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telecommunication technology

In the contemporary world, with the rapid spread of telecommunication technology especially email, students are very experienced in using this kind of tool. However, they lack the comprehension to use this tool efficiently to aid and enhance their course learning; more specifically, most college students fail in writing a professional email and use an inappropriate response, which is adverse for college students because of learning by using online technology is a survival skill for a student (McDonald and Creanor, 2010, P142). Thus, students need to concentrate on the importance of emails, to manage email and to learn the important elements of a successful email.
Initially, students need to be aware of the importance of email. The first essentiality is that convenient and efficient exchange of information via email turns into an indispensable learning behavior at present. Owing to the full curriculum schedule, college students actually do not have much time to have a face-to-face contact when they have academic difficulties or common study issues to discuss. Under this certain circumstance, emails do assist in transferring the important information. Second, email possesses the flexibility in time, which means it can be accessed at anytime. It is certain that problems emerge at anytime during studying. It is impossible for students to visit other students and professors anytime, especially during the midnight and non-office time. Apparently, email plays a significant role in this situation. As a result, email is considered as an essential communication tool for students.
Next, students need to learn how to manage the email cautiously. Because of the prevalence of email in diverse crowd, not only for students, but also for others like merchants, advertisers, professors, etc., students have always got too many emails. Without good management of emails, students can find themselves perplexed and waste a lot of time in categorizing emails. First, students should…


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