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Cultural Analysis of Ireland

Ireland has this climate there is prolonged rainfall throughout the year, therefore being afforded with longer growing seasons. This creates a positive outcome for the soil; because it isn’t being abused it can be utilized more than average soil. (3) The main type of land in Ireland would be described as agricultural (most of this is fermented grassland pastures), the second most spread land in Ireland would be pedestals and wetlands which cover nearly one fifth of Ireland, forested lands cover one tenth of the country and artificial surfaces account for roughly two percent of Ireland’s land. ) The typical family in Ireland differs not from the IIS with two parents who care from any number of children. Grandparents have varied roles where they are involved with families depending on how much they want to be involved as well as where their children wind up living. (4) Ireland has egalitarian views and by law women are equal to men, however there are issues in this field. Women are subject to making less than men, professional achievement and treatment within the workplace. Certain professions are seen as being dominated by a specific sex.

Many individuals have noted that educational acclivities, government regulations and religion beliefs play a part in reinforcing the treatment foemen. This has directly caused feminism to gain momentum in Ireland. (4) The literacy rate in Ireland is 98% for individuals aged 15+. Children of the age of 4 are mostly enrolled in nursery schools and once they turn 5 they enter primary school. Ireland has more than 3000 primary schools that serve all of their children. Most of these schools are associated with the Catholic Church and are able to receive funding from the state.

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After primary education children enter secondary school between the gees of 12-13 and can take an exit exam between the ages of 17-19. Third level institutions are self governing and only about 50% of children will go on to attend said schools. The most prestigious of the higher education schools in Ireland are Trinity College, National University of Ireland, the University of America and Dublin City University. (4) Ireland is a parliamentary democracy; similar to the United States they have a president, a senate and a house of representatives.

These branches get their power from the constitution Of Ireland as well. The system is stable although they have had noted periods of political unrest and violence. There are a multitude of political parties that the average Irish citizen can choose to identify with. Ireland has local government throughout the country that can have different ordinances than one another but no major differences in law. LaWs passed by the senate and congress are laws that are to be followed and trump and lower forms of government in the country.

Ireland also has a tax code in place that covers all wealth gaps. (4) Ireland also has a very similar code of law and court system to the United States of America. Ireland has judges who are appointed by the president and also review laws. There are also local governments in place. The law derives from common law and constantly evolves with the times. Intellectual property is treated similar to how the U. S processes their intellectual property laws. (4) There are multiple groups that are in Ireland that individuals can join if they so choose including feminism, which mentioned previously.

There are no social classes that are written in law so all individuals in Ireland are considered to be equal. However, there isn’t much diversity in Ireland with nearly 98% of people being white. Even further when you look at how schools re divided based on religion, only a handful aren’t related with Catholicism. As far as business practices go Ireland continues to be very similar to the U. S. If involved in business in Ireland prepare to be on a first name basis with your client quickly because that is seen as a normal practice.

It is seen as rude in Ireland to see someone and not strike up a conversation with him or her, so if you aren’t normally a friendly person, it could be a disadvantage of doing business in Ireland. Gift giving is not required but it does say something to how your regard your fellow businessmen. (4) In Ireland the only religion that is really prominent is the Catholic Church. Even though in the constitution of Ireland it states that there is religious freedom for all, it is more common than not that the religion practiced will be Catholicism.

There are no articles that say that the Irish look down upon other religions but the minorities of religions have not seen to find too much opposition to their beliefs. As far as cults in Ireland, there are not any significant such things. (4) Graphic and visual arts are supported heavily by Ireland through the Art Council. Amongst prominent artists of the time two of the more important ones tend to be Jack B. Yeats and Paul Henry. There is also a large emphasis on the musicians that Ireland has produced throughout the year, such as 132 and Van Morrison.

Irish Reverence and step dancing has been spread worldwide and is practiced by people from all over the world. Ireland has also been home to plenty of movies and some big name actors, such as Lima Ones. (4) Due to the fact that Ireland has open trade throughout a world, they have access to any food that they would desire as well as classic dishes. The option of eating healthy is solely up to the individual who wants to do so. No one is tuck with eating only one type of food and therefore there is essentially no malnutrition.

Housing in Ireland completely depends on where one would like to live in the country; they have every type of living situation from extremely rural areas to living in cities such as Dublin. Ireland is also able to keep up with fashion from around the world because of their exposure through trade and their willingness to be involved in the world of fashion. The Irish are very fond of their alcohol and are known to frequent bars and even bring their children along when they go out drinking. It is seen as more socially acceptable to drink in Ireland than in the United States. Another huge part of the Irish culture is soccer/football.

The national team of Ireland receives a huge amount of support from the citizens of Ireland despite not being one of the premier teams in the world. There are multiple club teams in Ireland that play one another for a majority of the years well. These teams are supported by the cities in which they originate and the team that an Irishmen supports will more often then not be the one where he was born. The two official languages are Gaelic and English. The Irish do have a very unique accent that sakes time to get used to if not heard before. Gaelic is an ancient language that has been associated with the region for many years.

Some people believe that Gaelic applies only to Scotland, however there are different types of Gaelic previous to the countries taking up English. (4) The first aspect of the Hypotheses cultural dimensions is power distance. This dimension deals with the fact that all individuals in a society are not regarded to as equal. At 28 Ireland has a low PDP ranking and that is a good thing. This means that Ireland wants to see the inequalities amongst people in their country are minimized. The second is individualism, which is the interdependence a society maintains amongst its members.

Its main concern is if people concern themselves with more of an “l” standpoint than a “we” one. At a score of 70 Ireland ranks very highly as a country where self-reliance is key and employees are expected to be so. The next point is masculinity, which indicates that the society will be driven by competition, achievement and success. If a country were to receive a lower score it would mean that a society cares more about others and the quality of their quality of life. Ireland has a 68 rating here and they are seen as masculine. The people of Ireland are asked to be the best that they can be and shown that “the winner takes all. The next aspect is uncertainty avoidance; this is how a society deals with how they don’t know what will occur in the future. In this area Ireland scored a 35 and that means that they find ideas about the future important and are looking to approach old problems in a new way so that they can strive to be better. Long term orientation is next and it describes how every society has to maintain some links with its own past while dealing with the challenges of the present or future. Ireland scored very low here with a 24 and their culture is lassie as normative.

The Irish have a strong concern with establishing the absolute truth and they are normative in their thinking. However, if they had scored higher then they would take a more pragmatic approach and they encourage ways to prepare for the future. Lastly the final aspect is Indulgence. This is how the country tries to control their desires and impulses, based off of the way that they were raised. Here, Ireland scored 65 and it is evident that Ireland would be considered a country that is indulgent. They exhibit a willingness to realize their impulses and desires with regard to enjoying life and having fun.


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