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As the role of w omen has progressed, a ariety of different jobs have emerged, compared to the past when women w ere most likely housewives. The role of women has changed over time, especially in the area s of work, sports and society. New jobs have opened women to new experiences, as well as changing the w orkforce at the same time. Men have grown used to working alongside women in America, an d it has shown that in todays times, intelligence rises above strength and gender. This gives women more of an equal opportunity (“Changing Roles of Women in the workplace”).

In the year 1 937, one out of three people said that they would elect a woman as president. Presently, ninety five percen t of voters would support an experienced and qualified woman as president of the United States (“The Changing Role of Women”). Women in 1969 only made up one third of the workforce. Surprisingly, today almost half of all workers in the US are female. In 201 2, a record high percentage of women bo th ran for public office, Campbell 2 and are serving in congress at this very moment (“The State of Women in Ame rica”).

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In 1979, young women made sixty eight cents to every dollar that a man of the same age ma de. Currently, young women now make eighty two cents compared to their male counterparts (“Un versity News Service”). The role of women in the workforce has substantially improved. The roles of women and men have changed greatly over the past century. Ab out fiftyfive years ago, women were expected to stay home and tend to their family s needs. No wadays, one would find it completely normal for a man to stay at home with the children while the wom an goes to work (“university News Service”).

Many years ago, most people thought that a wom an’s job would just stay the same throughout history, but they have been proven wrong. Women’s job options were limited fifty years ago. Although being a housewife was the most popular option, some w men were teachers, nurses and waitresses (“Changing Roles of Women in the workplace”). In colo nial America, widows or unmarried women were known to be seamstresses or boarding house keeper s. By the early nineteenth century however, working women were often factory workers or housewives ( “WIC Women’s History in America”).

Presently, one finds women doing just about any job. Being a ph armacist, teacher, doctor and even oceanographer are all popular female jobs (“1 0 Best Jobs For Wome n in 2012”). By comparison, it is clear that the role of women in the workforce has changed f or the better. Women everywhere have gotten the chance to be free to choose their own job withou t having limited options. Women over time have also shown their growing strength and power in the s ports industry. Females have continued to prove wrong of what was held against them.

They have gained great support around the globe, and have proven themselves worthy of competing in sports games. Athletics that were once masculine sports have changed tremendously, all thanks to wome n (“Masculinity and Gender Roles in Sports”). Women have had to work twice as hard to gain the same support and status as men. Campbell 3 Stereotyping, discrimination, lack Of time, education and finance all have kept women from reaching their full potential (“How has the role of women in sports changed over time? ” Even though women have proven themselves worthy, there is still discrimination in the world.

Wo men in future generations are continuing to break that stereotype of like a girl” (“Always #LikeAGirl”) . In 1971, only three hundred thousand females played on their high school sports teams, but in p resent times, 2. 8 million girls now participate in high school athletics. Title IX is the Act of Government ba nning discrimi nation n any federally funded activity. This act has given women more opportunities to participate in sports that only men were previously in (“University News Service”). The sports indus try has changed for the better now that women are in it.

Women have also shown that they have the strength and confidence to partic ipate and succeed in the Olympics. The first Olympic games in 1896 did not allow women to part icipate (“The Women and Sport Commission Olympic. org”). Women started competing in the Oly mpics in 1900, and only twenty two women participated. However, in the 2012 London Olympics, wo men made up roughly 4% of participants. In that same Olympic games, women earned 58 medals i n all, including 29 gold (“Gender Equity in Athletics and Sports: Women and the Olympics Feminist M ajority Foundation”).

Famous female athletes have inspired girls everywhere to follow in their foots teps. Danica Patrick, Michelle Wie, Gina Carano and Gabby Douglas are considered role models to young female athletes. Women have progressed greatly, sportswise, over time and have shown that t hey can face the same challenges faced by men (“Masculinity and Gender Roles in Sports”). Lastly, and most importantly, women have changed their role in society. Wom ens literacy rate has noticeably improved, and girls and boys now attend school together.

In th e past, girls stayed home and trained to keep house and raise the family by their mother while boys enj oyed proper schooling Campbell 4 (“The Changing Role Of Women in Society”). One hundred years ago, women were not allowed to vote. After going to great lengths and much protest, they gained their rights t o vote in 1920. Women’s rights have continued to prosper ever since they got their first right to vote (“How th e Role of Women has Changed”). In todays times, women in the US are confident and proud of who hey are. They can make their own decisions legally and vote for the next president, all due to the Nine teenth Amendment.

Because of the male absence at home during the First and Second World War s, women started to work outside of the home and take over the jobs previously held by men. T his inspired women to want more of their lives than just being a housewife. There had been a recurri ng pattern of what a woman’s life was to be like. She would to get married, have children, then ten d to her family’s needs for the rest of her life. The whole workplace was male dominated and women Were most often not ccepted anywhere but the house. Women used to not be able to speak up, e specially about marriage.

Today, if a female does not care for her marriage, she can say so. Females no w have the chance to speak up about unfair circumstances, which they had not been able to do in t he past (“How the Role of Women has Changed”). Women are today entrusted with similar responsibilit y to men. Most people in America accept women for who they actually are, and not just as housewives ( “The Changing Role of Women in Society”). Women are now able to make their own decisions and ch oose their path in life. The role of women has changed over time, especially in the areas of work, sp orts and society.


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