more

Environmental Science

Human kind has entered a brand new relationship with the earth. The constant andincreasing pressures we are exerting threaten our planets ability to sustainlife itself. Change-in the way we think , and in the way we live-is needed now. Global warming is the most urgent environmental problem the world will . . . Read more


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