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Anomie Aorist Group VIII (8) 014-2015 We, the researchers would like to dedicate this research to the students and people whose mind are confused when it comes to the question “Why Jose Racial is our national hero? ” We also dedicate this to the students of future generations who will be studying the same research. Acknowledgement We would like to extend our wholehearted appreciation to the following special persons who gave their full support in the completion of this research. TO Our supportive family who gave their full effort, love and motivation to accomplish this research paper.

To our friends who gave even a simple nutrition they can just to extend help. Also, to our kind hearted subject teacher Ms. Anomie Aorist for molding us to produce a better research paper. Above all, to our Almighty God our good shepherd for giving us strength, knowledge and spiritual support in order for us to fulfill this research. Table of Contents . Introduction Statement b. General Objective c. Specific Objectives d. Scope and Limitation a. Thesis e. Significance of the Study f. Definition Of Terms II. Review of Related Literature 18 Discussion Recommendation List of Reference Introduction . 111. 9 IV. Summary Conclusion …. 21 Curriculum Vitae .. 22 CHAPTER 1 The study is about Dry. Jose Racial, the Philippine National hero. It tackles about the process on how he became a national hero; if there’s an influence brought about by other country/s about it; the reason/s why Dry. Jose Racial was chosen to be the Philippine National Hero: and not if there was a national hero considered in other countries or it was just here in the Philippines. Heroes are critical components of the identity axis of nationalism.

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An individual generation of national hero enhances the individual’s sense of belonging to the national collective. By creating a sense of national kinship, roes facilitate a person’s internal allegiance to the national collective. Jose Racial is one of the most sacred figures in the Philippine History. He was a multi-faceted intellectual and a political activist, best known for hid political writings that inspires many. The Philippine Revolution ultimately led to his execution against the Spanish colonizers. Racial was the noblest product Philippine ever had.

However, there are still some inquiries, arising about this topic. And because, having a National Hero is essential to our history, many wanted Boniface and other heroes to be called as such. At present, we can e many monuments and street names next to Dry. Racial. Thus, he was referred the Philippine National Hero. He uses 1. His brain to revolt. This research will be of a great help in answering those questions. Now let’s this operation start A. Thesis Statement Lingering question remains unanswered. People have different opinions on this question and still the truth is unrevealed.

Various ideas came to and fro about the answer. However, those answers were uncertain and will just bear a smile if defended. Although, Racial was said to fight in silent rebellion with a pen rather than a sword, inquiries about considerations for other heroes still rise. All we know is that, these individuals gave their country men someone to look up to, emulates or even pattern lives after that they stood up for what they believed in using the best possible way that they know. B. General Objective The research’s aim is to clarify everything in a question, “Why Jose Racial is our national hero? To finally give the answers in this question and to know more about Jose Racal’s heroism and his undying love for our mother nation. We are also aiming to know the difference between Racial and Boniface, what are their similarities for these two were most likely to be compared We also ant to answer the questions that for quite sometimes unanswered. We are hoping that we can help the students by means of our researches and the references that we used. C. Specific Objective Curiosity about why Racial was named to be the Philippines National Hero drove the research to come up with the following specific objectives: 1 .

To answer the questions, “Do other nations (specifically Americans) lead a significant influence in deciding our national hero? ” 2. To know the reasons why Andrea Boniface, Application Mamboing, Sultan Saturated, and many other heroes not recognized as such? 3. To know what are the criteria for generating the title “Philippine National Hero? ” and how did Racial be able to meet those criteria. Also to answer if Racial was able to reach all of those? 4. To know if there is really an official declaration of Philippine National Hero happened. 5. TO fill the blank space minds Of students with the same inquiry.

D. Scope and Limitation Using references such as books, journals, and Internet, the research obtained necessary information that may answer and filled blank space minds of Filipinos with bountiful and significant knowledge. From the stated sources, the study shall answer the researcher’s five specific objectives. The study covers a short autobiography of Dry. Jose Racial, his contributions to the society; comparison among other Filipino heroes; declaration of National Hero; and advice or sharing of the knowledge researchers gathered among others; and our answers to our specific objective. E.

Significance of the Study It is important to study the topic, ‘Why Jose Racial Became the Philippine National Hero? ” because it can clarify the confusion some people are facing. There are many question, speculations and false response on this issue that’s why it is essential to know the real reason behind Racal’s recognition as our national hero. It is also, to avoid debates that tackle Racal’s recognition as our national hero and Andrea Benefaction’s bravery to cast the invaders away. Until now, “Racial vs.. Boniface who deserves to be our National Hero” leaves only a blank in the minds of Filipinos, especially students.

That is why, the research aim to clarify everything and provide an answer to the blank space it marks in the mind of Filipinos. This will be a great help! Part of our history was those persons who sacrificed their lives in the best way they can knew and can. They’re the one we call now as our heroes. And t is important to focus even a lance, to this study for us to understand further why Racial shall be called our National Hero. F. Definition of Term: 1. Linger- to continue to exist as time passes 2. Allegiance- 3. Patriotism- loyalty to a person, country, group etc. Eve that people feel for their country 4. Revolution- a sudden, extreme or complete change bin the way people live 5. Casualties- a person who hurt or killed dying an accident 6. Society- people who are fashionable and wealthy 7. Grief- a deep sadness 8. Novel- new and different from what has been known before 9. Deed something that is done; an act or action 0. Hero- CHAPTER II a person who is greatly admired Review of Related Literature The researchers used the following references that some researchers had for the topic “Why Racial Became the Philippine National Hero? : The following are the criteria for being a National Hero as set by the Philippine National Heroes Committee in 1993-1995: 1. Heroes are those who have a concept of nation and thereafter aspire and struggle for the nation’s freedom. 2. Heroes are those who define and contribute to a system or life Of freedom and order for a nation. 3. A hero is part of the people’s expression. 4. A hero thinks of the future, especially the future generations. 5. The choice of a hero involves not only the recounting of an episode or events in history but of the entire process that made this particular person a hero. Http:// www. M. Scribed. Com/doc/102670977/Ivy-Racial-Was-Made-Our-National- Hero#Scribed) From a journal, started by an American governor William Howard Taft proclaimed to Peter De Tavern, Ligaturing and Laggard, members of the Philippine Commission, who’s under him that the Filipinos needed to have a National Hero. 6 It reported that in the said meeting, the candidates for National Hero were Marcelo H. Del Pillar, Agrarian Lopez ,Jose Racial, Gene. Antonio Ulna, Emilio Action and Andrea Boniface . The one who was in favored of all is Jose Racial and then, it appeared in the history. De Camps, Statesman; Why Jose Racial is the greatest hero) “Pen is mightier than the sword as what others and Filipinos believed. The Philippine revolution led by Andrea Boniface was fueled by the writings of Jose Racial, the Noel Me Tanager and II Filibusterer’s, which made a more lasting impression. ” (www. Google. Com/why Jose Racial is our National Hero) “Racial believes that we must love our mother nation not just because it is a must but also because all our joy, bravery and strength are all in our country or nation. Jose Racial led our county to the way of victory through the character that he used in his novels.

Shebang Tales who wants to have his own land, Isis who is poor and because of her status in the society the Spaniards chose to let him suffer, Barbara and Plopping Tasty who have the same objective. The objective is to help the nation no matter how hard it is. All of the characters involved in Racal’s novels are inspiring and can light up the patriotism in the heart of Filipinos Racial also believed that only an army that was well prepared ND had enough arms would ensure victory. ” (BMW. Google. Com and attack- birder/Article by: Irish Angelica V. Bon. Attack Birder ton 2: Bldg.

Tulsa in Racial) It is said that one of the reasons why Racial was chosen to be the national hero because Racial has a concept about education. He said that Filipinos need education and knowledge in order to be free. This idea was used by the Americans on their reforms to convince the people and to promote this concept of Racial. On the other hand, they saw Andrea Boniface, known for his dignity in obtaining the liberty by means of weapons. For the Americans, sing this concept of Boniface is like wrecking their own objective of convincing Filipinos not to use deadly weapons and rebel against them. “History Of the Filipino people”; Torpedo Canonical) Jose Racial is long accepted as a hero by the Filipinos. W can’t deny his dedication on his works just to obtain change in the society. Racal’s family is rich and he makes lot of money because of his profession. We cannot deny that he can just leave the problem in the society and just live peacefully with his wealth. But he chooses to fight against the Spaniards Empire by means of his works even if it means to be killed. “Racial Without Overcoat”; Amoeba Camps) CHAPTER Ill Discussion: A hero may be easy to spell but it is never easy to become.

Heroes are people who have gained enormous identity among others. They are role models, well-respected, nationalistic and have contributed to society causing national unity resulting to something really big like freedom. In 1 901 , US President McKinley established a commission that sought to create a Philippine national hero; this commission was headed by William H. Taft. 9 The purpose of the commission was to unite the Philippines by showing a Filipino model. It must be noted that in these times the Philippines were vided due to the fresh war that the Philippines had with its new colonizers, the Americans.

There were six choices as to who would best fit to be the Philippine National Hero. These were: Jose Racial, Andrea Boniface, Emilio Continual, Antonio Ulna, Marcelo H. Del Pillar, Application Mamboing. Aside from having wisdom, the selected hero should have high respect and acceptance from the Filipino people for them to easy introduce the humbug idea of peace as they Start to colonize the Philippines. The One who was chosen and accepted by the Americans is Dry. Jose Racial and the history happened. It is true that United States has a relation regarding the selection of our National Hero.

They did not choose Andrea Boniface because they know that Boniface is a revolutionary person who rebelled against the Spaniards to let his nation free from slavery and obtain peace and justice. In the researcher’s point of view, the American’s thought that Boniface opposes the colonizer rule and might be a cause of their plan’s breakdown if Filipinos will simulate his act of rebellion against the colonizers. It is clear that the Americans want our national hero to be anti-rebel to be a perfect role model for the Filipino. Another thing is that, Racial fight for his principle, “Education is the key to freedom”.

Americans used this idea to start off their plan of colonizing our country. A proof for this is the event where Marcelo H. Del Pillar wrote a letter to Andrea Boniface saying that they really need to rebel against the Spaniards to cut the cords Of slavery among the Filipinos. But Racial cursed the revolution because as an illustrator, he naturally misjudged the strength and intelligence of the masses. He believed that freedom is give to those who are deserving just like a medal as a prize won for having a good character. He felt like, our nation is not ready for the battle for the people needs knowledge and education first.

In late 19th Century, Racial became the voice of a people long oppressed by centuries-old Spanish rule. As an educated man, he was exposed to some of the abuses by Spanish friars and government officials. As a founder and member of the La Alga Filipino, a civic organization, he originally pushed for reforms of Spanish conical rule. It also led to the creation of the Justinian headed by Andrea Boniface As far as the researcher’s know, when La Alga Filipino was gone, Boniface founded the Justinian inspired by he objective of La Alga Filipino.

So, without La Alga, Boniface will not be able to build another organization that will fight against Spaniards. This may already substantiate that Racial deserves his title since without La Alga Filipino, Andrea Boniface and his army would have been non-existent. The Philippine revolution led by Andrea Boniface was fueled by the writings of Jose Racial, the Noel Me Tanager and El Filibusterer’s, which made a more lasting impression. This is one of the best arguments of those who believe that Racial is rightfully the national hero. Racial was truly an inspiration to many Filipinos urine the Spanish period.

According to the historian Rafael Palm, Racial was more deserving of the national hero title. Racial was even thought to have suggested that Antonio Ulna lead the revolutionary forces since Ulna has studied military science which was a brilliant idea to lessen casualties against the powerhouse Spanish militia. Racial believed that only an army that was well prepared and had enough arms would ensure victory . Everything started with Racial. Philippine Revolution against Spain started what was known as the first Republic led by Emilio Continual. According to Rafael

Palm, Racial was more deserving of the National Hero title. Racial also suggested that Antonio Ulna will be the one that lead the revolutionary forces since Ulna studied military science which was a brilliant idea to lessen casualties against the power house Spanish military. Racial studied in Europe to know more of the invaders and to find way on how to defeat them in a way that blood will not be able to scattered. He fought in silence. The researchers also consider the fact that Boniface is a citizen whom is fighting for his family as well.

One of the researcher’s watched a documentary about the life of Boniface and she therefore knows that when Benefaction’s parents died, this man’s stone heart for Spaniards started to grew. Benefaction’s parents are both are a status of average in the society. His mother is a teacher while his father is a government employee. They are not that rich but they can support their family need. But when they died because of Spaniards, Benefaction’s status in the society became lower and it might be one of the reasons why he chose to be a rebel in the society.

He didn’t even finish his studies while Racial did. Education background maybe one of the reason why Boniface didn’t even e the possible outcome when he fought by sword and the possible outcome or product of a silent war like that Racial did. Jose Racial discovers something when he was still studying words pacing back and forth in the back of his mind. Boniface just accept the way of fighting and killing maybe because of grief and anger he felt when he saw and experience the sufferings of his fellowmen.

It too many times before Racal’s novel became a real book. Financial crisis is one of the factors that he considered. His family continued to send money to him in order to publish his books. Someone help him wrought. And because of this man his books was already one of the popular novels in society. The researchers must not just focus on how Racial became our National Hero. The researchers also consider the ups and downs in life while he was still publishing or while his novels are still on published.

Sometimes Racial wants to give up but every time he was thinking on how many lives can be saved by means of his novel, every tiredness was just a piece of lie in the book of his mind. It was not just his down while publishing his novel. It is also his struggles when his first child became a cherubic. On he young age, Racial lost his child right after it was delivered by his mother. He also lost his beloved father. This is the reason why his aim to defeat the invaders became his inspiration to fight silently.

One of the remarkable features of Racial as a writer was his characters in each novels. The researchers found out that Isis, one of Racal’s characters in his novel Noel Me Tanager. Isis was a mirror of our mother nation during the invasion of Spanish. She was a lovable mother for her two sons, Crispin and Basilica and a martyr wife for her husband that is addicted to gambling and vices. But penthouse she sacrifices everything, the fate still brought her in a way of grief. Her two sons died because of Spaniards. Isis became insane.

But though she didn’t know what she was doing, the words uttering in her mouth is the pain that she experiences to the hands of cruel and brutal invaders. For Racial, violence or armed resistance only as a last resort and considered the restoration of the people’s dignity as a justification means of achieving national liberation and self-rule. On the other hand, Filipinos are also grateful to Andrea Benefaction’s legacy, his advocacy to an armed resolution. By Racal’s rating, the Filipino opened their eyes that it is possible to be free and by Benefaction’s revolution, the Filipino gave action to the reality.

However, it is not the position or rank as a hero will be the basis to define who is greater than who. It is not just the deeds that they did upon our country in order to set us free. Racial and Boniface did their very best to fought and set aside all the odds. All they know was that our country have to be free from the hand of invaders. The researcher’s give the importance that it is not necessary needed to have the “title” because both Racial and Boniface, or any other heroes have wakened the Filipinos patriotic spirit.

They are the proof of undying freedom in our nation. They both show us the importance Of unconditional love. They open our hearts to face the bravery and fight for our rights. Because of their heroism we can dance freely, sing independently and say “l am a Filipino” proudly. Back to the topic, ” Why Racial Became the National Hero? ” the researcher’s got the information of the criteria for being a National Hero as stated in the Review of Related Literature. The researchers point that Dry. Jose P. Racial is more than qualified. According to Gregory T.

Aside, a prolific Astoria, he mentioned that as early as Racial was 8 years old, he has bestowed his nationalism when he wrote a poem in Toga -?As Kayaking Sabbatical in which he encouraged the Filipino children to love their native language -?”One doesn’t love his native tongue, is worse than putrid fish and a which is in Toga -?”Nag Hindi marrying magical as Gargling Wick, ay high pa as amoeba at Malaysian USDA”, who can ever forget those lines from his poem (To My Fellow Children). His name can be found in almost all corners of the Philippines. Roads, schools and even a province are named after him.

His image can be found in peso bills and coins. Monuments are erected in his name (foremost of this can be found in Racial park in Manila). These are manifestations of the country’s reverence accorded to Jose Racial as a national hero. In the whole world, it is not only the Philippines that has a hero. Many other nations were colonized by the other bigger nations like America, France and Spain. Having a tendency of colon zing the other country, of course there will be also a hero who will fight for their freedom. In India, there is Mahatma Gandhi; Buzzard Hiccup in Japan; Swoon Why-or for South Korea; and

Abdullah bi Abdullah in Saudi Arabia. They all fought for their rights and liberty and both of them are considered as a hero. However, despite of being a famous hero in their nation, still, they aren’t proclaimed as a National Hero of their country. There is no such thing as “national” in the other nation because for them, yes they’re the heroes, but they don’t want to proclaim a main hero for their country because all of the heroes who fought for their rights are all brave and smart and each of them exerted their own effort and contribute for the whole nation. Dry. Jose Racial proclaimed as the Philippine National Hero.


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