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History Of The American Mafia

Imagine living in a world where crime ruled. A world where gangsters were more powerful than politicians, owned the police, and ran the city in whatever way they felt. They robbed whom they wanted and killed when they didn’t get their way. Now stop imagining and realize that this happened . . . Read more

A Peoples History Of The United States Chapter Four Summary

A People’s History Of The United States Chapter Four SummaryAs the British and Colonists were engaged in the Seven Years War against the French and Indians, the colonists were slowly building up feelings for their removal from under the British crown. There had been several uprisings to overthrow the colonial . . . Read more

Corey Giordano History

Corey GiordanoHistory6/16/98 Per.3FINALAccording to a famous quote ?People do not shape destiny, destiny shapes the person of the hour.? There are three people I feel had something happen to them which made them the man of the hour. These men are Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Richard Nixon, all . . . Read more

West indian history

Question: Examine how the sugar revolution altered the development of the Caribbean. The sugar revolution altered the development of the Caribbean in a variety of ways, The sugar revolution has affected the Caribbean drastically as a result of the sugar revolution, there was a labour problem which was caused by . . . Read more

History Of Philippine Cinema Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter!History ofPhilippine CinemaIntroductionThe youngest of the Philippine arts,film has evolved to become the most popular of all the art forms. Introducedonly in 1897, films have ranged from silent movies to talkies; black andwhite to color. Outpacing its predecessors by gaining public . . . Read more

History Of The Mafia

Throughout history, crime has existed in many different forms and has been committed by not only individuals, but by groups as well. Crime is something that knows no boundries; it exists in all cultures, is committed by all races, and has existed in all time periods. Crime exists as a . . . Read more

History Of The American Drug War

The first act of America’s anti-drug laws was in 1875. It outlawed the smoking of opium in opium dens. This was a San Francisco ordinance. The basis on passing this law was that Chinese men had a way of luring white women to their dens and causing their “ruin”, which . . . Read more

American History X

American History X is a very controversial movie. It is a movie about aVenice Beach skin head gang called the D.O.C. The gang is run by the master mind ofCameron Alexander who likes to poison children’s minds with racism and other negativethings like stealing and vandalizing. The story is based . . . Read more


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