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Bread – Ireland – April 2014

Bread – Ireland – April 2014 The all-Ireland bread market has experienced steady growth between 2009 and 2014, boosted by almost universal usage by Irish consumers. Looking ahead in order to drive growth within the market, brands should look to speciality breads as consumer spending improves in addition to flavour and format innovations to add value and excite consumers.
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Table of ContentIntroduction
Key themes of the report
Consumer research
Data sources

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Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: Segmentation of the total bread/bread products market, by value, IoI, 2014
Figure 2: Indexed estimated value of the total bread market, NI and RoI, 2009 -19
Market factors
Cost of food decreasing in RoI
Rising wheat prices
Health credentials of bread under the spotlight
Changing demographics offering opportunities
Expansion of in-store bakeries appealing to consumers
Companies, brands and innovations
The consumer
Bread is a staple in Irish diets
Figure 3: Usage of bread in the last three months, by type of bread, NI and RoI, March 2014
White bread by far the most popular type
Figure 4: Types of packaged sliced bread bought in the last three months, NI and RoI, March 2014
Freshness most important
Figure 5: Important factors when buying bread, NI and RoI, March 2014
Consumers keen for a more adventurous bakery aisle
Figure 6: Agreement with statements relating to bread, NI and RoI, March 2014
What we thinkIssues and Insights
How can the health concerns about bread be addressedThe facts
The implications
What opportunities are there for manufacturers to add value to the bread categoryThe facts
The implications
Which types of bread are Irish consumers favouring and for what mealtimesThe facts
The implicationsTrend Application
Trend: Minimize Me
Trend: The Real…


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