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Research paper final draft medical marijuana

Worry about his business. Also, the fact that the plant can grow in literally any place you can think of was concerning to the government because they would have no way to tax the substance. In ( “Drug Policy on the Ballot”, n. D. , p. Xx) 1 972 initiative 502 was called “electoral first” it would legalize the use of marijuana products for adults 21 a ND over. Because numerous states passed laws allowing the sell and distribution of me decal marijuana, it should be extended to all states.

Medical marijuana is illegal in the US and there are a few ideas from the peep el on why it was outlawed. In (” Murphy, n. D. , p. Xx’) he says that one of the reasons it became illegal was ” hemp is the number one biomass source on earth and co old easily provide the US with all its oil and gas needs, thus ending America’s depended CE on fossil fuels”. Murphy also states in her report that “The 1937 crystallization o marijuana is a case where this manipulation is obvious. Hemp still poses a the read to certain industries, just as it did in 1937”.

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There are many reasons that are give n about Stewart the drug that people argue aren’t completely impeccable, and that could be a heavy factor on why most states have voted to legalize the recreational use of the dry g. States in 191337 began outlawing marijuana out of nowhere . In ( “When and why was marijuana outlawed? “, n. D. , p. Xx ) The author says Marijuana was outlawed in 30 states by 1930, and there are two reasons for the laws. In the southwester n states, marijuana was outlawed because of racial prejudice against minorities who us deed it.

In the other states, it was outlawed because people thought that a heroin addict ion would lead to the use of marijuana. Marijuana was outlawed at a national level because of the Marijuana tax act o 1937. People began hearing rumors that while under the influence of the drug people were committing violent crimes. But the real problem is that it is a threat to al school companies, oil companies, tobacco, and chemical industries (Simmer & Morgan n, 1997, p. Xx). Although its illegal, Americans still use the medicinal substance, even the cough you could do jail time.

Patients and inpatients use it on a daily basis, but since it has been outlawed they do so at a risk.. In (“10 Facts About Marijuana Marijuana Policy and Fee acts I Drug policy Alliance”, n. D. , p. Xx) it States that over kick people are arrested every year for simple possession most arrestees being minorities. As taxpayers, the people have to pay for the thousands of people being arrested for using Medical Marijuana. Another point it made was that youth use rate will go down once it is legalized, as it will I be more Stewart regulated and monitored.

However, many parents voted against the legalization on of it because they were worried about their kids having easier access to the subset once. There have been many reports saying that accidents including murders, or ca accidents were at the fault of the substance but according to (“1 0 Facts About Marijuana Marijuana Policy and Effects I Drug Policy Alliance”, n. . , p. Xx) “in actual dir Vying studies, marijuana produces little or no cradling impairment” and ” In con tract to alcohol, which tends to increase risky driving practices, marijuana tends to ma eek subjects more cautious”.

Because of false accusations people fear that the leg localization of marijuana will lead to an increased amount of deaths and possibly feeling unsafe . There are several states in the US that have approved medical marijuana programs including: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Massachusetts in 201 2 agreed to criminality medical marijuana but they did not fully legalize it . North Dakota a, Alaska, Nevada, and Oregon have all voted to keep it illegal in their states.

In addition to being a medical marijuana state California, in 2000 it was also decentralized, stain g “that the possession, use or transport of controlled substances should be punishable b y probation and treatment rather than “Drug Policy on the Ballot”, n. D. , p. Xx) . Many people say that it would be legal in more Of the country if it appeared on all states ballots every year instead of only a couple states getting to vote for it e ACH election period. Stewart There has been many reasons given to stop the legalization of marijuana but (White, n. D. , p. X) gives reasons on why you should vote for the drug saying ” Crime and violence, both within the U. S. And at the U. S. Mexico border, are increased because Of illegal distribution Of marijuana. Legalization would Stop the need for such criminal behavior. ” Also “New tax revenues from sales could exceed $1 billion just for California. This source of tax would help lift the U. S. Economy out of its worst recession in decades. ” A lot of Americans think they shouldn’t vote to legalize the drug because they hind it is as harmful as people have tried to lead us to believe.

At the Hemp Commission and the Laggardly Commission it was ruled that the long term co institution of cannabis in normal doses has no harmful effect. Also at a Dutch government NT commission , they concluded that ” the physiological effects of the use of can ibis are of a relatively harmless nature” (Simmer & Morgan, 1997, p. Xx). Due to false reports on the effects of Marijuana people think of it badly. Police officers aren’t particularly fond of the substance saying that it was a “stepping stone” to heroin, and they convinced Congress that harsher penalty s for marijuana offenses were needed.

In the sass’s people who opposed marijuana a said that it was dangerous because it caused cognitive impairment and Motivator syndrome (Simmer & Morgan, 1997, p. Xx). But recent studies show that Neither ere of those statements about marijuana are true. Stewart Medical Marijuana has since been known to help patients suffering from Chemotherapy, AIDS, it also reduces spastic in patients with neurological del sorters, glaucoma, Multiple sclerosis, and countless other illnesses. “Our bodies contain indemnification system. This system is responsible for maintaining balance i the body.

Some scientists think that a deficiency in the indemnification system may contribute to certain diseases, such as Crown’s disease, which may explain who Y the introduction of photofinishing’s (in cannabis) help alleviate the symptoms of these Facts About Marijuana Marijuana Policy and Effects I Drug Policy Alliance”, n. D. , p. Xx) . People have not been given new evidence that this drug is harmless so they don’t vote in favor of it. It is likely that this momentum will kick off further legalization efforts across t he US.

Advocates of legalizing it say taxing and regulating the drug could be final ally beneficial to states nationwide (“For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing M around”, n. D. , p. Xx). “The increase of medical marijuana as an acceptable way to alleviate et symptoms of diseases, and as a way to mitigate side effects of chemotherapy, have also contributed to Americans’ growing support’. More people are starts Eng to realize that it is not actually a harmful drug but a medicine that can cure or all aviate diseases and illnesses.

Medical Marijuana would probably be legal today in all states if new recent studies on the effects on marijuana were more commonly known. Because the at is costly why people are hesitant on the decision to keep it outlawed or to vote for it and Stewart legalize it. Researchers think that the crime rate associated with getting cough t with the drug or distributing the drug which would save taxpayers millions in prison an d court costs. Cannabis can be beneficial for anything you want to make from plastic to car f You can make nearly anything from the fibers in it.

The government wants to be able to profit off of the sell of marijuana that’s why it is regulated in some states today y. But some have proposed that the government find a way to use the money states make ro m selling it and put it towards getting the IIS out of debt since it’s a multimillion dollar industry. The products that cannabis/ hemp could produce would be much cheaper than what most companies are using now, and cheaper is what most people are 10 going for nowadays.


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