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It is growing rapidly with high quality product features and mind blowing modules of the smart phone. Samsung Galaxy is mobile phone is a great appeal to the customer. Samsung Galaxy is fulfilling customers mind with the its promised services and providing different models. Samsung Galaxy mobile phones are increasing its quality day by day. Samsung Galaxy is improving in every occasion to meet the demand of customers (Kim, 2013). The Samsung mobile phone company is emerging as a giant mobile company day by day with the innovation of Samsung Galaxy service to the customers. Samsung Galaxy has changed the trend of smart mobile phone.

It is making more attractive Samsung Galaxy products to become market leader mobile phone Company in the world. Now, Samsung Galaxy is the greatest appeal to all smart phone users (Amour, 2012). Its innovative features are making users more comfortable and delighted toward Samsung Galaxy phones. Background of the Samsung Galaxy phone Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular phone series from Samsung mobile. Samsung Galaxy has encompassed over 50 separate devices. The first Samsung Galaxy IA was released in June 2009 and it made Samsung into the Android smart phone market.

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During those days, some other companies released the Android smart phone. So, few people thought that Samsung galaxy success in the market. But it attracted attention of the customer. Then, Samsung Mobile Phone Company released Samsung Galaxy Elite/Aspic/ portal (IA). It was remarkable innovation by the Samsung mobile phone company which rapidly attracted customer minds (Amour, 2012). People became aware enough about the Samsung Galaxy phone. Gradually, customers put their concerned on the Galaxy phone of the Samsung Company.

One year later, the Samsung mobile company brought Samsung Galaxy S Captivate/Vibrant/Fascinate etc. (IA). It made the Samsung Galaxy appeal to the customer. People felt interested to buy the Samsung Galaxy phone when they see that the Samsung Galaxy Beam/Halo (IA) which released in July, 201 0 (Kim, 2013). In that year, the Samsung mobile phone company brought Galaxy Europe(50th). This model of the Samsung Galaxy phone created a vast favorable situation for the Samsung mobile phone many. People were motivated positively with its service, size, and color.

Customers of the other phone companies gradually started to move toward the Samsung mobile phone company for its innovative products creation. In February 201 1, the Samsung mobile phone company brought the Samsung Galaxy Fit (ASSES) which is a great innovative invention by the Samsung mobile phone company. It captured a vast targeted market for the Samsung mobile company. In this year, the Samsung mobile company also released Samsung Galaxy Gig (GET-ASSES), Samsung Galaxy Mini (GET-ASSES) and Samsung Galaxy Pro, Samsung Galaxy Sky Rocket, Samsung Galaxy X etc.

These innovations paved a strong position for the Samsung mobile phone company in the world mobile market. Samsung Galaxy took the Samsung mobile company at peak level in competition with other companies in the market. In 2012, the Samsung mobile phone company released Samsung galaxy pro duos and the Samsung galaxy S Ill in the market which captured unique position for the Samsung mobile phone company and it became one of the largest mobile phone companies in the world mobiles market (Kim, 2013).

Old characteristics of Samsung galaxy and alteration facts As we know market is evolving and customer demands are changing from old-fashioned reduces to new innovative products (Jordan, 2012). In this competitive age, this changing and evolving situation added further difficult dimensions for companies to meet the customers unique demand though they are trying with new ideas, new values and various kinds of new added extents by which they can meet customers thrust as well as can ensure their sustainability with efficient and effective way (Trot, 2005).

In this case we can portray the changing needs of the customers with the light of Samsung galaxy series. In the past stage, if we keep our eyes we can see that with comparison of recent Tate of affairs they were more backdated and old-fashioned in some way which they altered over time to capture market target market. Old characteristics and features of Samsung galaxy series are enumerated below which they changed efficiently and effectively: * Although this Samsung galaxy in its old versions was easy to grip, but it was actually looked very small and tiny for which customers were less satisfied.

The customers were not so much pleasure in enjoying entertainment content, such as watching videos, and playing more complex games (Amour, 2012). * Normally one of the important characteristics of Samsung galaxy 1 7500 which is the first replica of galaxy series was more exceptional in nature and the capacity it possessed but it is not so much effective if we consider in recent version of Samsung galaxy series. In primary stage, it had no promptness in many cases (Amour, 2012).

In 2009, Samsung 7500 and 1 5700 was better but it was fitted in comparison of that time because it is running capacity and application system is so limited in comparison with recent version. * We know it was first android phone of Samsung but they didn’t provide any effective manual to UN it efficiently and effectively. In most of the cases the customers was not able to guzzle full facilities given by android. * It screen was too small in comparison with latest galaxy such as galaxy SO and SO. It screen size was 2. 3″ which is incompatible for today’s customers.

In primary stage most of the customers were not satisfied to this backdated galaxy series which is now more desired to them. * There was not perfect resolution so that many android applications was not installed and used efficiently and effectively. Inbuilt browser also possessed some problems which also were not expected by customers. They were deprived unique flash player, HAD browsers etc. RAM capacity of Samsung galaxy was not more powerful though they are more potent in latest item. Due to low capacity of RAM it could not able to make it exceptional from other competitors’ contemporary product.

The animation when going to the home screen or when launching an application would longer than usual. It takes too many times to run and complete little complex task such as installation of applications, multi tasks, slow internet problems etc (Kim, 2013). * There were some problems in Bluetooth connectively of Samsung galaxy in first stage. It was not fitted for all devices which now it is performing. It was not possible to connect with many PC or laptops which added more troublesome situation for customers (Amour, 2012). There were no varieties in colors so that many customers were depressed by their product though it had unique capacity. Many customers were compelled to buy the products the color of which didn’t attract them so much. In this time we see that now Samsung have lunched or lunching various types of colors in their galaxy products. * There were no perfect shapes or size in primary stage of galaxy such as galaxy 9000 or galaxy I 8250. At that time despite of their high quality they could not able to attract more customers. One of the most important reasons behind this was the lack of attractive size or shape (Kim, 2013). Though they were much RAM management software in Samsung galaxy but it was more time consuming to clear RAM. * Internal memory is one of the prime factors behind the attractiveness of a any technological products. As we know Samsung galaxy mobiles is so much costly and valuable it might be well distinguished from other competitors product but didn’t make it exceptional in many reasons and the prime one is limited internal memory. In comparison with latest galaxy phones it internal memory was not sufficient. In most of the phones highest KGB internal memory was given which was the disincentive factor (Amour, 2012). k Lack of high megalith camera was also one of the imperfect characteristics of Samsung galaxy. In beginning stage there were up to 5 misapplies was given but it was fully unattractive because there were many competitors product the camera of which is more dominant in comparison of Samsung galaxy series. In recent year we see that Samsung have changed the scenario by offering more misapplies in their camera and t can be said that, it is one of the prime factors behind their success. Design is most important requirement to attract customers.

The beauty and attractiveness of a product is the outcome of attractive design (Jordan, 2012). In primary stage, design was Samsung galaxy phones was not attractive, gorgeous and smart style as like as today it offering. * In launching period of Samsung galaxy we noticed that the phones were touch screen with buttons facility which was not attractive to many customers. * From 2009 to middle of 2010 all the phones of galaxy series was possessed some limitation such as here was an increased risk of using some malicious android application. Price was one Of the crucial factors Of Samsung galaxy products.

It was not possible to buy by the general class of people and the phone was considered only for developed country. Above old features of Samsung galaxy have been changed totally. Now we see that, the latest version of Samsung galaxy offers some innovative dimension which competitors can not imagine. New innovative and changing features of the Samsung galaxy All the Samsung galaxy mobiles phones run Android SO and most of the mobiles are attractive to see. Its visible appearance makes appealing to purchase in the mind of customers (Biddable, Desires & Butler, 1998).

New innovative and changing features of Samsung mobile phone are given below- * Samsung Galaxy works faster than the other models of the mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy mobile phone provides unsurpassed functionality and density for faster browsing quicker multi-tasking and highly efficient * Keypad should be easy to use. It should hold some characters GA mining. And functions that are easily accessible for messing and barrowing the web. Samsung Galaxy has made some different models which belong more informal able keypad to use. * Samsung Galaxy has added personal organizer in its mobile phone.

It helps users to keep appointments and contact information. Personal organizer keeps track of all contacts, emails, texts of the customer (Kim, 2013). * Samsung Galaxy mobile phone has multiple messaging options. It has separate messaging option for the customer to contact with different types of people. * All Samsung Galaxy series are using Android facility. This has made a great appeal to customer’s mind about the Samsung Mobile phone company. It has given Samsung the biggest market place in the mobile in the world mobile market. People are purchasing Samsung Galaxy mobile phone with better Android quality (Degauss & Garrett, 1998). Samsung Galaxy has made wide touch screen display mobile for the customer. It helps the customer to enjoy watching movies, playing games, browsing web and viewing photos. The benefits and value derived from Samsung Galaxy series by the clients or customers or recipients Samsung Galaxy is one of the most attractive mobile phone series of the Samsung mobile phone company. Its users are growing rapidly day by day. Customers are getting new product features to meet their emend from the Samsung galaxy series mobile phones (Amour, 2012).

The following benefits and value derived by customers or clients from the Samsung Galaxy series- * The affordable prices and huge discounts enable customers of upper-middle class and upper class to make different purchases when they go to buy the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. The reasonable price has given customers an opportunity to buy the Samsung Galaxy cell phone (Biddable, Desires & Butler, 1998). Customers can buy a Samsung Galaxy mobile with their affordable price. * The Samsung Galaxy mobile phone series have wide range of phone models. A customer can easily choose his or her favorite model from the Samsung Galaxy mobile models.

It provides a huge collection of modern Samsung Galaxy cell phones. * Samsung Galaxy offers discount for every purchase of a Samsung Galaxy cell phone. This opportunity provides customers financial flexibilities (Biddable, Desires & Butler, 1998). For this reason, customers are gradually heading to choose Samsung Galaxy cell phone to meet their smart choice. * Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is more compact and lightweight than the other phones. It is gradually improving its features to reach the heart of customers. Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is more easy to use and easy to carry (Smith, 2013). Samsung Galaxy mobile phone has available information in internet. A customer can get any types of information at any time by browsing internet Customers can get services and other necessary information from customer service points of the Samsung mobile phone company. * Samsung Galaxy mobile phone has long durability. A Samsung mobile phone provides long time service than the other cell phones. Its durability of services has given it competitive advantage. ;k Now, the Samsung Galaxy mobile can be purchased by the installment facility. A customer can buy a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone on the basis of one year installment payment.

So, it has opened an opportunity for all customers to purchase Samsung galaxy mobile phone with their income (Kelly, 2010). * Customers are getting new updates of Samsung Galaxy smart phone which is a great satisfaction to the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone users. The Samsung galaxy mobile phone is mitigating customer demands at full speed with innovative process. * Samsung Galaxy mobile phones provide android facility. It has given a great feature to the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone company. Customers are more interested to arches the Samsung cell phone because of the android facility (Smith, 2013). Samsung Galaxy mobile phone battery provides long time charge facility than the other mobile phone companies. Customers can easily use 2 or 3 days a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone without giving charge Uniqueness of Samsung galaxy series Samsung galaxy is now popular and most innovative and creative products the popularity of which not confined with single territory but worldwide. In this competitive age, their outstanding position showed that, their innovative idea and uniqueness is one of the prime factors behind their today’s outstanding position.

Some of the uniqueness and notable features which helping the galaxies to capture world market are enumerated below: * One of the core objectives of Samsung galaxy is to give best value to their customer with unique kinds of modules and quality without blowing customers budget (Smith, 2013). * In recent years we observe that with comparison of its competitors they are more successful and unique which is proved by their increasing customer situation. In this technological era customers wants mobiles phones or technological device which must cover all recreational spheres, unique communication facility as well as official unction.

The latest galaxy products are unique not Only in single perspective but also every way it performs. * In 201 1 they showed their inimitable features by lunching the Samsung galaxy Ammonia W. Its first Smartened based on the latest release of Microcosms Windows Phone. Featuring a graceful design, a glowing super mailed display as well as enriched content and social communication facilities (Smith, 2013). * All the models from 2009 to 2013 though it is upgraded day by day, it provides distinguished features for business user which encompasses the entire program to maintain business activity efficiently and effectively.

In this case we can state about Samsung galaxies latest version such as galaxy 52, SO and SO which represents the emergent solutions that include the obligatory security and feature enhancements suitable for business use. Highly advantageous Samsung devices are safe to use at work and which helps to secure companies data (Smith, 2013). * Samsung galaxy products uniqueness is not only confined with the program they offer but also it is different from every way it do. All the versions of Samsung galaxies are being showing its exceptionally is in design style, stylish body, advanced technology and user- friendly features.

Samsung galaxy offers their products for all classes people across the world where many company offer for special classes and for special regions. (Von, 2013). In developing or poor countries they offer some inimitable opportunity because it is impossible for them to bear such amount. In this case they offer installation payment method. *The uniqueness of Samsung galaxy products need not to be described because we know the popularity of every products, any kinds of products is not for a single reason. TO be popular it must be well distinguished, more competent, and more unique in every way (Von, 2013).

In this case we can say that Samsung galaxy is unique in every way and which is the basis of its today’s popularity. From above discussion we can say that they are more effective and efficient in introducing new innovative and unique kinds product because they formulate strategy by a closely looking at customer needs and wants, product and service functionality, product and service performance, product and Service value branding, Brand value and competitive advantage, marketing communications, the design process and principles of product and service design, value and branding, innovation and global trends etc (Von, 013).

Competitor analysis of Samsung galaxy series Major two market competitors of Samsung Galaxy series are ETC and Apple. Its main target market customers are young urban youth of upper-middle class and upper class. Samsung Galaxy is producing medium-high and android smart phone for fulfilling the market demand and coping with the competitor (Smith, 2013). It always keeps importance to produce the powerful android phones than the competitor for every segment of the market. Competitor analysis of Samsung galaxy series is discussed below- * Samsung Galaxy series mobile phones have powerful specification.

These rise have different models which create great appeal to the customer mind. As unsung Galaxy series are produced for meeting different demands of the customer. It is specific in color, design and size. * Samsung Galaxy has set out different price figures for different models. Its price strategy is better than its competitors. It is capturing market of other phone companies because of its competitive price strategy. Samsung galaxy series are sold on the basis of the competitor price in the mobile market (Smith, 2013). Samsung Galaxy has an excellent branding than the competitor. Its branding strategy has even it maximum opportunity than other companies in the market except Apple Incorporation. Excellent brand image of Samsung Galaxy makes great impression in the customer minds. * Advertising strategy of Samsung galaxy is absolutely different than the other companies. It spends huge cost and innovative ideas in advertising its product than any other companies in the world mobile market (Smith, 2013). Samsung Galaxy has limited market share in the ever growing market than the competitor where its competitor HER and Apple expanding their market share day by day. So, it giving facility o Apple and ETC than the Samsung Galaxy in the market (Kim, 2013). * Samsung galaxy has the capability to provide a wide range of phones in the market. Where its competitor cannot provide large number of phones to cope with Samsung Galaxy series. It has a number of models to attract the possible future customers and sustaining the present customer than the competitor. Now, Samsung Galaxy is facing a great challenge by the low cost mobile producers. They are making selling their phones low price than the Samsung Galaxy in the market which is posing threat for the Samsung Galaxy series (Smith, 2013). Samsung Ga laxly has targeted its customer only upper- middle class and upper class of the society where other mobile companies are meeting the demand of different level of people in the society. So they are taking the competitive facility of the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone (Amour, 2012). Art 2 Learning outcomes of the study Products quality and superiority is not enough for its success. It is mandatory to understand the customers and the market because the triumph of the every product largely depends on these factors. As we know that Samsung is more successful company around the world because they are not only period in quality but also in all perspective needs to be flourishing (Cole, 201 1). They always try to give best value to their valuable customers and to ensure best value it strategies are more effective and efficient. Eave learned many things while making my essays on this valuable topic as well as on innovative and creative products. Some of the important learning outcomes are enumerated below: * A closer look at customer needs and wants is most important to develop any unique, creative and innovative products. By taking this strategy Samsung Was able to make Samsung galaxy which is more unique, innovative and creative (Baxter, 199). * Prod cuts and service functionality also one of the main basis to achieve success because it is the means customers can be easily able to know the distinctiveness of products. k Products and service performance also one of the perquisite for achieving success which is also one of the main factors behind the success and popularity of Samsung galaxies (Kelly, 2010). * The role of communication and branding influence not only distributive or delivery or selling purpose but also it influences starts from the decision of products development decision o end process (Degauss & Garrett, 1998).. * Every product must give value to their customers (Degauss & Garrett, 1998).

In this case we see that the intended value of Samsung galaxy is more than any competitors give and one of the influential factors behind its success. * Marketing communication for target market not only important for market projection but also to gain complete view about the customers, sells techniques etc (Biddable, Desires & Butler, 1998). * Effective design is one of the prime factors behind the success of a product. As we know, as Samsung galaxy upgraded their design structure the appeal for the products was also increased. So we can say, it is important to know what kinds of design customers wants from the company (Baxter, 1999).

And the company must follow effective design process, patenting design and design registration. * One of the important points I grasped again from this essay that brand plays a significant role behind the success of a product which helps to Samsung galaxy (Degauss & Garrett, 1998). * Innovative and global features must be prevailed in product so that it can be accepted around the globe (Cole, 2010). Flexibility is also very much important because customers expectations, wants etc changes over time for which products design, style may be changed (Jordan, 2012). Intellectual Property, patenting ideas and trade marking is very much important to sustain eminently in the market (Jordan, 2012). These helps to protect the product from duplication as well as save from many related chaotic problems. Description how the course challenges thinking, bringing new and interesting ideas and concepts This course offers some critical task to implement. It needs to think over the subject to finish the job. Here, mental effort is needed to do the whole part of the course. After, making a proper conception on the course, then the task can be done exactly. This is the process of mental revolution.

Thinking over the whole subjects is needed to bring a good completion. This course brings new and interesting ideas and concepts because the task assigned by the course is interesting and provides new knowledge. This course offers new task where a lot of conception and ideas can be achieved. Here, study about a company will give some new ideas and concepts about the company objectives, strategies, strength, weakness, allies Of the company, features of the company’s products, uniqueness Of the products through learning. A comparative study of a company provides larger information about that company.

Unknown ideas or concepts can be known from this course. Every part of this course provides new knowledge about new ideas which can enrich ones thoughts. Making a study about a company will view different types of new ideas which can be source of new product ideas. Approaches of digression A study of a company does not provide some practical knowledge. To gain the practical knowledge about a company one has to visit that company. After sitting the company one can learn proper knowledge about that company. New ideas and interesting knowledge can be achieved after doing the practical jobs in a company.

When people do a job practically under a circumstance, they learn knowledge from their practical experience where they can be more innovative and productive. They can bring out different new thoughts of product and its changing situation to update the product features. A long time study of a practical job will help a person or a group to learn from the practical view point where a study will not provide new ideas and practical concepts adequately. To find out a specific new ideas and concept a long practical study is needed to bring it spontaneously. No idea or concept will create without making a proper brainstorming.


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