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Elements And Principles Of Art

Close on the color wheel), contrasting, neutral, ochre, tint (adding white to something), hue, pastel, saturated/De saturated, luminous, transparent (more see through), opaque, translucent, fluorescent (neon). 3. Texture Smooth, bumpy, cracked, coarse, velvety, silky, elastic, soft, rough, hard, soft, real, implied, layered, rigid, natural, organic, tactile (experiencing from touch), surface. 4. Tone Light, dark, gradient, shadow, darkness, lightness, highlight, reflected light, form shadow, grayscale, gradual, dimension, contrast, high key (lightest tones), low key (darkest tones), soft 5.

Shape Geometric, 20, angular, solid, outline, silhouette, organic, dimensional, freedom, negative space, positive space, flat, two-dimensional, implied shape, hard edged shapes, soft edged shapes, figure-ground. 6. Form Geometric, AD, implied, real, scale, dimensional, freedom, negative space, positive space, flat, three-dimensional, implied shape, monumental, volume hard edged shapes, soft edged shapes, surfaced. Contemporary elements 1. Movement implied movement Real movement – natural elements that create movement.

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By people interacting with an artwork. Mechanical. 2. Sound 3. Light Principles of art 1. Balance Harmony, equity, symmetry, proportion, evenness, equivalence, correspondence, parity, composition, arrangement, equal. 2. Composition Placement of the artwork, balanced, open, closed. 3. Contrast Variation, diverse, disparity, reverse, variance, contraptions, inverse, different, oppositeness, light vs. dark. 4. Rhythm Development, action, shift, maneuver, progression, regression, roaming, path, direction, moving. . Pattern Alternating, flowing, random, regular, progressive, mosaic, spiral, wave, symmetry, meanders. 6. Unity Together, united, mixed-media, harmonious, relationship, progression, implementation, similarity, repetition, proximity, alignment. Own definitions Elements Movement – the idea of two different types of movement in art. Real (actual) movement egg. Caused by wind (natural) and implied (mechanical/technical: that causes it to move) movement. Viewer or artist interaction.

Performance art. Sound – Used in film and in music. Performance art. The artist doesn’t want you to visualize with eyes open but to think of it in your mind. Contemporary art, disciplinary, acoustic, media, expanding type of art. Light Tone. Natural light on works. Manmade light. Implied light in paintings. Installation art. Main medium/element is light. Principles Composition – Closed composition – when all elements of the artwork are fitted within the piece.


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