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Research Paper on Legalizing Marijuana

Research says marijuana also has another named called “Can nab’s Sati” hi h has been used back in the era of B. C. ” The first nurturing of the plant in the early sass’s. Mari Juan also has many other names such as weed, pot, Maryanne and many other names. Maria nana was also used to make clothing back in the early years of America being formed. In that Tim e, marijuana was used more for survival than for any other purposes. Lots of marijuana was us De in the earlier years for clothing. Marijuana has become one of the large drug being used in America.

Once again our nation can really benefit from the legalization of Marijuana and we can benefit from it ruddy. Marijuana is one of the most largest used substances in the nation, and since marijuana is used so often, we should try to make an attempt to try and sell the drug an d tax our people. Selling marijuana and taxing it and trying to raising enough money to start pa Wing back debt will be an great to do it and we will be raising the economy of our nations and that t would be a good start on plan.

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We as a county should stop digging a deeper debt and start foci using on getting out of it. The government never sees the picture in a good way but always sees the e bad picture, there would be a way to see the pictures in both point of views. Instead of just spending the money that we can make off of the legalization of marijuana on the debt that we are i n with other countries we can start helping with poverty. We as Americans love to always h alp others but we can’t even help ourselves. With all of the money we send to help others we ca n use for our own people.

So legalizing marijuana is a useful decision not just for people with dies eases and medical problems but also people that don’t have lots of things like food to eat, places to lay their heads of JOBS to provide for their families. The government can also come up with many different ways to check the crops for harmful substances or other various things that s money can put into the plant if they are really worried about the plans of legalizing Marijuana. There are lots of drugs around the world that can cause cancer but marijuana isn’t one of them.

Marl Juan is an earth grown plant. Marijuana can also be a good sleeping aid. Legalization of Marijuana would allow lots of crimes to be affected positively i n many different ways with law enforcement. Millions of Marijuana smoker are arrested every day due to being caught having marijuana on them. Many of these criminals should receive SMS all fines, or community service but they get hard core time in jail, when we should be using g that jail space for real criminals throughout the country.

Legalizing marijuana would allow jail CE SIS for people who have created actual crimes, and it could save lots Of money that can be s pent in helping legalizing Marijuana so Marijuana users are able to smoke responsibly without t an interference. Illegal drug dealers wouldn’t be completely out of their cartel but the illegal SE Ling and drug smuggling over the border would be reduced to an allied low to where ever one can enjoy their living environment.

The legalization of Marijuana would be a beneficial i interest not just to us but to the world, as thousands and millions of acres in our forest that are b Ewing destroyed everyday we would be able to save and we can then rebuilding our land back. Hemp from marijuana can make 5 times more paper than a regular tree, and as trees take e 4050 years to grow before they can be cut, marijuana can be harvested in 4 months. Letting the f rest grow, would allow endangered animals to regain footing on their habitats, instead Of going extinct. Hemp can also be used to make oil, clothing, soaps, butter, and rope.

Using hemp, we w old be saving the environment, and lets our earth finally breathe better without losing all of the important things we need to live like of trees and animals. About 10 million people smoke marijuana on a regular basis, many of these sic tizzies are true citizens who followed the laws but use Marijuana for various reasons. If the g overspent were to regulate marijuana, they would easily be able to monitor the purchase and Sal e of the product; reducing drug abuse in the country and making smokers feel safe to smoke w thou having to Orr about going to prison.

Without having watch out for the law enforcement NT. Regional leaders believe and also instruct our people to use marijuana to help them with their different type of diseases. Marijuana can be beneficial to anyone and it’s not a bad “drug” it useful and helpful. One factor in legalizing marijuana is that it eases pain that can be caused by HIVE/AIDS. Marijuana can also help with cancer and help to cure glaucoma. Information f room the National Cancer Institute, ‘says that marijuana is good in blocking against nausea, vomit ting and loss of appetite with chemotherapy patients.

Marijuana can also ease muscle strain a associated with multiple sclerosis’. If marijuana is the only drug that effectively camouflages p main, to me there is no other choice but to legalize it. No one should have a say in the legalizing matter unless they have experienced the pain and suffering that millions patients with cancer an d AIDS have encountered due to their illness. According to The institute of medicine “The profile of cannoning drug effects suggest that they are promising for treating wasting syndrome in AIDS patients.

Nausea, appetite loss, pain, and anxiety are all afflictions of wasting, ND all can be mitigated by marijuana. Although some medications are more effective than marijuana for these problems, they are not equally effective in all patients. A rapidest (that is, a citing within minutes) delivery system should be developed and tested in such patients. S mooing marijuana is not recommended. The longtime harm caused by smoking marijuana makes i t a poor drug delivery system, particularly for patients with chronic illnesses. Many people have a stereotypical image of marijuana being a bad, dirty drug, that will make you see delusional, but that is what hillier are told in health class to stay away from drugs, and that is what revolves around adults as well. All of the years that marijuana wan has been around there hasn’t been any reports saying that someone has overdosed on marijuana. Over 2000 people die yearly from the toxic effects of Aspirin, which is quite legal, and no many human beings have died from the effects of marijuana and to where Marijuana has or should be banned.

Legalizing marijuana would make a country cleaner, control pain for people with different illnesses, and smoking would be safer and in government restriction. Legalizing marijuana, is taking one step into making this world a better place to live for millions of people with illnesses. Cancer patients can benefit from marijuana they can use it as an alternative cancer treatment or to help with unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy. Studies shows smoking marijuana doesn’t cause cancer but that it slows the invasion of cancer cells.

Cannonading one of the five cannabises found in marijuana also inhibits tumor growth in leukemia and breast cancer. Marijuana can serve as an appetite stimulant to improve cancer treatment related to anorexia. “In tidies marijuana halted the spread of metastasis breast cancer. ” “Current legal restrictions on the use of marijuana has prevented researchers from conducting the broad clinical trials necessary to fully understand the myriad ways in which marijuana can help cancer patients. There are plenty of highs to marijuana but there are also a few bad ones but the good outweighs the bad. For instance it has been proven that it can calm down seizures for lots of people if they smoke marijuana. It can possible slow down cancer for cancer patients it won’t kill cancer. It can help slow down the rate that your cancer is going ND give you a little more time so that you can finish live your life without any more worries. Another good deed is that it can help with Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is the most leading cause to blindness in the eyes. Research by doctor Thomas Arvada says “Medication may be prescribed to control the pressure, but cannabis is also very effective at reducing the [intraocular] pressure thus preventing damage that can lead to blindness. The ETC (Dehydrogenation’s), CB (Cannonading) and other cannabises press NT in medicinal marijuana have an advantage over pharmaceuticals as the variety of cannabises is us period o synthetic, kindergartens medications.

The reason most cited by opponent TTS of using cannabis as a treatment for glaucoma is that to maintain the therapeutic effect a patient must smoke frequently which may have long term effects on the lungs. Yet, with the wide availability of edibles which last considerably longer and vaporizes, this is not reason enough to disregard marijuana altogether. There are many pharmaceutical options for the treatment of glaucoma, but they may lose effectiveness over time while cannabis has a consistent effect. While there is no known cure, cannabis is an effective treatment for local. Marijuana helps treat it, helps to not to form stops the process of it. The only bad thing about the situation is Marijuana can’t help every glaucoma patient it can only help some. This day in age there are lots of Seniors that have Alchemist’s. Alchemist’s can run in your family genes. Also According to MS Lisa M Banks “In contrast to previous studies aimed at utilizing cannabises in Alchemist’s disease therapy, our results provide a mechanism whereby the ETC molecule can directly impact Alchemist’s disease pathology. Let is noteworthy that ETC is a considerably more effective inhibitor… An the approved drugs for Alchemist’s disease treatment, O’Donnell and tactile, which reduced protein deposits in the brain by only 22% and 7%, respectively, at twice the concentration used in our studies. ETC and its analogues may provide an improved therapeutic for Alchemist’s disease by simultaneously treating both the symptoms and progression of Alchemist’s did cease. ” Marijuana can help treat it for the better. One thing that we as a nation want to do is protect ourselves from harmful diseases. Super bacteria is one of the most harmful b sectaries. Marijuana itself can help us protect ourselves from super bacteria.


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