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Research paper: living in the burning and not in the wick

Instead, he was stopped by his guidance counselor, Erin Craven. She pointed her finger at him and told him to come over to her office. “What happened this time,” thought Lavabo. “What did I do Lavabo staggered his way to her office and mumbled “Is there something you need from me? ” Craven told him “I wanton to take this piece of paper and head on the T. Because Vive nominated you for Posse. Head to the address on the paper, you should only have to take the orange line,” Said Ms. Craven. “But what is this for? Replied Lavabo. “Stop wasting my time and do what said! ” exclaimed Ms. Craven. Lavabo resolves to comply with her orders and he was soon on his way. He had no idea what he was selected for. To make matters worse, it was raining heavily outside and Lavabo had no umbrella. But he somehow managed to take the train to his destination. After making it there, he soon realized that he was being recruited by the Posse foundation at Boston. After maintaining a clear head, Lavabo introduced himself to the Posse directors of Boston.

From that moment until December, Lavabo had to partake in the Dynamic Assessment Process (TAP) that was conducted by Posse in order to “identify young leaders who might be missed by traditional admissions criteria, but who can excel at selective colleges and universities. ” (POSSE FOUNDATION) Indeed, Lavabo was a student who was missed by traditional admissions criteria. He had a low 3 GAP with little involvement in school. He couldn’t possibly get a scholarship, right? However, due to his experience at maintaining various job opportunities throughout his high school years, he was recognized by not only his guidance counselor Ms.

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Craven but by the Posse board. After months of laborious interviews, Lavabo was one of four Posse scholars at Malden High who was selected in 2010 to get a free ride, so to speak, to college for four ears. As Lavabo reached this point in his life, a strong sense of sovereignty and responsibility-?-to his family, friends, and his teachers—shaped his character. It gave him a quiet strength and motivation that helped direct him in the right path to college. Lavabo was born in Malden, MA on June 2nd 1 991. (Israel, Ellen, and Lavabo J. Peters, Mr.. Malden Hospital. 02 June 1991. Birth Certificate of Lavabo Peters.

Malden Hospital, Malden, MA. ) But for the first five years of his life, Lavabo had no one to talk to besides his older brother. Half the time, the older sibling was always out with his friends, eying no any attention at all to Lavabo. But on February 25th 1 997, Lavabo was now an older brother. Having ample time in his hands, Lavabo took great care of the newborn. Now, Lavabo finally had the chance to be a better role model than his older brother. Day after day, Lavabo would help his parents feed the baby and change its diapers. As time went on, the baby began to grow right in front of Lava’s eyes. That’s something that us millennial will never experience, since we tend to waste our time searching the web, writing tweets, or doing any other type of activity on our phones and computers that cataract us from our surroundings,” says Lavabo. Peters, Lavabo J. “(Interview with Lavabo Peters. ” Telephone interview. 26 Mar. 2014. ) But since he was unaware about all of these technological distractions nowadays, Lavabo was able to experience the feeling of nursing an infant. His parents soon became aware of how much time Lavabo has spent with the baby. “Son, don’t you want to go outside and get some fresh air.

Christian will be k for now, I promise to look after him,” says Lava’s mother one day. “But don’t mind looking after him and besides, I don’t have to be in school until eight o’clock,” replies her on. Upon realizing that eight o’clock was soon near, Lavabo kissed the baby on the head and said “I’ll see you soon! ” Lavabo continued to look after his little brother for the next years of his life. Moreover, Lavabo had to go with his parents to obtain his passport one day. (Peters, Lavabo J. , Mr.. U. S. Passport. 29 Jan. 1999. Travel entitlement. Massachusetts, Boston. This day happened to be about a month before his little brother turned four. But throughout that month, Lavabo would help his parents set up a birthday party. His little brother’s birthdays were always important for him because they represented he years in which Lavabo gets the chance to look back at how much Christian has grown. With regards to more of Lava’s personality, he grew up as a quiet child who didn’t open his mouth, not even to his friends. As a matter of fact, when he was in preschool, his teachers at the Belmont Day School claimed that he had a mental disorder.

This was not true at all. Lavabo was just so interested in taking care of his baby brother that he chose not to speak in school. One day at the Belmont Day School, Lava’s preschool teacher asks him “Why don’t you want to play with the other kids? ” Lavabo replies “l just know anyone ere. ” Mrs.. Northrop concedes that “If [Lavabo] talk[s] to the other students, [he] might get along pretty well with them and make friends. ” But the real reason why Ovary didn’t talk to the others was because he was too busy thinking about his little brother’s well being.

But as time went on, Lavabo would realize that his little brother is in the good hands of his parents. He began to build trust with some of the other students, Chaw being one of them, Chaw was also a quiet student. He would look around the playground during recess to observe the behaviors of his fellow classmates. Lavabo noticed that Chaw acted the same way he did. The two began to talk to each other and in a short period of time they began to go over each other’s houses. This trust in other students that Lavabo began to build over time reflected how he started to change in character.

Similar to how his little brother began to grow, Lavabo noticed a change in himself, be it socially or academically. For one, Lavabo began to take great concern for his school work; he would begin to actively participate in class during his elementary days at the Belmont Day School. The teachers at that school began to appreciate Lavabo for what he has come, realizing that Lavabo did not have a mental disorder after all. Also, Lavabo would spend much time with Chaw. From preschool until when he turned eleven, Lavabo would remain going to the Belmont Day School and spending quality time with his friend Chaw.

Then, when Lavabo finally approached 6th grade in middle school, fear swept over him. He was now 1 1 years old and for the first time in forever, Lavabo had to move to a new school called Forestall. This means new expectations, teachers, and most importantly new friends. His parents believed that Forestall would be a perfect fit for Lavabo. On his first day, Lavabo walks into the main office and asks “Who do I got to if it’s my first day here? ‘ A soft, reassuring voice replied “you’re at the right place. Give me your first and last name and I’ll be glad to get you situated.

Just wait one moment” The staff member took a copy of Lava’s syllabus and made a copy of it. “Here you are, just sign this paper and head to your homeroom. You’re homeroom is number 305 on the second floor. If you need anything else, Just ask,” says the woman working at the home office. “I’m fine for now,” replies Lavabo. He was relieved that this particular person was as nice as many of his searchers from the Belmont Day School; it was one less thing he had to worry about. After getting settled in to the new school, it was now time for Lavabo to go to lunch.

He had no one to talk to. Nevertheless, Lavabo goes in line to buy lunch because he was starving. He wishes for the lunch line to not get any smaller, because he knew that right when he buys his lunch he would have no one to sit with. But, of course, he had to face the fact that the line wait won’t last forever, just like most things in life. After he got his lunch, he looked ceaselessly for any empty table so that he can sit all by himself and eat in ace. But this young gentleman, who was about the same age as Lavabo, yelled “hey kid, need a place to sit? Confused, Lavabo stared at the stranger, hoping that it would give him a better understanding as to who this individual truly is and if he knows him from somewhere. Lava’s face was blank, he had no recollection of meeting this person before. Then, a couple seconds, another person who is sitting across from the lunchroom yells “Come over here, you don’t want to sit with Ariel he’s not cool. ” Lavabo accepts this in invitation, and at least this way Lavabo gets to know the name of the stranger ho first invited him to a table. Lavabo introduces himself to the second stranger and he to Lavabo. My name is Jesse,” says the young man cordially. “Forget about what I said earlier about Ariel not being cool. He’s really my friend but I just wanted to make new ones. That’s why I called you over. ” seem lost kid. ” Lavabo replies “yes, it’s my first day here. ” Soon, the two would begin to talk about what they do for fun, why they go to this school, what they do in their free time, what their favorite food is, etc. Now, Jesse and Lavabo became good friends. What’s more, they both resembled each other. Every ay at lunch, Lavabo would talk with both Jesse and Ariel.

They had so much in common. Lavabo now felt that his parents were right; this school is perfect for him. People were friendly, there was not that much homework given to the students, the teachers gave extra help after school. Lavabo loved everything about the school. This love for school reflected on how much Lavabo loved for his family and friends. But right when Lavabo felt this way, the other students that he din ‘t know too well at school started to feel jealous. They believed that Lavabo doesn’t deserve all of this attention, especially since he is new to he school.

So these students would write mean things on his desk and post letters in Lava’s locker, explaining how they feel towards him. The next day, Lavabo reported these wrongdoings to his true friends at Forestall, Ariel and Jesse. They decided to stick up for Lavabo, despite the fact that they were close friends with those who wrote these horrible things. Ariel and Jesse met up with these individuals after school and told them to say sorry to Lavabo. To Lava’s surprise, one of the individuals said “Sorry, we were just teasing him that’s all. Then, another student shouts “I’m not sorry, he deserves it. How loud all of you sit here and accept the fact that the new kid at school gets the same privileges as us. Common, it’s just not fair. ” This individual was extremely zealous in his affirmation. Jesse and Ariel took this statement to heart. They told him to meet them at the playground. Lavabo joined Ariel and Jesse as they walked towards the playground. At this point in time, Lavabo was scared for what was about to take place. He had a gut feeling that a fight would erupt between Ariel and Jesse and this stubborn individual.

As expected, Ariel and Jesse pinned this particular student on the ground and covered his mouth so e wouldn’t scream. There were no teachers around and school was now over. Lavabo Howled “Guys just stop. Didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Leave him alone. Its all my fault, maybe I should have never came to this school in the first place. ” Ariel said “Shut up Lavabo- You deserve to be here at this school. Now come on and help us make him learn his lesson. ” Lavabo felt as if it was his duty to be loyal to Ariel.

After all, he was one of the only friends he had so far at this new school. So Lavabo went up to the stubborn individual and held him pinned to the ground. After that, Ariel and Jesse beat up the individual while Lavabo just watched. Deep down inside, Lavabo knew it was wrong. How could one possibly do something so horrible to someone else? But if that’s what it took for Lavabo to maintain a friendship, then the deed must be done. Lava’s aspirations to gain friendship often led him to bad reputations in middle school, despite the fact that he performed adequately in his academics.

The next morning, Lavabo had already forgotten what took place after school that day in the playground. He ate breakfast and left for school. When Lavabo got to school, he noticed right away that his friends, Ariel ND Jesse, were sitting in the main office. Curiously, Lavabo entered the main office and asked them why they were here in the first place, since homeroom was just about to start. Before the two could answer Lava’s question, the school principal asked Lavabo to have a seat as well as for Ariel and Jesse to remain seated.

After waiting for the principle to come back, all three of them received devastating news. The principal said that in order to be punished for hurting the boy at the playground, they would all have to serve seven days detention. Throughout all of his middle school at Forestall, Lavabo faced any different situations in which he had to assist his friends in committing wrongdoings This speaks volumes on Lava’s ingenious character since he would always do anything for his friends in middle school, regardless of the consequences he faced.

From middle school until his last year at high school, Lavabo would remain struggling to do things for his friends while working to provide for himself and for his younger brother. These unbalanced actions that he performed reflects on how indecisive Lavabo was about who he would turn out to be in the future, specifically in his adulthood. But after receiving he Posse Scholarship letter in the mail during his senior year at Malden High, (Elaine Tam, Leila Nab, Peters, Alveolar. , and Sarah Cesar. Posse F-annalists. June 2010.

Malden High School), Lavabo realized that it was no longer his duty to live under the influence of his close friends. Rather, Lavabo felt the need to be a better role model for those that are or were close to him throughout his high school days. When he got the award, he wanted to tell his friends that no matter how bad their upbringings are, people could still achieve the unthinkable. Lava’s scholarship was recognized by Brian Benson, since he rote an article on him. (Benson, Brian. Four Malden High Seniors Win Posse Foundation College Scholarships.

Partners, Globe Media 29 Deck. 2009. New York, Schenectady). One could relate Lava’s character to his friends who, since they both spent much time together. They would do things as a unit, no matter if the outcome was good or bad. Moreover, Lavabo would have never imagined himself receiving a prestigious scholarship, considering the fact that he has done many bad things with his friends in his life. Initially, he felt like the whole scholarship was a slap to the face or some time of joke. But since e was blessed enough to receive it, he finally embraced it with open arms.

No longer was Lavabo the type of high school student who worked part-time to survive. He now found himself in the position where he gets a free ride to go to college and pursue a career, whatever it may be is ultimately up to Lavabo himself. Also, Lavabo encouraged Ariel to go to college, even though it might be costly for he and his parents. Ariel ended up going to Birmingham College. This shows how no matter what they went through, Lavabo and Ariel will always look out for one another, do the best to be better citizens, and do heir most to remain friends who yearn for better lives..

As Lavabo approached his freshman year at Union College in Schenectady, New York, fear no longer took over him as it did when he first went to Forestall middle school. He felt that he belonged here, despite the fact that he was viewed as an alien to the school by some of his new collegiate friends as seen in one of Lava’s photos of his freshman year at Union College. (Freshman at College. Spring 201 1 . ‘Alien” New York, Schenectady. ) At first, they thought that Lavabo was just another outsider trying to fit in. But eventually, these individuals started to build relationships with him.

It was a late, Sunday evening in August at the time when Lavabo arrived at college. He walked around the small, liberal arts campus with his family until encountering a staff member. Lavabo wanted to know where he had to go in order to move into his Dormitory. This particular person kept track of all of the college students who attend the school. One could imagine how stressful this job gets. But the staff member kindly told Lavabo to walk towards one of the residential halls until finding a man named Brendan, who was a residential advisor.

Lavabo followed he instructions as his family accompanied him. Lavabo reached the residential hall and Brendan was already expecting him. “Hi! ” said Brendan. “I’ll be your residential advisor for now. If you don’t mind, you’ll be staying in this room to the left. ” Lavabo introduced himself enthusiastically and walked right inside the room. Lava’s family helped him unpack. They were all so excited for him. But it was getting late so Lavabo kissed his family goodbye. As they left, they told him to call them whenever he gets the chance.

So now Lavabo had to get ready for bed, seeing how a new, breathtaking first day at amp’s would follow the next morning. Throughout most of his life, Lavabo was always hopeful for a better day and knew that he had things in store for himself. Rise and shine! Lavabo woke up to the sound of his roommate yawning in the next bed.. “I’m Lavabo. I imagine that you are the one who shares this room with me. ” The gentleman said ‘Yes, nice meetinghouse. I’m John. ” The man was tall and bulky, he might have well been attending this college for football. “It’s your first day at school too,” asked Lavabo. Yes, and right now I’m going to go to the Beth house in order to get my schedule,” plies the stocky man. “Do you mind if I join you? ” Asked Lavabo. “Not a problem,” said John. Lavabo followed the man until they reached a tall building that looked almost like a temple. The place was filled with computers. Right away, Lavabo noticed how many people were in the building. They were all just the freshman class alone! So Lavabo walked ceaselessly until he found his nutmeat on a piece of paper, which instructed him to create an student ID on a computer after having created a profile. House, Beth. School ID. 30 Gag. 2010.. Lavabo Peters. New York, Schenectady. ) It didn’t take too long for him to obtain the ID. Lavabo made his schedule for his freshman year no later than the time it took for him to get his school ID. Throughout his freshman year at this school, Lavabo struggled to figure out what he would major in. At first, he believed that Criminal justice would be a good fit since he is a physical person. But then he changed his mind to majoring in education since he always enjoyed to teach others.

This struggle to realize what major was the best fit for him reflects how Lavabo, as a mature young adult, analyzes all of the options for his future before making a decision.. To Lavabo, proving to his Jose advisors that he is worthy of having received a scholarship meant everything to him. So theses why during his sophomore year at Union, after deciding on obtaining a double major in History and African Studies, he wanted to get more involved in his school and give back to his community while achieving things along the way such as awards, leadership positions, and an unmistakable mark in Union College.

In order to get more involved, Lavabo had to find an appropriate program or club to join. He first joined a Greek club. He was recognized for his “conspicuous attainments and service in collegiate activities” in this club. Christians, Michael. Omicron Delta Kappa. Com. Lavabo J. Peters, Mr.. 03 Feb.. 2013. Award for collegiate activities. Union College, Schenectady, NY. ) Then lavabo joined the multicultural club. Lavabo had to participate in a week-long interview and analysis from the multicultural club director in order to attain membership.

But since Lavabo displayed conspicuous leadership qualities, the director asked for him to be one of the officers already. Lavabo accepted the offer and it took no longer than the first month for him to achieve the “Multicultural service award. ” (Inclusion, Leadership Council On. Multicultural Service Award. Com. Lavabo J. Peters. Spring 2013. New York. ) Lavabo also felt the need to revive the asses group called phenomenal males so that he could “raise the standard of scholarship and manhood and to reassess the term ‘success. ” In doing so, Lavabo mentored teenagers in New York in order to help these underprivileged and underrepresented young individuals of color who have potential. (Communications and Marketing, The Office Of. “Mentoring Program Aims to Support Young Men of Color. ” Mentoring Program Aims to Support Young Men of Color. Union College, 20 Feb.. 2013. Web. 16 Par. 014). Not to long after Lavabo commenced this tutoring program, he received the “volunteer of the week” due to Lava’s involvement in various organizations on campus. (Drills, Muar.

Volunteer of the Week: Lavabo Peters ’14. Com. Lavabo J. Peters. 21 Feb.. 2013). Lavabo found it easier to actually do well academically while taking part In communal events such as clubs or tutoring programs. To him, balancing school work and community service was a test of his manhood. So in search of this test, Lavabo felt the need to be more involved. He took into consideration the possibility of joining a fraternity. At first, Lavabo was off put by the term fraternity because he imagined that everyone who joined would have to be drinking and going to parties.

But after some discussion with his teachers and close friends, Lavabo realized that best fraternity to join is that of the Alpha Phi Alpha. Lavabo met the necessary requirements from this fraternity so he had no problem in joining. After pledging for this fraternity, “membership [was] duly conferred on Alveolar. Peters. ” (TANSTAAFL, Grayson A. Phi Alpha Theta. Com. Lavabo J. Peters. 21 May 2013. Union College, Schenectady. ) Not only was Lavabo now part of a new heaper during his college life, but he was “[thanked] for [his] outstanding contributions. In order to keep track of all of the things he has done in union College, Lavabo created a Linked page that entails all of his collegiate experiences so that he could network with professional. (Peters, Lavabo J. , Mr.. “Lavabo Peters’ Linked. ” Lavabo Peters Student at Join College. Lavabo Peters, 15 Novo. 2013. Web. 04 Par. 16. ) Moreover, Lavabo felt that he needed to give back to his college surroundings, the community of Schenectady, New York. So, Lavabo wanted to share his appreciation for getting a free opportunity to go to college by constructing local parks on the area of Schenectady, New York. Let’s Play Kabob Project. 15 Cot. 2013. New York, Schenectady. Com. Christian M. Peters, Mr.). Lavabo and some of his frat brothers teamed up and planned this project in honor of the younger generation of Schenectady because after all they are the youth of America. Lavabo knew that he wasn’t the brightest child growing up and that he has made many mistakes. So in order to prevent this from happening to the teenagers at Schenectady High School, Lavabo wanted to start tutoring them. (Peters, Lavabo J. , Mr.. , com. COCOA House. 16 Par. 2014. Tutoring. New York, Schenectady).


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