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Should High Schools Have Off Campus Lunch Did you know that majority of the high schools in California have an open campus lunch. They also get to eat at any restaurant they would like to. Every 3 and 5 high school students complain about what they get served at school. According to Southland College Prep High School students, ” they feel that they don’t have many options to choose from, and that they don’t get fed enough to last their whole 10 hour school day. Letting high school students have an open campus lunch will benefit them in various ways.

Students can have a choice of the food they want, also when students leave and come back t shows maturity, last but not least is to show students how college is going to be. It would be great if all high school students have the option of eating lunch at Pander Bread or Pizza Hut. Usually students complain about their school lunches and how they don’t get fed enough. So if high school students had the choice of getting food off campus, schools wont to hear complaints from parents and students. Nearly 1 and 3 high school campuses allow students to leave campus during lunch. ” According to crinoline. Org Another reason for having open campus lunch is. Students cam show how expansible they are by signing themselves out and coming back in the time they were suppose to. Then that shows the school how students can be trusted to leave off campus and they will come back. According to Tetrachloride. Com, “students in California have an hour lunch break. So that gives students enough time to go get what they want and be back by their next class. The last reason why there should be open campus lunch. Students are preparing to go to college, and in college you will have an open campus lunch. This will also show how disciplined students are by managing their time properly. For example, college students know when they have their class so they know how much time they have to get something eat and be back before their class starts.

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By letting the students go off campus to get them something to eat and them knowing how long they have before class starts, can get them ready for what they have to worry about doing in college. The fact of the matter is that if parents trust them to drive a car, schools should be able to trust them with a simple matter of getting food. Teachers are allowed to go out and eat so they should have the same rights. Not to mention school lunches are small and tasteless.


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