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Warehouse Management Case Study

Warehouse Management case study From the perspective of modern logistics systems, storage is an important part of logistics is the logistics system, distribution center, hoping for effective logistics warehouse here, scientific management and control, so that the logistics system more smoothly, more reasonable to run. In this paper, the importance of starting from the warehouse, combining theory and practice, through an enterprise storage and logistics activities in the “space” and “cargo space” to analyze how the activities in the warehouse through the “space” and “cargo space “management to improve storage efficiency, reduce storage costs.

Case Background: Photoelectric Technology Co. , Ltd. of a storage management. A Photoelectric Technology Co. , Ltd. located in Guangdong Huizhou Jinyuan Industrial Zone, which was established in 1998, is a professional lighting devices and electrical equipment manufacturers, it is the industry’s leading enterprises. With excellent product quality, excellent service, the access to the customer’s extensive approval and praise.

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In order to adapt to the new form of strategic development needs, the Company’s existing network of integrated customer relationship, across the country set up the 35 operations centers, improve the company’s supply chain, logistics, warehousing and distribution systems and customer service system. The company is headquartered Total finished goods warehouse 3, namely a set of finished products warehouse, finished products and finished second group of three storage warehouses.

They are based on different types of products in different product sub-warehouses: one product a warehouse on the first floor is to facilitate the shipment into, so it is relatively types of goods stored there are more point, such as lamp, lamp panel and so on. And all of the export goods are stored in a group. Finished second group is mainly warehouse track lights, metal halide lamp, T4 lamp, T5 lamp and light. The company’s several light sources are stored in the warehouse two groups finished.

Three major stored product warehouse specific grid lamps, ceiling lamps, track lights, and some other companies products. 1 An analysis of warehouse storage space Warehouse storage system’s main elements include storage space, goods, personnel and equipment and other factors. Storage is the storage of the core functions and key links, storage area plan is reasonable or not directly affect the operational efficiency of warehouse and storage capacity.

Therefore, the effective use of storage space as warehouse management is one important factor of good or bad. The company’s products sell well. Frequency of a large warehouse storage, goods flow also great. The company’s warehouse space layout is stored on the shelves of goods, three-dimensional space utilization is not high, so he’s warehouse is not very high degree of mechanization, storage, only forklifts, including hand trucks and electric forklift.

Warehouse operation methods, generally with a forklift, rarely manpower for the receipt of goods, which are materials used to send and receive cards, every time shipping and receiving cards will be done in the send and receive registration materials, so we usually check very convenient goods such as some of the follow-up results from the present work seems to still relatively high efficiency, operation is quite easy. So the whole way of operating the company’s warehouse is quite reasonable. The warehouse usually because the storage space is often not enough and the goods stored in the work space position.

Particularly in the sales season, the warehouse storage products especially crowded, working up inside people feel a little depressed feeling. So not very reasonable storage operating environment. The warehouse, data storage costs a statistical look fairly reasonable, because it costs very little equipment, fixed storage cost is not very high, while the storage cost is the cost of the class structure, so storage costs are therefore not very high. Storage warehouse for storage of goods that is as functional space.

Storage space = potential use of physical space + space + space + operations useless space. Physical space, which means the goods were in fact occupied the space. The company’s warehouse, its physical space accounted for 75% of the warehouse; the potential use of space accounted for 10%; work space and accounts for about 10% as the company’s warehouse mechanization is not high, so a small point of space does not work What effect, its security is also essential to meet the requirements intermittent; his useless space accounted for about 5%.

On the whole, the warehouse space utilization is high, there is a little crowded phenomenon. Analysis: the relative reduction should be the use of some physical space to increase the number of intermittent operations such as space, safety of space use. In addition, space and vertical space from the plane of view, the level of space has been put to good use, but the use of vertical space is not high, it can be considered top shelf, or high-level automatic three-dimensional shelf, to make better use of vertical space. rack management analysis Rack management refers to the goods into warehouse, on the goods handling, how to put, place, etc. where a reasonable and effective planning and management. The disposal of goods, how to place, mainly by the strategic decision taken by the storage of goods of a specific storage location, will have to combine the principles of location assignment related to the decision. The company’s warehouse storage rack management approach is used in positioning guidelines to follow.

Positioning refers to each type of storage or storage of goods are fixed for each cargo space, cargo space of goods can not be interoperable. Therefore, when planning cargo space, cargo space for each volume of goods shall not be less than the possible maximum amount in the bank. However, in actual operation, the positioning of different storage conditions generally done in accordance with appropriate adjustments, it will make changes based on the actual situation.

Cargo space in the warehouse management in the work by the staff of the company, combining theory with practice, carried out positioning, fixed-point, quantitative management principles, therefore, Ta cargo-bit capability is not Quanbu Anzhaozuida conducted in the library volume positioning, as the company’s products belong to relatively large seasonal variations in the product, if the maximum amount set in the library space utilization will fall to the warehouse, so wastage of resources.

As all the libraries in the digital warehouse are stored with the principles of positioning, in accordance with the current situation of the company’s warehouse, all use the principle of positioning is not very reasonable storage should be in accordance with the different characteristics of products and storage requirements, the product classification For important product, a small number of products used variety store positioning.

And because almost all of the company’s products feature the same features they are not mutually exclusive, this product features from the point of view is they could be put together randomly. In addition, the company’s warehouse management, distribution of cargo spaces You are also a number of principles: (1) FIFO principle, Ji is the ancestor of goods, first-out library library principles, the principles generally applicable to a short life cycle of goods. 2) the principle of facing channel, referring to the goods of the mark, name the face of passageways so that the operator can easily simple identification, it allows the retention of goods, access to easy and efficient manner, which is to the warehouse to be fluent in the basic principles of operation. (3) weight characteristics of the principle, meaning that according to the weight of different goods to determine the level of goods in the storage location of places. In general, the weight should be kept on the ground or the lower shelf position, light goods were kept in the upper shelf location.

In the case of manual handling operations carried out when the people of waist height for the custody of heavy or large items, while above the waist height of the light used to keep the goods or small items. This principle, the use of the safety and shelf manual handling operations have great significance. According to this principle, the company’s warehouse stocking on the use of the fruit picking type. In this way, the storage requirements of the company’s present situation is very reasonable, but also for staff is also very convenient.

In the specific cargo space management process, we can see that the above description: they still use more modern management methods and principles. These methods and principles. For most of the more traditional business management for storage or a more scientific and reasonable. Of course, in the management of the process there will be issues, such as operation in practice, some operators do not pay attention, not careful, careless also makes some of the principles of our implementation is not good enough.

In the company’s product sales, and warehouse management appears cargo space confusion, some products will be stored in the operating channel and the secure channel, so that is not conducive to our operations, warehouse operations particularly affect the safety of personnel, there are security risks. Because these problems often are especially prominent when the season, so these problems, the author suggested that some of the goods stored in the open yard, but the time to do well in the storage protection. 3 proposed ABC Classified Management Applications

To conduct an effective inventory management and control, we must first sort of inventory, only then can we better manage the goods and control. Therefore, I analyzed that in the original storage facilities under the same conditions, using ABC classification of goods for the implementation and management. This can effectively use the original storage space and cargo space. Through the analysis of goods to identify the primary and secondary, classification queue. According to Barrett curve reveals the “critical few and minor majority” rule should be applied in the management.

Therefore, in accordance with product value, sales, shortage cost, or order in advance of other indicators to classify the product. A class of products which are the highest value of inventory, general inventory of its total inventory of 15%, while the value of it is accounted for 70% ~ 80%; B products are middle of the stock value of these species 30% of the total inventory value of the total value of 15% to 25%; while the C class product is the value of the bottom of the inventory, its value is only 5% of the total value, but it accounts for the total inventory stocks 55%.

Storage can be classified by goods and different products for each type of different management strategies developed to implement different control measures. In the management process, the products for A to require warehousing products are all everyday to inspect and inventory, the operation should be careful, can significantly embodiment up such products other products Butong between, were the focus of management; on B products, managed by sub-key can be 2 to 3 days to inspect and inventory.

At the same time, do not neglect the management of products on the C, C products every week to conduct an inspection and inventory. We know from the analysis, storage operations, “space”, “cargo space” and its scientific and rational management is an important part of warehouse management, warehousing costs also affect the cost of important factors.

Through practical examples of some of the storage management problem analysis and research, through analysis and study of these issues, so we have deeper storage management to understand, storage has its own management principles, we should abide by and seriously the implementation of these principles. When in use the combination of theory and practice, so that our warehouse and our theory more in tune with the actual operation. Only the combination of theory and practice to our knowledge to the limits.


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