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American History – Racism

American History X
Racism will always exsist in this would because of the vast difference’s culturals have to offer. What sparks racial attitudes towards others. Is it the ingnorance of people about other races which racial jokes, strereotypes, and fear takes over their better judgement. I beleive people fear what they don’t understand nor can control. Hate mainly come from fear because if you could make them fear you, you have some control of them. This society now can’t be controled because of the wide range of diversity. The direct attacks of racism is a thing of the past. Now indirect attacks are now hinded behind laws. Stereotypes soon became a way to catitorgize ethnic group in order to keep racial narrow minded people in the dark. I anailzed American History X to try and understand how someone becomes a skin head. I ant to know how they think, how they loked at life in their narrow vision, and what ultimante purpose for there hate. The question I’ve asked are not just for information purpose but a way to understand there way of life. Wachting this movie has really open my eyes to how whites are discrimantant upon, eventhough just because the middle class with not as many hardship as the lower class whites.
American History X is a movie which takes place in Vinece Beach California where many cultures are among each other. The movie is told through Danny Vinyard eyes, which is the younger brother of Derek who idolized by Danny. Derek developes his hate from his father murder, so now he becomes the leader of a local white power mevement. His rage becomes so strong he commits murder. Finally he ends up serving a three year prison term. While in prison he learns that the way he lived was wrong and begins to live a new life with no hates but understanding of one other. His younger brother has began to hang out with the same people Derek did and doing some of the same things. After Derek’s release everyone expected him to takeover and begen to find more members to join because of his old reputation. He refuses to takeover and tell’s them not to talk to him and Danny. Danny had already made enemies with some gang and they ended killing him on the second day of Derek’s release. I guess Derek didn’t get out in time to save his brother.
Racism was through out the movie not just toward blacks but all ethnic groups. Through out the movie racial acts are carried out such as attacking a gorecy store which once owned by a white man but now owned by koreans. This action was taken because of pure hate toward minorities. The workers employed in the store were also vandalized, the white power movement beat the workers and vandalized the store. This was the first of many actions that took place against the ethnic community. Derek was prejudice of his mothers boyfriend, he hated him because he was a jew, he thought his mothers boyfriend was trying to have his mother betray her race. He didn’t like that so he told him to leave or he would kill him. It’s suprising that he didn’t harm his mothers boyfriend when he found out that he was a jew. Racism also took place in Danny’s school, he didn’t like black people. He had a problem with black kids, because of his hate toward the black community he gets killed. Everyone in Dereck’s life wasn’t racist his mother and sister thought racism was hate for the wrong reasons, they were against it. Derek had a teacher in high school that he really looked up to, this man wasn’t white he was black even though he knew that Derek was racist and was in jail for a racial motivated act he still continued to help him and his brother.He didn’t let the racism cloud his judgement of the man Derek was inside. Dereks teacher wanted to break the racial lines. He was trying to not only to reach Derek but his little brother as well, he thought that if he could reach Derek he could reach Danny. He used a cognitived approach with Danny by making him write about his brothers life. As Danny writes his paper he realizes that his brother wasn’t always racist. His father put it in his head that it was the right thing, but know he knows its wrong. Dereks teacher method worked, Danny realized that he can change, his brother did. that was working but he hey loked at life in their narrow vision,? ? w ? B ? ? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??G ??I ??`
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American History X is a movie which takes place in
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