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AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment

Visit the Class Website atwww.vhsapes.weebly.comand do the following:
1) Click on theState of the Planet Earth linkand observe
2) Click onEnvironmental Photos that Boggle the Mind!(Click at the center of the photo)
1) Click onUNIT ONE – INTRODUCTION TO APESandviewthese links A)HYPERLINK “” o “”Chapter 1 Outline – Environmental Problems, TheirCauses and
B)Chapter 1 Concept Map
C)Chapter 1 Power Point Notes
1) Click and review the linksin this section
2) Choose a book to read from one of theSuggested Reading Listsand write a1 page (front and back) Summary and Opinion(700 words)due the first day of class. (100pts)
1) Fill out a contact form andsend me the title of your summer reading bookby July 1st(10pts)
Take a 2 hour hike in the MOUNTAINS without any man-made noise! No music, phone calls etc. Take a picture of you with a sign showing where you are at the beginning of your hike and a picture of you at thepoint you turn around to go back. Write a 1 page front and back reflection on your observations and what you noticed not having anyman-madenoise. Minimum 700 words(100pts). Santa Monica Mountains has several hikes you can take and get there by busif necessary. CheckSanta Monica Mountains Recreation Areaon HELPFULLINKS Don’thike alone, take a cell phone with you, water, snacksand a flashlight.1page(front and back)report/photos due the first day of class.


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