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Borrowing in the English Language

Borrowing in the English languageEnglish is not much a language of its own, but rather an accumulation of many different languages. Through borrowing, English has grown into a massive concoction of various languages and dialects. Although there are more than a few words that do not derive from other languages, . . . Read more

English as a Second Language

I love to create, design and construct. Ten years ago I decided to attend to Architectural School in Peru and become an architect as most of my family members are. It was the best decision I have ever made but it was something else there, it was my interest for . . . Read more

Evolution of Language

Evolution of Language “All of the elements of culture change over time. The political systems, economic systems, religion, kinship, and art are all modified by the passage of time; so is language” (Rowe & Levine, 2006, Chapter 12). New technology has opened up many new forms and ways of communication . . . Read more

Language Of Battle

The Language BattleIn today’s society there are two philosophical views that have become enemies and are constantly battling it out. These two views are from the prescriptivists and the descriptivists. The prescriptivists believe that there is a certain way that language should be written, and that language follows a certain . . . Read more

Language Analysis

The ongoing controversial issue surrounding a current affair shows has sparked recent debate. Craig Mathiesons opinion piece, ‘more mobs rage after the break’, written on 20-11-09 in The Age aims to discredit and degrade a current affair shows. Mathieson addresses the disgraceful decline of a current affair shows and is . . . Read more

Learning a Second Language

Tarek YacoubReflective EssayFeb 3rdLearning a New LanguageMy relationship with the English language was not love at first sight, it was really frustrating to do something that you don’t want to do, and something that you think would not benefit you. At home my family and I would only speak Arabic. . . . Read more

A Research Paper Presented to The Faculty of the Language

Acting rigid about such indifference’s will only wreck one’s thought. (http://www. Clapboarded. Com/student/search/ campus-life/79. HTML) Staying away from house is not just burying one’s self in books. Students tend to have the time of their life studying and preparing for their exams long with “growing up”. There have been many . . . Read more

Language and literacy

>During the conversation, Arson demonstrates several areas of language development ouch as, Arson uses facial expression, copy word to word of his dad and expressing his feeling or thoughts when he was talking with his dad and expressing himself by saying that he wants a burger for lunch. Arson can . . . Read more

Political Language

Denton and Dan F. Hahn, they establish that successful politicians use specific linguistic devices. Denton and Hahn are both professors at universities and authors of many articles and books relating to communication and politics. These functions of political language that FED included in his speech were action stimulation, agenda-setting, and . . . Read more


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