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People who choose organic fruits, vegetables, and meats are not only healthier because of their increase in vitamins, they are helping the earth and their own unborn babies. The produce and meats we eat today are not like they used to be. Parents are not feeding their children with good food like they were fed at one time. The Ignited States produce has lower levels of vitamins and minerals than what was used fifty years ago. However, people can avoid getting less minerals by purchasing organic fruits, veggies, and meats. Donald R.

Davis, a search associate with the Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas, Austin recently analyzed data that was collected fifty years ago on forty-three different fruits and vegetables. He gathered that the nutrients for six out of thirteen fruits and/or vegetables had declined in those fifty years (Aria, 3). Another study was done in Britain been the 1 ass’s and the sass’s which showed similar declines in minerals and nutritional values. This study found lower levels of calcium, magnesium, copper and sodium in vegetables, and of magnesium, iron, copper and potassium in fruit (Aria, 4).

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The industrialization of our farms over the years is a direct issue with our producers decline in nutritional values. We have substituted our farmer’s biodiversity and nature nutrients cycle with chemical fertilizers and pesticides (Aria, 4). All of this can be helped by natural grown organic foods to stop the nutritional gap we are now creating. Another reason people should consider organic eating is because they are helping our planet. Preserving natural resources and biodiversity helps support animal health and welfare as well.

Biodiversity is he variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem (Aria, 4). Reduced biodiversity in soils can impair numerous ecosystems and their functions. Functions such as nutrients needed by plants and the cycling of resources between above and below ground communities (Aria, 4). Organic farming of vegetables and fruits is done by not using chemically enhancing growth hormones and pesticides. By them not choosing to use growth hormones or pesticides, they are helping to keep our soil rich (Aria, 4).

Not only do pesticides hurt your body and give you a lack Of nutrition, they also image our soil. The hormones damage the earth by stealing natural minerals and nutrients out of it, giving worse crops, and smaller harvests. Organic farming allows our earth with continuous cycles of productivity, giving us better, more, and larger harvests (Aria, 4). A third reason why eating organic foods is better for people is because it is not genetically modified. Mothers who are expecting should be the first to grab organic foods. Beef from grass-fed, organically raised cattle is proven to be better for them (Hanna, 775).

Not only does it lack genetically modified ermines and antibiotics, it is proven to be leaner and to have more omega-3 (Hanna, 755). During pregnancy, omega-3 is important in fetal brain development (Hanna, 755). Studies done by BMW Public Health, have shown that mothers who got more omega-3 during pregnancy have babies who have higher attention spans than babies who did not receive as much omega-3 in the womb (Hanna, 756). Another study was conducted by BMW Public Health upon mothers who were pregnant in their third trimester with males.

The mothers were split into two groups, one who would be eating organic meat throughout their pregnancy, and the other who would eat non- organic meat throughout their pregnancy. The mothers continued to eat the meat of their group throughout the rest of the pregnancy until birth. The males who were in the womb were later tested. They tested their sperm counts and realized that mothers who ate the non-organic meat throughout their pregnancy were having male children with lower sperm counts while mothers who ate the organic meats throughout their pregnancy had normal.

Something as simple as eating organic meat during your pregnancy can help happen your baby’s future and should be thought about more seriously. We are packing our animals and spray our vegetables and fruits with so many growth hormones that we are chemically damaging our bodies just by eating them, or in the mothers In contrast, many people argue that organic food really isn’t all that organic. One major concern spread by the public is that farmers who are organic Often times use manure to fertilize their harvest in trade of pesticides and other chemicals.

The people who oppose organic foods are afraid of the manure because they believe they will receive E-coli, almoner or other pathogens that are often spread by manure. E-coli and Salmonella are pathogens that cause dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, and other flu like symptoms. The best way to treat them is with water, and other over the counter medicines. What these people do not see is the bigger picture. Organically engineered farms are very careful with how they fertilize with manure.

They do not simply lay the manure on the crops. Organic farmers use a type of manure known as composted manure. Composted manure is stored and maintained at temperatures of fifty- sixty degrees C, which is about 130-149 degrees F, for a period of about two weeks (Aria, 1). Composting for that long reduces the risk of pathogens in a few different ways. One is the temperature. Generating temperatures such as these is unfavorable to the possible pathogen organisms within the manure (Aria, 1).

The temperatures they are kept at for that long has the benefit of reducing populations of pathogenic organisms and limiting the risks. Another point to add are the pathogens themselves. People who oppose organic farming are afraid of something such as E-coli, which is treated with tying hydrated and over the counter medicines. People who consume non- organic foods on a daily basis have lowered immune systems over time because of the lack of nutrients (Aria, 2).

They have also become at higher risk of being immune to the actual antibiotics they would use to treat their illness, because of added hormones and antibiotics injected into animals and/or fruits and vegetables (Aria, 2). So would you rather have your body be fully immune to antibiotics used to fight off a serious disease or illness or would you rather take the chance with maybe catching something that is highly unlikely but has only flu-like symptoms? Everyone wants to live forever, no one wants to die, but not everyone is aware of just what they are putting into their bodies.

We are too trusting of what we are eating from our grocery store and farmers. The human body is a temple that should only have good things going into it, so why add unnecessary hormones, pesticides and antibiotics? Why not pick the safer choice, a choice of more vitamins, a healthier planet earth and a healthier future family. OUTLINE I. Introduction – People who choose organic fruits, vegetables, and meats are not only lather because of their increase in vitamins, they are helping the earth and their own unborn babies.


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