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Packaging Technology and Science

PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE Packag. Technol. Sci. 2006; 19: 45–54 Published online 30 November 2005 in Wiley InterScience ( DOI:10.1002/pts.714Radio Frequency Identi?cation (RFID) Performance:The Effect of Tag Orientation and Package ContentsBy Robert H. Clarke,1 Diana Twede,1,* Jeffrey R.Tazelaar1 and Kenneth K. Boyer21 2School of Packaging, Michigan State University, East Lansing, . . . Read more

Animal Science 100

2/16/14  Objectives•? Energy ANSC 100: Nutrients •? Digestion •? Feed identification (lab)Dr. Tara L. Felix [email protected] 130 ASL•? Nutrients •? Evaluating feeds/lab analysis •? Feed calculationsNutrients•? 6 major classes1.? Water (H2O) 2.? Carbohydrates (CxH2xOx) 3.? Proteins (CxHyOx + N) 4.? Fats and oils (C6xH12xOx) 5.? Minerals 6.? VitaminsWater•? “the most . . . Read more

Social Science

Social ScienceWestern Governors University Introduction The concept of social science has been described by Sabia & Wallulis (2001), as one of the oldest forms of research known to man being the basis of most research findings in helping us understand the behavior of men and how people co-exist with each . . . Read more

Political Science Research Paper War on Drugs

From the beginning of time, the war on drugs has sparked an upraise of control version issues throughout its course of existence. Of course, there has been many poll ices that have been placed upon this issue; however, as a result there still seems to be no resolve once to . . . Read more

Research Papers in Computer Science

Here’s what I found: What I found was a fascinating list of topics, with many of the expected monumental papers like Chanson’s Theory of Information and the Google paper, a strong showing from Unprepared and machine learning, but also some interesting hints that augmented reality may be becoming more of . . . Read more

The Science Of Onions

You will also learn in this article how to work with and control the labor of the onion by different prepping methods, different cuts, and cooking methods. “The Science of Onions” has great relevance in class as we have already practiced finely chopping onions and sauteins onions in our CULL . . . Read more

Science Fair

Triple beam balance Ruler Ra neater Beach water Proceed rest 1 . Get cedar, red oak, yellow pine and treated yellow pine 1/3 pieces of oft wood. 2. Retrieve 4 buckets. 3. Fill 2 buckets full of beach water and Fill 2 buckets full of rainwater. 4. Cut all the . . . Read more

Serendipity in Science

Serendipity – Accidental Discoveries in Science ABSTRACT Serendipity means the faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accidents. Penicillin, X-ray, Viagra, Teflon are common examples known as accidental discoveries in science. The stories of these discoveries are interesting and meaningful. X-ray for medical diagnosis and treatment, miracle drug penicillin, . . . Read more

Introduction to Physical Science: Energy and Fuels

Introduction to Physical Science: Energy and Fuels Energy is defined as the capacity or power to do work, such as the capacity to move an object (of a given mass) by the application of force. Energy can exist in a variety of forms, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or . . . Read more