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Case study
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With tablets, computers and smartphones all over the world, the term wireless has immensely penetrated into our everyday lives. Wireless denotes communication done without cables or wires. In some cases wireless becomes a broad term used in all kinds of devices and technologies that transmit voice or data over the air as opposed to using cables CITATION Tom07 l 1033 (Tom, 2007). Mobile technology on the other hand, refers to devices that are portable and provide information access. Mobile technology includes smart phones, personal digital assistance, iPods, laptops, E-Book readers, USB drives and MP3 players. Mobile technology is fundamental as a result of its flexibility, portability, unique integration ability and its simplicity.

The rising demand for universal access to business information and applications via mobile technologies like iPads, Tablets and smart phones is as a result of consumer behavior and preferences. The adoption of this technology around the globe have assisted business to realize several benefits. Business mobility is now an aspect that many companies pursue today. Mobile technology allows business associates to use company resources and data without necessarily being in one location CITATION Tan14 l 1033 (Tangier, 2014). These devices help them increase productivity and reduces the expenses to the business in terms of purchasing infrastructure for its employees. Mobile technology has also revolutionized how people carry out businesses, mobile technology has facilitated service delivery for businesses. It has also breach the gap between businesses and its customers such that through some mobile applications customers can access majority of the services in Banking for instance, customers can now get all services from their mobile devices as opposed to visiting their banks.
On the other hand, wireless technology has saved businesses a great deal of time and money on infrastructure installation. The need to physically lay out cables across a business premise is no longer necessary. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that have employees who shift locations and still need to remain connected to sales or inventory software through portable devices.

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Delta airlines has to a larger extend implemented both wireless and mobile technology. The first instance is its 24hr twitter customer service where by customers through their mobile devices can seek clarifications from Delta staff. Furthermore, the airlines through their mobile devices can be able through some mobile applications to track their luggage, check flight status placing their customers in control CITATION Sta12 l 1033 (StaffWriter, 2012). Wireless technology has also been implemented through the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots across top 19 airports, customers can surf and access various online services while on the airports. Furthermore, they have already put in place measures to ensure that customers have access to inflight Wi-Fi as they travel.

The airline has also launched Fly Delta apps on platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Windows and iPhones. These applications provide electronic boarding check in options across the globe providing ability to track and pay for bags, alert updates on travel information aswellas aircraft and airport details.The airlines ticket counter enables users of Facebook to check-in or book travelfor their upcoming flights with the aim of a special tab that does not necessarily requirecustomers to visit the airlineswebsitepage.Lastly, we have the Delta away we go app application allows customers to plan and share their travel with friends and family.

The efficiency of both mobile and wireless networks within Delta airlines is well above average though there is room for improvement. It is obvious that the growth of the airlines across the globe is mainly attributed to technology. Global trends on technology use and adoptionacross the world as well as the use of mobile technologyproves that indeed both these technologies are efficient in business.The airlines however, can venture into designing its apps as well as opening twitter and Facebook pages in other languages rather than just English and Spanish.There is also the question of quality of service as opposed to having the service. The company having these services is not guarantee enough for business efficiency as efficiency majorly relies on the quality of these services.
TollGroup is also a logistics company based in Atlanta Australia and to a large extent, it utilizes mobile technology platforms created by the company. The technology offers access to information and data on real time for its customer base and Toll using advanced mobile data terminals and wireless communications networks. Toll Fast, Toll Priority and Toll Tasmania use mobile technology often delivering solutions and pickup to their customers through mobile data terminals. Furthermore, Toll North has put in place measures to create a mobile solution that integrates delivery functions, Dispatch, pickup as well as global positioning systems together with a vehicle management information system which offers maximum visibility to freight on transmit.
The company has also implemented wireless technology to a larger extent providing Wi-Fi services to its customers while waiting to pick uptheir freight. The wireless technology is also used by the company employees in replyingto customer emails, andcompanywidecommunications.Considering the nature of industry TollGroup is, it is clear that it has also adopted both wireless and mobile technologies widely. The fact that they deal with a larger customer base makes mobile technology an effective solution to providing solutions to basic operations.These two technologies both provide a competitive edge in this kind of businessandhas already facilitated business operations for the company. The company should however create separate applications for the various units such as one for asset management, warehouse management, transport management, inventory management and event management and freight tracking.
According to the above information, Delta airlines seems to be using mobile and wireless technology much strategically.These technologies should be used to support business operations and that is exactly what Delta has done.Delta airlines when establishing new systems, they had the interest of their customers in mind, actually for them customer interests were primary(Sarker,2013). When creating the Delta fly mobile application, just like the other sections of the travel application it allows customers to reserve seats in a flight.What is unique in this application is that a customer can track their flights, track their luggage as well as pay for the luggage pretty much everything that facilitates the check-in process during customer travel plans. While TollGroup does have a mobile application, it handles less operations and the one involving a global positioning system is not in place already. They have also not ventured into the blackberry platform,aside from that, most of their customers are not aware of the existence of such applications.Delta has also integrated social media to keep in touch with their customers as well as offer customer service via Facebook and twitter.TollGroup does not also have such platforms in Facebook and twitter implying that they still left out some opportunities.

As elucidated, Delta is a prominent Airlines that most passengers fly on several occasions. Wireless technologies is a procedure of disseminating information via some invisibleairwaves whilemobile technologies are devices that are mobile.While both companies use the two technologies, it is evident that one company uses it better than the other. The aimof mobile and wireless technology is to facilitate business processes for the user and also make thingssimply and accessible.Delta is an extensive company but still there are lots of opportunities for the future as well as for TollGroup.The biggest operational system that supports wireless and mobile technology is the willingness of the management to see it through(Agrawal, 2015). It demands patience on the side of management and initially it might require a huge amount of budget. Furthermore, it requires commitment from employees and customers, in some cases it’s been known that some customers are rigid to change and might nottake well the idea of change.

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