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CV/ Cover Letter
My task was to write a cover letter and CV for a job application to help me when applying for university placements. Writing a CV and cover letter I assumed would be easy; I had done it before for minor part time jobs and knew what it should consist of. However, by doing one for a professional role and not some weekend job I found out it required a lot of detail in a small amount of words.Firstly, I found the CV very straight forward writing some personal information, my grades, what I’m doing currently and other things. However, I learnt that some of what I said on my CV belonged in the letter which surprised me as I had learnt to do it a different way. I found this a little annoying that I had been taught the basic way when the correct professional method of creating a CV wasn’t too difficult, especially when now I’m a university student and should know how to write this essentially basic document. Furthermore I found it frustrating to get out of this habit which affected one of my grades dramatically. I felt that I was kind of set in my ways and to change something which I thought was right was harder than I thought.
Secondly the cover letter, I knew what was required in this document; what I aim to do, what I want to get out of working and why I wanted to work for that company. So I did some research and commented on a marketing campaign briefly. What I liked and disliked, although feedback about it found that it was too brief and not necessarily impressive. I should’ve included more detail but also more research could have made this piece of work more impressive to the proposed reader. I feel that this came from a lack of interest. When I’m not interested I don’t give it 100% compared to when something gets my attention. But also to say that this is an important document it’s a stupid thing to do, this has a huge impact on whether I get the job I want and I carelessly did minimal work.
Looking back to change this…


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