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Statistics Research Paper

Euler started school when he was 7 years old and was tutored by Johann Bernoulli, Rupee’s rearmost mathematician and family friend, who was hired by his father Bernoulli had a major influence on Lure’s passion for mathematics (Patterson, 1998). By the age of 13, Euler was attending lectures at the . . . Read more

To Feminist

The revival of a Movement and the development of Egalitarian Feminism 50 2. 3. The Egalitarian Feminist Revolution 59 2. 4. The rise of Radicalism: ‘Women’s Lib” 62 2. 5. The Radical Feminist Revolution 76 2. 6. Radicalism: The instruments and ideologies of action 80 Conclusion: how the experience of . . . Read more

Serendipity in Science

Serendipity – Accidental Discoveries in Science ABSTRACT Serendipity means the faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accidents. Penicillin, X-ray, Viagra, Teflon are common examples known as accidental discoveries in science. The stories of these discoveries are interesting and meaningful. X-ray for medical diagnosis and treatment, miracle drug penicillin, . . . Read more

Diabetic Case Study

Diabetes Case Study NUR/427 January 13, 2011 Diabetes Case Study Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease that affects millions of people across the nation. According to LeMone and Burke (2008), “Approximately 1. 3 million new cases of DM are diagnosed each year in the United States” (pg 563). The . . . Read more

The Abstract Tesco

Thesis abstracts / 75 Writing a structured abstract for the thesis James Hartley suggests how to improve thesis abstracts (From Psychology Teaching Review, 2010, 16, 1, 98-100) Two books on writing abstracts have recently come to my attention. One, Creating Effective Conference Abstracts and Posters in Biomedicine: 500 tips for . . . Read more

Plagiarism: Academic Publishing and Potassium Ions

Avoiding plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and other questionable writing practices: A guide to ethical writing Miguel Roig, Ph. D. First on-line version published in September, 2003 Revised on-line version published in August, 2006 http://facpub. stjohns. edu/~roigm/plagiarism/Index. html Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to Miguel Roig, Ph. D. In recognizing the . . . Read more

Effects of Supervisor-Subordinate Communication

Effects of Supervisor-Subordinate Communication and its Relationship to Job Performance Albert McCrutcheon BUS 600 Management Communication with Technology Tools Lydia M. MacKenzie May 9, 2011 Effects of Supervisor-Subordinate Communication and its Relationship to Job Performance Having a workplace that is stress free and blissful or chaotic and miserable is ultimately . . . Read more

Language Use

LANGUAGE USE IN THAILAND: A COMPARATIVE STUDY TO THE CASE OF BHUTAN Namgay Thinley March 2002 CONTENTS ABSTRACT iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS iv ____________________________________________________________ ________ 1. INTRODUCTION 1 Statement of the problem Purpose of the study 2. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE 2 Introduction Background information on language use in Thailand Language situation . . . Read more


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