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Unit 002, Task B – Understand Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

My specialist subject is Technical Theatre. I can teach a range of disciplines including Stage Management, Lighting Design, and Sound Engineering – from the basics for beginners, to a professional level of activity. Inclusive Learning is based on the idea that all participants should be able to learn amongst their peers, no matter their ability. Every learner has a right to belong and, quite literally, be included in their community. This is just the same in Lifelong Learning as it is in a school environment, and potentially more important as an adult learner peer group can contain a far wider range of people. To be able to improve inclusiveness in a community and forge new friendships through lifelong learning is a great thing to be part of. For the purpose of my following lesson plan, I will be teaching Basic Technical Theatre – Introduction to Lighting.
Teaching / learning cycle | My general strategies in specialist subject | What I need to do differently for: ESOL | Why? |
1. Identify Needs | Application form, interviews, icebreakers in class. | Dual-language paperwork. | ESOL learners should have a good enough understanding of English that a translator will not be required, but paperwork can easily be made bilingual, for ease of completion. |
2. Planning / design | For this session I’d use a workshop method. We’d all be sat around the same table, board-room-style, with space enough for demonstration of equipment, and group-working. There would be a writing board so I could illustrate some aspects which couldn’t be directly demonstrated. | Nothing – this is suitable for an ESOL learner. | Language used is either specialist and will be unknown to most, or it is very basic English. |
3. Teaching methods | This session would be very hands-on, with practical demonstration and opportunity to handle the equipment by all the learners. There will also be some presentation, to emphasise points being made. | Nothing – this is suitable for an…


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