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Should We Legalize

Marijuana: Should we legalize Should marijuana be legalized throughout the United States? This is a question on many people’s minds. With some states decriminalizing marijuana, some legalizing it for medicinal purposes and Washington and Colorado legalizing it for recreational use, some think legalization is a good idea, others have their own opinions. What would be the positive and negative aspects of legalization? On one hand, you have those that want it legal across the board, with no taxes and no government regulation. Others would like to see it taxed and regulated by the government to ensure revenue. There are also those who are opposed to any drug the United States government deems illegal, becoming legal. I believe legalization would be beneficial to the United States. Because it will provide jobs and revenue, marijuana has medicinal values, and legalizing it would reduce the number of people in jails and prisons for non-violent offenses. To begin, legalizing pot will provide jobs and revenue for the United States. In his article Kinsley (2013) says,” Besides jobs, of course, legalized recreational marijuana is expected to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.” Taxes from marijuana sales, as well as taxes to purchase a license to grow weed will create revenue for the government. In Washington State marijuana will be taxed much like alcohol and tobacco. The tax rate for alcohol sales in Washington State is a little over 20%. This does not include the federal tax. All of this money would add up if marijuana were legalized and taxed. This would be a good thing for our government with the amount of debt that we owe. I feel that revenue like this could be a positive thing on a state and federal level. Legalizing marijuana would also create jobs that do not exist. People will be needed in order to grow and harvest this product. Also, someone has to sell it as well. I can see weed stores opening up around the country. This will…


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