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FOA Language and identity text

Orange is the new black is a series about a female prison, his prison shows a variety of characters from different backgrounds, and all with a different accent. In the episode I was watching, there was a mock job fair organized in the prison. First the prisoners had to ‘dress . . . Read more

Language Acquisition

There are many theories related to how people speak and learn language and with these theories, there is also a constant debate, to which each theory has a place, on whether people’s brains are either born blank or with no ROR knowledge, or their brains have inbuilt systems that help . . . Read more

He Importance of Learning Another Language

Technology -specifically the Internet- is making the world a smaller and smaller place. Our world has become a “global village”, now that communication is instantaneous. The world is only as far away as the computer. People are trading ideas and communicating faster than any other time in history. Countries and . . . Read more

Double Language Analysis

Double Language Analysis Katie White Recent shark attacks in Western Australia has raised controversy about how to solve the issue. “Stem the carnage” is a letter to the editor written by Sam Forsythe appeared on the 18th April 2007, Forsythe argues that the only solution is to kill the man-eating . . . Read more

Communication and Body Language

When people communicate, they hardly notice their body languages. They do not realize that their body language is just as powerful as their words. Communication can be affected by the body language. Through body language, two people can communicate without ever saying anything. Through body language people can predict which . . . Read more

Language Use

LANGUAGE USE IN THAILAND: A COMPARATIVE STUDY TO THE CASE OF BHUTAN Namgay Thinley March 2002 CONTENTS ABSTRACT iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS iv ____________________________________________________________ ________ 1. INTRODUCTION 1 Statement of the problem Purpose of the study 2. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE 2 Introduction Background information on language use in Thailand Language situation . . . Read more

Teaching Language Through 4f Approach

Amit Joshi Research Scholar Teaching Language through 4F Approach Following more than sixty years of independence, the status of English language in rural India, predominantly in Rajasthan, is poor. Even after a decade’s learning in school, students are not able to bring into play English aptly to meet up their . . . Read more

Language Acquisition

Running head: LANGUAGE AQUISITION Language Acquisition Kim Jarvis Grand Canyon University ESL 523 December 22, 2010 Abstract Learning a new language can be difficult for anyone. It is especially difficult for students who are expected to learn a new culture and different subjects at the same time. The article this . . . Read more

Communication vs Language

Communication versus Language Humans have the ability to encode and develop abstract ideas and engage in problem solving. It is this ability that allows man to use language in its simplest and complex forms. Animal communication lacks the complexity we associate with human language based on the nature and functions . . . Read more


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