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Learning Art

I am working on the structure of the human anatomy. Our teacher wants us to feelthe structure through gestures and get the proportions correct. We have justfinished working on the Human skull, have worked with the whole figure, and nowwe are moving on towards the hands and feet. The fine . . . Read more

Behavioral Learning Theory vs Cognitive Learning Theory

Behavioral Learning Theory vs. Cognitive Learning TheoryLiberty UniversityPsyc 365Abstract:In the behavioral learning theory school of thought, theorists believe that an individual has learned or that learning has occurred when there are changes in behavior that can be observed. Within the behavioral learning model, learning is believed to be the result . . . Read more

Add And Learning Strategies

Attention can be defined as the process of selecting certain environmental inputs needed for cognitive processing. Information that we are capable of sensing stays with us in the sensory register for a very brief period of time. From this point the information is cognitively processed. The role of attention can . . . Read more

Difficulties of learning English and how to overcome them

Most students meet different difficulties in learning English because English is a second-language for us. Some students have difficulties with listening comprehension, while others in trouble with reading comprehension. We are one among the students who are having trouble and difficulties with learning English. Meanwhile, when those problems were happened . . . Read more

Learning Styles

Every person learns differently. From kindergartner to postgraduate levels, onlystudents can do the earning, and they do it in their own particular, individuallearning styles. Some children pick something up the first time they hear it. Others may not grasp a concept until they’ve had the chance to see it inprint, . . . Read more

Integrative Learning Project

Integrative Learning ProjectLiberty University Table of Contents1. Abstract 42. Organizational Setting 52.1 Name 52.2 Description 52.3 Company’s Commitment 52.4 Products/Services 62.5 Internal Customers 62.6 External Customers 62.7 Personal Value 72.8 Role of company in the Christianity Value 73. Incorporating Key Concepts 8 3.1 Operations Strategy 8 3.2 Quality 10 3.3 . . . Read more

Learning a Second Language

Tarek YacoubReflective EssayFeb 3rdLearning a New LanguageMy relationship with the English language was not love at first sight, it was really frustrating to do something that you don’t want to do, and something that you think would not benefit you. At home my family and I would only speak Arabic. . . . Read more


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