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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana has successfully hit mainstream America in the past four decades and the prohibition of marijuana has been a continuous debate through America The history of marijuana began in the 1 do’s and the use of it back in history was all beneficially used . Until recently, extraneous research has en committed to the side effects and health benefits of marijuana that conclude two sides . One side determines the numerous of health benefits that come with the legalization and consumption of marijuana and how alcohol and tobacco is far more damaging .

Also, legalization of marijuana would boost the poor economy of the U s On the other hand one side reveals the use and legalization of marijuana would increase marijuana use within adolescents that would lead to further brain developmental issues Although cannabis has side effects, the benefits heavily weigh out the negatives through various ices of scholarly essays, articles, and research papers, authors discuss marijuana in an economic and health stance point to reveal thoughts on how marijuana should be legalized through the use of statistical and researched information and to conclude how marijuana is better than most legal things in America today. The most important factor of marijuana consumption would include the health benefits regarding the consumption of it The first benefit is that it can resolve chronic pain, which is something 117 million people let alone in the United States suffer from and costs the nation over $600 lion every year in medical treatment and lost productivity (Webb) .

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Chronic pain is to be stated as a destructive disease that can easily rise up to depression and even suicide, something yet again marijuana can aid As stated by public health doctors, to further view dangers of prescription medicine state, “The medicine prescribed to treat patients who have been diagnosed with chronic pain is commonly avoids and they have been the reason to attribute to 16,000 deaths per year In the U S by overdosing or addiction” (Webb) . In fact, 2 4 million people are addicted to prescription drugs, meaning if they stop taking it, they will acquire massive withdrawals, while if one stops smoking marijuana, there is no documented signs of withdrawal Marijuana is the least addictive out of 1) Nicotine 2. Alcohol 3 Heroin 4 . Cocaine (Nasal) 5 Caffeine and lastly 6) Marijuana (Dell) A person’s daily morning cup of coffee infiltrated with bulks of caffeine is far more addictive than marijuana .

Additionally, cannabis has also been proven to be a treatment to numerous health issues, such as glaucoma, epileptic seizures, Dwarves syndrome, aid in spreading of cancer, anxiety, slowing the progression of Alchemist’s disease, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, help veterans suffering from PETS an d stimulate appetite and ease pain from chemotherapy for cancer patients . But there are still side effects one needs to consider in the utilization of marijuana . The side effects shown in less than 15 participants in the study of 100 people conducted by University of Berlin, concluded that marijuana may increase appetite, a larger dose of marijuana the higher the pulse rate, reddening of the eyes, dry throat, vomiting or dizziness (Frump) .

The side effects are insignificant compared to the benefits A cancer patient is already going through as much as it is: hospital bills, loss Of hair, risk Of death, and painful sessions Of chemotherapy . A cancer patient will have access to all pain reliever pills, alcohol, cigarettes, that are all legal but not the one thing that is scientifically prove to aid cancer in terms of pain and shrinkage of cancer cells (Webb) . A variety of exceeding researches have concluded that the legalization of marijuana would highly boost the economy of The United States of America . In the end, one can see this as a world where a plant, marijuana, aids to a successful economy For starters, the U S government spends an approximately $17 4 billion dollars for marijuana prohibition (Evans) . Money is going down the drain in order to keep a plant illegal .

While there are real problems going on within the U S, such as poverty, unemployment, and economical issues, it makes more sense for the country to focus on that, rather than continuously misuse $17 . 4 billion dollars A basic example for starters would be how some states that have allowed marijuana either in a recreational form or a medical form and they both have had beneficial impacts through the amount of money it has brought in for the state David G Evans, an economist and lecturer at University College London and Sensitivity of Chicago Law School, States the following about marijuana tax gain in Colorado, “Colorado taxation scheme has generated over $25,307,067 in taxes and at the end of the fiscal year it has been predicted to generate more than dollars” .

The amount of massive tax money that is being produced by a harmless plant in Colorado is being devoted to the construction and improvement of public schools . To assist low public funded schools would result in an improvement of valuable education, and what parent does not want a b utter education for their child? Furthermore, legalization of marijuana in the State Of Colorado, 10,000 jobs has been established . If one does simple math, 50 multiplied by 10,000 is 500,000 . 500,000 jobs can be potentially produced by the legalization of marijuana, which will aid the economy and sufficiently decrease the soaring amount of the unemployment rate .

If one state is not enough, Washington, a state that has also legalized recreational use of marijuana, is indicated that Washington alone will have expected to compile over underbred million dollars in marijuana tax (Evans) On a related note, legalization does not only represent a potential tax jackpot, but it also symbolizes a chance for prisons, that are also ran by the state, to relieve an immense burden the country faces when managing its prison systems . Since the early sass’s, the prisons of The United States of America have detained approximately 14,000 federal prisoners and about 42,000 state prisoners for cannabis related crimes . The minimal cost of each federal prisoner was about $30,000 in 2013 and every state prisoner cost taxpayers $32,492 as Of 2012 (Evans) .

The prisons are already overcrowded and lowly funded, it is logically wrong to continually confine citizens due to one act of SE or selling of cannabis, something that is far healthier than legalized products such as cigarettes and alcohol People in the same prisons are charged for murder, rapes, and many other acts of inhumane crimes . It does not make sense to put a citizen in jail for smoking marijuana, which unlike cocaine, heroin, or any hardcore drugs, does not put anyone in danger due to side effects, since the side effects for marijuana are extremely minuscule . With that comes the argument that if alcohol and cigarettes are legal, why is marijuana Ana illegal?

Alcohol and cigarettes can be effortlessly purchased in erroneous amounts almost on every corner in the LLC . If either over the age of 18 or 21 . Millions of deaths and innocent lives lost nationwide can be attributed to alcohol and cigarettes . According to the CDC, one in every five death is caused by cigarette smoking also including second hand smoke . This concludes to a total of 500,000 deaths simplemindedly traced back to cigarettes . (Christensen) . In addition to that, not only do cigarette consumers risk their life if they smoke cigarettes, but also the people around them As for alcohol, it is as dangerous or even more than cigarettes .

Every hour, one errors is killed and twenty are injured in crashes involving a drunk driver , according to the National Transportation Safety Board But on the other hand, a recent study in BUM has discovered that people who have consumed marijuana within three hours of driving are twice more likely to crash than a sober person (Christensen) . In the end, it concluded with the number of deaths caused by alcohol each year, which is 88,000 or 242 deaths per day in t he United States as stated by the CDC, as there has been no documented deaths solely caused by marijuana in the U Alcohol in large amounts is far more dangerous than Arizona in large amounts, where as a person is more likely to die in high dosages of alcohol, no documented report has included a death due to simply of an overdose of marijuana (Khan) . In spite of the plethora amount of pure lives lost, health diseases, and risks taken out of alcohol and cigarettes, i t is still legal .

There is no excuse for something that is healthy, has benefits, and caused zero documented deaths, for it not to be legal, but something deathly to still be legal and widely available at one’s local Walter One might argue that even though the deaths occur, that cannot stop he youth of America absorbing alcohol and cigarettes The prior statement does have truth to it, however a wide spread of legalizing marijuana would lead to enforcing appropriate age restrictions and consumption limits, just as states enforce regulations and rehab programs for alcohol and cigarettes -? moderation is as important when using pot as it is for anything e Sis . Legalizing marijuana in the U S will be the Start of something completely new .


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